Comfort, the warmth of the sun's rays, the scent of flowers and fields, the wonderful weather and the pastoral country flavor - these are the concepts that characterize the interior design in the style of Provence. The name of the style was in honor of the picturesque southern French province of Provence, and in the XIX century it became incredibly popular in Europe. Provence style, or French country, attracts the atmosphere of lightness and apparent simplicity, a combination of comfort, comfort, antiquity and luxury.

Registration of rooms in Provence style is often found in country houses, because the very name of the style implies proximity to nature, measured rural life. However, sophistication, softness and lyricism of the style makes it possible to successfully apply it, developing the design of a modern city apartment.

Provence style living room design

Colour. A characteristic feature of the Provence style is the predominance of delicate light colors.When making a living room, preference is given to natural natural tones: white, cream, blue, lavender, beige. Color contrasts and brightness are not allowed, all colors are kept in muted tones

Finishing facilities. The main feature of the French country living room is the use of only natural materials. For the walls are used rough white plaster, often made as if casually, unevenly, with the effect of a cracked surface. In some embodiments, some sections of the wall are made of stone or brickwork, it is possible to finish with wooden planks. Walls can be covered with wallpaper with pale floral patterns, patterns in stripes or in the cell.

The ceiling of the living room is usually white, it should not attract attention. Ceiling decoration are beams. They can be made of wood or painted in shades of the main tone of the living room. A fully wooden ceiling with transverse beams looks cozy, but this option is rarely found in city apartments with low ceilings. The interior of the living room in the style of Provence is incompatible with linoleum, laminate or carpet.

Floors should be plank, preferably a light shade with elements of wear, it is allowed to open the boards with a matt varnish. For floors, you can also use decorative stone or large ceramic tiles.

Provence-style kitchen

Sophistication and simplicity of Provence style is most clearly embodied in bright and spacious rooms. In the conditions of city apartments, the kitchen-living room most fully meets this requirement. Combining the kitchen with the living room significantly increases the space of the room, and the Provence style in the interior will create a cozy atmosphere and emphasize the originality of the apartment.

One of the main tasks in the design of the kitchen-living room interior is zoning. The common practice of space zoning is the arrangement of arches, however, this element of Provence-style architecture is rare. To separate the living room and kitchen, a bar counter or furniture is often used - a sofa or a dining table.

The color scheme of the living room and kitchen is kept in the same light colors, but the ceiling and the floor, as a rule, are designed differently. Roughly plastered white kitchen ceiling can be decorated with wooden beams, and in the living room to leave it simply in the form of a smooth light surface.

Zoning the premises of the kitchen-living room in Provence style is also possible with the help of the floor: in the kitchen floors use tile or stone, and in the living room - wood. The dining area can also be decorated with tiles if it is directly adjacent to the kitchen. In this case, on the floor in the dining area is appropriate to lay the carpet with slight scuffs.

Provence style interior

The furniture with a touch of antiquity gives a special refinement to the living room. Of course, modern materials are not allowed, only wood can be used for furniture. The ideal option is antique furniture - tables and chairs with curved legs, wardrobes decorated with ornaments. If to get such furniture is difficult, preference is given to artificially aged objects.
By color, it is desirable to select furniture made of light wood or painted in light colors. The furniture is complemented with wrought-iron details, decorated with gilding, original carving.

The kitchen-living room can be decorated with open kitchen shelves or cabinets, dishes in this case is an additional detail of the interior. Spectacular detail of the interior of the kitchen-living room is a massive buffet. To preserve the rustic style, you should hide the modern kitchen appliances as much as possible - a microwave, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a coffee machine. Preference is given to integrated technology

For upholstering upholstered furniture, light-colored fabrics of muted soothing shades with delicate floral pattern are used. Contrasting, but not bright, may be small cushions on sofas, capes on rocking chairs or wicker chairs.
Cosiness and home charm created by the abundance of textiles.The room in Provence style should be penetrated by sunlight, so for decorating the windows light fabrics are chosen: tulle, satin, chintz with a small color pattern. Curtains and curtains are often decorated with ruffles and frills.

A large dining table made of natural wood is covered with an embroidered tablecloth. Hand embroidery, knitted lace napkins, homespun rugs match the style and give a special charm to the living room. A special feature of Provence is the abundance of cute trinkets, placed on shelves, bedside tables and tables: vases, baskets, figurines. The decoration of the kitchen-living room is the symbol of the province of Provence - a rooster figurine made of porcelain, glass or wood.

And of course, the rustic color is inconceivable without greenery and flowers in the house. Flowers should be everywhere - plants in outdoor wooden tubs, decorative flower plants in white pots on window sills, cut flowers in vases. The kitchen is decorated with bunches of dried plants, bunches of onions and garlic, bouquets of wildflowers.
The interior in Provence style allows you to create a nice and cozy atmosphere that allows you to fully relax from everyday worries.


  1. To accommodate so comfortably, you need to have a large area. We have a large cottage from the tower only at the cottage. In the city we settled down more modestly.


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