1. Fashionable color palette
  2. Abstraction in manicure for vacation
  3. Manicure for holidays with stickers
  4. Beautiful manicure with rhinestones
  5. Summer drawings
  6. Leave gradient
  7. Brilliant rubbing
  8. Color jacket
  9. Manicure with foil and sparkles
  10. Matte and glossy design

Here is a long-awaited vacation. Preparation for rest does not require a lot of effort, cost and time. It is necessary to determine a successful vacation route, choose a bright summer wardrobe for rest, choose the right manicure and pedicure. But, definitely, it is necessary to prepare for vacation in advance. For a few weeks already start to choose a suitable design of manicure, which will be perfect for summer holidays. In our review, we will talk about new trend color solutions for manicure and determine how to make a manicure for the holidays.

Fashionable manicure color palette for vacation

Vacation is a wonderful occasion to add bright colors to your manicure. The summer color palette of varnishes this year is incredibly diverse.The choice is stunning and rich, but the most popular is coral. All shades of coral color in nail design is a bright, stylish and fashionable manicure for the holidays. The color palette of this color is very diverse, ranging from bright and rich orange color and ending with a delicate peach shade. But besides coral this year, such colors as mint, beige, blue, pink and aqua will be relevant for creating a stylish manicure for the holidays. It should also be noted and bright colors - red, orange, fuchsia and white. These colors will look great on tanned hands, if you choose the right decor.

Abstraction in manicure for vacation

This season is very popular when creating a manicure for relaxing abstraction. Original and seductive, it looks in tandem with jacket. Tempting on the nails in a combination of bright colors with an emphasis on one or two nails looks tempting and original. This solution nail design will not be very catchy, but remains relevant for a long time. Modern masters also offer a manicure for the holidays, which combines the author's drawings, brightness and classic, that is, a combination of different techniques and styles.

Manicure for holidays with stickers

Design with stickers is another great idea for creating a manicure for the holidays. You can purchase stickers with floral motifs and make an original manicure yourself. Stickers in the form of flowers in combination with pastel tones and classic moon manicure will look beautiful and unique. In addition, this design will look stylish, and at the same time you get a practical manicure for the holidays.

Beautiful manicure for holiday with rhinestones

This season once again become popular manicure with rhinestones and nail art for the holidays is no exception. You can decorate with rhinestones just one nail and at the same time choose a delicate shade for the base. So you will get a truly unique and fascinating manicure for the holidays. The use of rhinestones and stones to create a gentle and summer-like beautiful manicure today is a trend decision in the design of a manicure for the holidays.

Summer manicure drawings for vacation

Original nail art is one of the best ways to create a beautiful and attractive manicure for a holiday, and besides, you can easily create a kind of personal antidepressant. To set the mood you should look at the manicure with a bright summer pattern. To get a beautiful manicure for the rest, it will be enough to draw butterflies, twigs or flowers on the nails of the butterflies. This pattern can be applied to all nails, and you can decorate one or two nails. From this nail design you are guaranteed a great mood and a burst of energy for the duration of the holiday. Nails varnished in white color with the addition of floral patterns look stylish and attractive.

Manicure Gradient for Vacation

A gentle gradient in a manicure for the holidays - a great solution for nails in this summer season. Following the modern trends, masters create a wonderful gradient manicure for relaxing on the beach, in a cafe and romantic evening walks. Using delicate colors and current stylish decor, you can create a beautiful and original manicure for the holidays.

Brilliant rub for a manicure on vacation

If you are pretty fed up with bright patterns, obtrusive geometry and abstraction, then use a decorative brush to create a manicure for the holidays. With the help of rubs you can create a wonderful manicure for the holidays. This is one of the fastest ways to create beautiful and attractive nail art. Only with the help of brilliant powder creative and original design solutions for summer manicure come to life.

Manicure with a color jacket for the holidays

French is not the only season takes a leading position among the variety of nail design. But to create a manicure for the holidays, modern designers this season recommend a color jacket.Color jacket is not for nothing is considered a versatile option for vacation. After all, this design is perfect for any holiday bow created. In addition, such a manicure will not remain unnoticed by others.

Manicure for holiday with foil and sparkles

If you go on vacation at sea, stylists advise you not to overload your nails with excess rhinestones and stones. But if you like a little glitter on the nails, then use foil and various sparkles to create a manicure for the holidays. Nails will shimmer and shine in the rays of the summer sun. Glitter in this season is important to use even in the creation of a classic french. For example, make a smile sparkles. It is possible to use foil or glitter on all nails in the decoration of nails, and to create patterns on one or two nails.

Matte and glossy manicure for vacation

When choosing a stylish and attractive manicure for a holiday, pay attention to the original matte or glossy design. Use a tandem of matte and shiny design to create a manicure, and you get a trendy and stylish look of your nails. Also, to create a manicure for the holiday is perfect sugar or sandy design, with which you get a gentle manicure for the holidays.

Every woman on vacation wants to look especially attractive and bright. In our review, we offered the most trendy and popular manicure design options for a vacation. Properly selected manicure will help to create a beautiful way to relax. We are sure that every girl has her own preferences in color and design of manicure. Our advice:

Do not be afraid to experiment, because vacation is the right time for this.



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