Thailand is a mysterious and attractive country for tourists. Everything that happens here, gives magic and a constant holiday. Along with deep religiosity, very frivolous events are taking place in this country. This approach allows thousands of tourists every year to find the charm of such a trip.As for the New Year, Thais are happy to celebrate it as much as 3 times a year. The first time this occurs on the first new moon after the solstice. It falls for the period from January 21 to February 21 - Chinese New Year. The second time the celebration takes place on April 13 on the Buddhist calendar, as well as in the more usual time for us on December 31 to January 1.

What is the New Year in Thailand: features and traditions of celebration

During the celebration of the classic New Year in Thailand, the rainy season ends. It is best to go to the northern areas. These are the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.At this time it is warm and sunny here, the temperature is at the level of + 27 ... + 29 degrees with a plus. The water is quite comfortable - + 25 ... + 26 degrees.

Those who have already visited Samui and want to be there again, need to remember that at the end of December it is hot and humid. Such conditions are quite difficult to carry. It often rains and the sky is covered with dense clouds. Phuket and Pattaya are hot, but dry - + 31 ... + 32 degrees.

The familiar Russian New Year in Thailand has been celebrated since 1940. Locals love to decorate the Christmas tree, as well as other trees and shrubs with toys. Also, lights and garlands adorn the houses and streets of cities. As usual, festivals and bazaars with holiday paraphernalia are organized on the streets. The tradition of giving gifts also exists. And local restaurants and cafes offer guests a festive menu and organize banquets.

In the evening of December 31, Thais gather around the table in a narrow family circle. After midnight, everyone goes out and plunges into an atmosphere of general fun. All bars and discos are open, so finding a place for fun is a snap. The celebration is crowned with salute.

After the New Year, the locals collect rags and junk around the house and take it all to the wasteland. Also on the trash include small coins, cloth scraps and tangerine skins, as a symbol of the fact that all the bad is in the past.

January 1 Thais attend the temple, and also go to visit each other. Guests need to come with oranges, as this fruit is considered a good omen and a talisman.

Rest in Thailand for the New Year 2019: entertainment, attractions, Christmas tree

Most of the tourists seeking to relax on the islands. But if you want you can have fun on the mainland, right in your hotel. Those who love mass parties are advised to go to Pattaya and Bangkok.

In the New Year, the Andaman coast is just full of tourists. Here is the most extensive selection of hotels in different price categories and with a different range of services. In addition, connoisseurs of excellent diving gather in this place. Lying on the beach should be interrupted to visit a farm of butterflies and crocodiles or take a boat ride to the neighboring island.

On New Year's Eve in Thailand, shopping time is coming. At this time, sellers make tangible discounts on their products and carry out sales.

Among the entertainment that can be obtained directly at the hotel, it is worth noting bright and varied holiday programs and banquets. Since tourists from Russia are gathering here, the hotel owners organize mass screenings of the president’s speech on the New Year’s chiming clock. If you book accommodation for holidays, a gala dinner will be included in the price. If this option does not suit, then a holiday dinner can be ordered in any of the restaurants. In this case, you will have to pay extra.

If you celebrate the New Year in Bangkok, it is better to go to the street Coasan Road. Locals and most tourists come here to participate in mass festivities and have fun. A large screen will show a countdown for a minute to midnight, after which you can enjoy a great fireworks display.

You can plunge into religious Thailand in the Buddhist temple of Wat Arun. It is worth seeing or even participating in the prayer ceremony from 10.00 to 00.30 hours. The Central World shopping center on Ratchadamri Rd will be waiting for guests at the big Christmas tree from 6:00 pm for a mass celebration of the New Year. It will be no less interesting to celebrate a holiday near the Asiatique SKY ferris wheel on Charoenkrung Rd. Guests are entertained by DJs, artists and presenters with contests and lotteries. Also in Bangkok, large-scale events are held in the parking lot of the Mega Bangna shopping center and near the Crystal Design Center.

Pattaya is famous for countless bars and clubs. They work until the morning. It should be remembered that the entrance to many of them will have to pay. In addition, the booze inside is very expensive. During this period, the city resembles one continuous open-eir, where tourists unite in unison with the locals.

Pattaya's main Christmas tree is set at the Bali Hai Bay Hotel on Walking Street. Here on the stage are DJs and artists of different genres. At the end of the program will be a salute. No less interesting will be the program on the PATTAYA observation platform near the Royal Cliff and at the Bali Hai pier. This usually flocks youth.

The crowdedness in the New Year holidays is explained by the fact that they fall on the peak of the tourist season. Therefore, prices at this time the highest for the whole year. If you have time to reserve a table until December 25, then its cost per person will be from 60 to 100 US dollars. This amount will include food, holiday program and other services of the institution.

In Phuket, you can celebrate the new year on the beaches of Patong and Karon, as well as in Phuket Town. Here, the entertainment program is not much different from entertainment in other cities.

Locals believe that all sorts of virtuous deeds on the eve of the holiday will bring only good events to their homes and destinies. Therefore, they try to get to the temple for prayer, make offerings to the monks, listen to the sermon and so on. It is considered a good sign to wear new clothes for the celebration.

Guest reviews about New Year's Thailand

Tourists who have visited the winter holidays in Thailand, recommend watching the fire show and participate in a dance marathon.

In addition, among the helpful tips is a recommendation to focus on finding last minute trips. For people with incomes below average, this is sometimes the only opportunity to visit Thailand. Such tours can be cheaper up to 50%.

Guests of local hotels of 4-5 stars praise food at local restaurants, but immediately warn that it is better not to buy street food. Especially if it is intended for children.

In general, Thailand is able to leave an indelible impression. New year under palm trees is a bright holiday. It will seem even more magnificent in the conditions of round-the-clock fun of local resorts.


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