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Classic design in the form of a jacket will always be in fashion, regardless of all current trends. In addition, the nail masters each year present new, interesting design options, taking into account the established rules and application techniques. What design should be chosen in 2019? You will learn about it right now.

Features of the classic jacket

As you know, this design suggests a thin strip on the smile line in white. The main background can be in a light pink, peach or beige color. It is believed that this combination is the most harmonious. Therefore, the design remains relevant absolutely in any image or situation.

When choosing for yourself this type of design, keep in mind that it does not look good on any form of nails. Nail masters say that the most optimal will be oval, almond-shaped and square nails. However, it is very important that the lines are soft, slightly rounded.All this will only emphasize the sophisticated design and give the image a special elegance.

If the classic seems too boring, remember that you can always vary it a bit. A great addition will be stylish drawings or decorative items. In general, each of these methods can significantly transform a manicure.

Depending on your preferences, you can perform a french jacket not only in classic shades. Choose any other option based on its relevance in a particular season. For example, in spring girls prefer soft pastel colors, while in summer bright colors become the most popular.

In the autumn season, muted shades are used predominantly, which are ideal for thematic drawings. In winter, manicures are often done in cold and dark colors. Thanks to this separation it is much easier to choose the appropriate color to create a fashionable manicure.

Classic french design ideas

Despite the presence of many current types of design, service jacket is still one of the most fashionable and relevant. This is a classic version, but it does not exclude various drawings as a supplement.

Brilliant service jacket

Opponents of the classics should look at a more unusual design execution. Increasingly, girls choose a brilliant jacket. For this purpose, a strip of varnish is applied on the tip of the marigold, and on top of it they make a shading of spangles with a thin brush. The result looks incredibly beautiful. This manicure is suitable for evening and special occasions. In this french visually very different from the usual version.

Wedding Design

For every girl, a wedding is a special, touching event. Therefore, the choice of design of nails, like any other details in the image, all fit with a special thrill. It is not difficult to guess that french - the most versatile option. After all, it fits absolutely any style and cut of the dress.

If desired, it can be supplemented with a thematic picture. For example, the silhouette of the bride on the ring finger or a bouquet to match the color decision of the holiday. Often, girls choose barely noticeable flowers as a design or simply complement the manicure with sparkles and rhinestones. There are countless options and every bride has the right to choose for herself the best among them.

Unusual manicure with decor

Making marigold can not only using the picture. To achieve the original effect, you can even use decorative elements. Increasingly, for this purpose, use a special foil. Small prints on the tips or the smile line with such a design looks incredibly beautiful. But in this case it is necessary to choose the right color scheme.

Deserves your attention to the decor of the item called "gossamer". This is a special gel-paint, with which you can make a variety of drawings. Due to the stretching structure on the nails, abstract strips are best obtained. By the way, one of the main advantages of working with this material is easy handling. That is, even a novice can handle it. The result in any case will be decent.

French and moon manicure

For several years, not only a French jacket has been considered a classic, but also its combination with the moon's design. These two drawings perfectly complement each other, while there are many ideas for experiments.

This design does not have to be standard. Negative space styling and geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular. All this allows you to look at a new manicure in a new way.

Manicure with inscriptions

A relatively new trend in the world of nail art - a variety of inscriptions on the nails. These can be names of favorite brands, quotes or motivating phrases. They are perfectly combined with the classic design.

It is easiest to make this design with an experienced master. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to implement it at home. For this you will need to purchase special stickers or purchase a stamping kit.Each option gives a different result, but, nevertheless, they look very beautiful.

Twist jacket

A slightly more original variation of the classics - twist-french is becoming more relevant in 2019. This technique involves a combination of two shades at the tip of the nail. Due to this, the design looks very unusual and differs significantly from the usual design.

Reverse jacket

If the standard solution bored you, it's time for an inverted or reverse design. You can make it with a set of varnishes or metallized strips. Each option looks attractive in its own way.

Classic french on short nails

Of course, this type of design is most often done on nails of medium length. But this does not mean that the owners of short nails should look for another option. On the contrary, the service jacket with very thin stripes is in fashion now.

Stylish classic jacket: a selection of photos 2019

Modern French manicure is significantly different from what was previously relevant. But remember that it is still important to adhere to the main features, complementing the design with interesting details.


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