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About Crimea can talk for hours. It is considered a unique place with its own special nature, which has a unique therapeutic effect for a person both in terms of physical health and in spiritual terms. There is the sea, mountains and beautiful beaches for every taste. All this is framed by fresh greens and vibrant colors. In addition, tourists can not fail to attract a wonderful climate.

Holidays in the Crimea in 2019: the price of "all inclusive"

Most tourists still prefer to rest in absolute comfort. Best of all under this definition fits all-inclusive. Crimea offers its guests many options for such accommodation. Among the objects there are 3 *, 4 * and 5 *.

There are only one real five-star hotel with the “all inclusive” system on the Crimean coast: Aquamarine.For children under 5 years old the hotel offers free breakfast and a bed. As a result, living two adults and one child in this hotel a week will cost about 125,000 rubles.

There are more four-star hotels with a full-fledged “all inclusive” system. Guests can choose from Medzhestik in Alushta, the Dream Lake dream house in Yevpatoria, the Pine Grove sanatorium in Yalta, and the Chernomorets sanatorium in the village of Peschanoye. In these places you can relax a week for the amount of 52,000 rubles for a couple with a child up to 12 years. Of the three-star accommodation with the corresponding system of services, it is worth mentioning the boarding house “Demerdzhi” in Alushta, “Mishor” in Yalta. The cost of a week stay in them for 2 people will cost from 25,000 rubles, depending on the month.

The guests of the above hotels and resorts:

  • three meals a day on the system "buffet";
  • snack bar;
  • beach;
  • swimming pools;
  • gym;
  • children's room;
  • animation;
  • physiotherapy (not everywhere);
  • wireless Internet;
  • transfer to the hotel and to the beach if necessary;
  • parking;
  • tours.

On the coast there are other accommodations that offer a somewhat curtailed list of services, which is quite enough for a comfortable stay.

Accommodation in Crimea 2019: private sector, hotels, motels and resorts

As for accommodation in the region as a whole, there are hundreds of options. You can choose for every taste and pocket.

Powerful sanatorium-medical complex "Poltava" welcomes guests year-round. Children's procedures are appointed here from 4 years. Adults most often come here for a cure for infertility and other sexual problems, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and skin. Accommodation and treatment here will cost from 1500 rubles per person per day with a condition of accommodation of 12 days.

Sanatorium "Lower Oreanda" is an elite place of rest and treatment. The building was once the palace of Alexandra Feodorovna herself, the wife of Tsar Nicholas I. It offers a fenced area, a swimming pool, and an equipped private beach. Accommodation with breakfast and treatment will cost from 1300 rubles per day. Chance of full board.

The boarding house of the private type "Sea Breeze" is waiting for its guests in Gurzuf. Designed in a modern European style. Pension is located just 50 meters from the waterfront. Accommodation with breakfast will cost from 850 rubles per day.

Sanatorium "Rodina" (Gaspra, Miskhor) offers its visitors a swimming pool with salt water, covered with a glass roof. There is a very developed infrastructure, an excellent park and a modern medical base. Accommodation with food and treatment will cost the tourist 1350 rubles per day.

Sanatorium "Alushta" in the Professor's Corner is located 300 measures from the sea. It has its own beach, an outdoor pool with warm water, green area and other amenities. As part of the stay in the sanatorium you can get a complex of sanatorium treatment. Accommodation in this wonderful place will cost from 1050 rubles per person per day.

Sanatorium "Alushta" will offer guests the best in the region diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Shells are covered with fresh greens of relict plants. The total area of ​​15 hectares. Accommodation here costs from 850 rubles per person per day.

Sanatorium “Mountain” is located in Livadia. It is located at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. On a large area completely covered with greenery winding paths for walking. The main building is made in the style of the palace, the terraces descend directly to the sea. An indoor salt water pool can be an alternative to swimming in the sea on cold days. The beach can also be reached using the cable car. Accommodation here will cost from 1700 rubles, including food and treatment.

Hotel "Favorite" in Miskhor is just 20 meters from the sea. Its modern design is consistent with the approach to providing quality recreation for guests. Not far away are the famous Arza fountains, the Little Mermaid statue and other interesting sights. Accommodation with breakfast will cost from 1000 rubles.

It should be remembered that accommodation and ready-made tours in the Crimea often have alternative prices during the May holidays, with early booking, as well as for pensioners and children.

Tours in Crimea 2019: prices and program

Different companies on their official sites offer tours of all kinds of directions and specifics. You can pick up trips and trips for every taste and budget. Below are a few examples and pricing for orientation in numerous offers.Crimea Tour “Crimean Around the World” (5 days / 4 nights)

The tour is held weekly from the end of March to mid-November 2019. Excursion and entertainment event includes a visit to the many monuments of nature, architecture and culture of the Crimean peninsula. The main points are located in its east, west and south. This trip is worth from 15,900 rubles per person.

Excursion tour “Star tour in Crimea” (8 days / 7 nights)

Those who wish to go on this tour will have to live in Sevastopol and attend radial tours. Guests of the peninsula will see Yalta, Bakhchisarai, Sudak, Evpatoria, Balaclava. The cost of the tour starts from 16,900 rubles.

Multi-active combined tour “Three elements - my sevenI”

The tour is distinguished by its uniqueness. It can show sports activity, overcoming obstacles on the ground, water and even in the air. The program includes climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, mountain biking, and much more. At the same time, guests will be offered to visit the brightest points of the region. The cost of travel starts from 22,000 per person.Multi-active combo tour “No dull rest - my sevenI”

Tour organizers promise interesting daily adventures. It is better to come here for those who love outdoor activities. After an exhausting, but interesting day, tourists return to a comfortable hotel room. The program includes diving, bicycle tours, climbing, paragliding and much more. The cost of the tour is from 28,000 rubles per person.

Enogastronomic educational tour “Palette of flavors of the Crimea” (8 days / 7 nights, 6 days / 5 nights)

This program is designed for lovers of gastrotur and original pastime. In addition to excursions that satisfy cultural hunger, the tour involves tasting the Crimean wines and local cuisine. Such extraordinary entertainment will cost from 41,000 rubles.

Popular resorts of Crimea

In the Crimea, many resort towns and villages. Seasoned tourists have already set priorities for themselves and have chosen the most favorite points. Those who have not yet chosen the resort should learn a little about what is in each of the settlements.


This place is suitable for lovers of excursions to attractions, nightly entertainment, shopping, moving by local transport. The city attracts with its affordable prices.

The capital of the peninsula is also attracted by the presence of the airport. This is important for those who are not willing to spend a lot of time on the road to a place of rest. Those who come to the Crimea solely for the sake of the beach will not be interested here. But local museums, theaters and galleries will be waiting for their guests.


Evpatoria offers guests a beach holiday, excursions to numerous sights, an abundance of entertainment and night discos, shopping. This place is located in the west of the peninsula, 65 kilometers from the capital. Evpatoria - one of the most popular resorts of the Crimea. The advantage of the city is that, unlike other places where all the beaches are pebbly, there is a fine yellow sand in Evpatoria. The infrastructure makes this resort suitable for families with children, and the abundance of restaurants and bars is a good place for young people. There are also many health resorts. Especially popular are those that treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Peace and Popovka

On the western coast of the Crimea there are two small resort villages that tourists have chosen. They are very close to each other, so often they are considered one resort. It was in Popovka, until 2013, that the world-famous Kazantip Music Festival was held. Now this place is perfect for family holidays.The beach here is strewn with soft fine sand, and the water is especially clean. Unfortunately, there are not so many entertainments here, as in large settlements, but the magnificence of nature more than compensates for this shortcoming.


This urban village is located in the southern part of the coast, just 12 kilometers from Yalta. It is here that the most popular children's center "Artek" is located. The local air is filled with coniferous aroma, so inhalation occurs here around the clock. Local narrow cobbled streets evoke romantic moods. Along the coast stretches picturesque promenade. Local beaches are distinguished by well-equipped and developed infrastructure. There are pebbles everywhere, thanks to which the sea is transparent and azure in color. Almost the entire beach area is divided between hotels and children's camps with the help of breakwaters.

Also among the popular resorts in the region are Theodosia, Partenit, Koktebel, the village of Primorsky, Kurortnoe, Sun Valley, Sudak, Novy Svet, Alushta, Alupka, Azure, Lyubimovka, Balaklava, Semeiz, Saki.

Guest reviews

As usual, reviews on holidays in the Crimea are very different from each other. Someone is delighted with the infrastructure, others complain about the terrible service and at the same time high prices. One thing is invariable: everyone, without exception, likes nature and species. Against this background, you can forgive the flaws of the work of the staff, poor-quality street cleaning and much more.

You can often see feedback from those who are unhappy with the behavior of the owners of private sector facilities. Unfortunately, massively it is impossible to control. It remains only to study the reviews of each of the selected houses and use only proven points of accommodation. The same goes for hotels. Most of them offer conditions of high European level. But there are those who, behind a bright picture, hide an economy option that does not match the money paid for it.


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