1. The road to Baikal
  2. How to make a budget
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  4. Reviews
  5. Recreation facilities
  6. Holiday on Lake Baikal 2019 "all inclusive"

Travels in Russia are becoming increasingly popular every year. Perhaps the increased interest is associated with the awareness of the inhabitants of the country of all the exclusivity of the beauties of the region. It is not excluded the fact that tourists are attracted by significantly improved conditions in which they can get in their own country.

Lake Baikal has become one of the unique and exceptional tourist spots. Both active leisure lovers and those who prefer an idle pastime are coming here. The shores of the lake, sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy, have become an excellent place to relax. The ancient taiga pines, cedars and larches give the place a special unique charm.

The peak of the season on Baikal is summer and the first month of autumn. Also, a small influx of tourists usually occurs from January to March.At this time, lovers of extreme entertainment, ice fishing, photographers and just connoisseurs of the snow-covered beauty of the purest lake and the surrounding nature are most common here.

The road to Baikal

It is best to start your journey directly to Baikal from Irkutsk. Here is the largest transport hub in the district - the airport, railway stations, bus stations, road junctions. An alternative would be Ulan-Ude, Severobaikalsk and Slyudyanka. The fastest flight, a train or a bus takes a few days from a tourist. The huge distance and not always good roadbed will make moving by car here painful for the driver and his passengers.

Those who have already reached the points listed above can get to Baikal by bus or by minibus. You can also use the services of the ship or Circum-Baikal Express.

How to make a budget?

Tourists need to be prepared for the fact that rest on Lake Baikal will require considerable investments. For comparison, we can take as an example a tour to an exotic country for a week in an “all inclusive” system, including flights.

For example, a flight from Moscow to Irkutsk will cost about 23,000 rubles tour-tours. 3.5 daily transfer by train will cost 3,500 rubles in the reserved seat and 7,500 rubles in the compartment.

Accommodation in the budget segment will cost from 800 rubles per person. Most often these are guest houses and recreation centers. 3 star hotels will require lay out from 1700 rubles. A higher level of comfort will cost from 5,000 rubles.

It is also possible to rent an entire house of three rooms for an amount of 15,000 rubles. The cost of living in any of the options will directly depend on the season. In high season the amount can increase up to 2 times. It is better to book rooms in advance, based on feedback from previous customers.

In addition to all of the above, it is worth laying fun in the budget:

  • a boat trip - 500 rubles;
  • visiting a supermarket - 700 rubles;
  • Museum of wooden architecture - 150 rubles;
  • excursions of various kinds - 500-3000 rubles.

Food is also an important factor in the matter of good rest. On average, in a cafe near Baikal you can eat for 350-500 rubles per person. You should not expect gastronomic masterpieces - local food is simple and familiar to the inhabitant. Among the most popular local dishes are the so-called Siberian dumplings. Among the delicacies you should choose omul, which you can buy directly from the fishermen.

Advantages and disadvantages of rest

Like any specific place of rest, Baikal has positive and negative sides, most of which are ambiguous. The first thing that attracts tourists here is the virginity of nature and its magnificence. It seems that in some places a person’s foot has not stepped. Part of the coast is inaccessible for transport, so nature has preserved its original beauty here.

Numerous bases and hotels are a definite advantage of the place. Among them, you can choose exactly what is suitable in all respects. Unfortunately, only a small part of them can boast a decent level of service.

Rest on Lake Baikal is suitable for those who seek peace and harmony. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the same time, the slowness of the processes and the deafening silence may not please fans of parties and similar events. They will decide that it was just boring.

The water in local waters is always cold, few will dare to swim here. You can search for small backwaters and coves where the water will be slightly warmer. The beach holiday period on Baikal is very short. The rest of the time cold winds blow here.

After the tourist season, mountains of rubbish remain in places of general visiting. Local not in a hurry to clean them. In addition, Baikal is very difficult to relax with children. Despite all the attempts of tour organizers and hotel owners to create children's leisure, not everyone is finding something to do. Also, changeable weather and a great distance to the place of rest are not good for parents.

Guest reviews

If you put together the numerous reviews of tourists, you can highlight the following:

  • the ferry operates only in the warm season and collects huge queues;
  • you can save by renting private housing from local residents;
  • the side of the lake closer to Ulan-Ude is more favorable for recreation for a number of reasons;
  • there are too few pharmacies and shops, it is better to take everything you need with you;
  • wildlife carries danger in the form of animals and insects;
  • must-have items should be warm clothes;
  • the most developed infrastructure in the village Listvyanka;
  • the most picturesque objects of nature are furthest from major settlements;
  • with children, it is best to rest at Mandarkhan Bay.

Rest on Baikal 2019: prices, recreation centers and other ways of accommodation

The infrastructure of the region every year becomes more and more developed: there are more and more new places for accommodation. For tourists:

  • hotels;
  • hotels;
  • recreation centers;
  • cottages;
  • guest houses;
  • huts and yurts.

Recreation centers remain the most popular.

Circum-Baikal recreation center

This recreation center has a small size and is located near the station port Baikal. It offers stunning views of the lake. Despite the secluded location, there is everything you need for comfort. It offers well-groomed area, BBQ, sauna, swimming pool, tennis court, entertainment for children and more. Here you can order food to your liking. The location on the top of the hill complicates the way to the place, but the guests are offered a transfer at a price of 200 rubles. In a double room you can stay for 1800 rubles per day.

Recreation center "Solar"

This recreation center is located just 700 meters from the lake. It offers log houses, terraces, well-groomed territory, beach, restaurant. Here you can book excursions. In the list of possible entertainment are table tennis, fishing, trekking. Double room will cost 3000 rubles per day.

Recreation center “Dariana Club”

“Daryana Club” is located 500 meters from Lake Baikal. In the landscaped area are nice wooden houses. Local chefs will offer tasty and quality food. The price of accommodation in a double room (3000 rubles) includes half board. Among the disadvantages is to provide convenience on the street.

Chalet "Listvyanka"

The original and original will rest in a chalet "Listvyanka." Among the drawbacks is the need to climb the hill. The rest of the hotel causes only positive emotions. The rooms have a private bathroom. Also tourists are attracted here a magnificent view from the windows. At the request of the guests you can taste real Siberian cuisine here. For a double room will have to pay 3500 rubles.

Chara “Chara”

On the shore of the Small Sea, Lake Baikal stands a series of neat wooden houses. This hostel "Chara". Each of the houses is equipped with individual stove heating. You can cook your own food or use the services of local chefs. There is also a tennis, billiards, cinema, sauna and swimming pool. From here you can book a tour from a wide range. Accommodation in the budget segment of the base will cost from 1600 rubles. Separate comfortable houses can cost up to 7000 rubles per day per house. They accommodate 2-3 people.

Holiday on Lake Baikal 2019 "all inclusive"

The local all-inclusive system is often a tour that includes accommodation, meals, and all kinds of excursions. The options are varied, which makes it possible to choose what is suitable for every taste, physical fitness and pocket.

  • "Altai Necklace" - the tour includes 10 days. Approximate cost for two from 88,000 rubles. The program of excursions includes visits to the Karakol Valley, Belukha Mountains, the Katunsky and Terektinsky Ridge, Teletskoye Lake, the Katun River. It is supposed to be placed in the hotel “Uch-Enmek”.
  • "Altai Odyssey" is designed for 8 days. The tour includes a visit to the Altai Biosphere Reserve, the Sinyukha Mountain, the resort of Belokurikha, Lake Teletskoye and Manzherok Lake, as well as other places of interest. Guests will be accommodated in the hotel "Neo".This trip will cost about 75,000 for two.
  • Altai Light lasts 8 days. Its cost starts from 84,000 rubles for two. The tour includes a visit to the Altai Nature Reserve, the village of Artybash, the mountains of Sinyukha, Tavdinsky caves, the island of Patmos and others. Tourists will live in GLK "Manzherok".

The cost of the tour does not include flight. This should be considered when choosing a trip and planning a budget for rest.


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