1. Neat manicure at home
  2. Fundamental rules
  3. Plain design
  4. Neat manicure for short nails
  5. Neat manicure for long nails
  6. Choosing the shape of nails

Currently there are no girls who do not look after their appearance. After all, well-groomed appearance is of great importance in society. This is reflected in everything: original hair, fashionable and beautiful clothes, light make-up. All this creates a beautiful and unusual image. However, the most important element that attracts most of the attention of others, are pens. That well-groomed pens is considered the calling card of every girl. Therefore, a carefully executed manicure is an integral part of the attractive appearance of the girl. Despite the fleeting trends in fashion, which dictate new and stylish solutions to length, color, patterns, possible décor and coating textures, a neat manicure remains the basic requirement of any nail art.


Neat manicure at home

In order to perform a beautiful and well-groomed manicure on your nails, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of time visiting the beauty salon. It is possible to do this at home. In this case, you can make the desired design or leave the surface of a single color. Some girls do not prefer to apply varnish and cover the nail plate with a colorless fixative. In all cases, a well-groomed manicure will look attractive and advantageous.

Basic rules when performing a neat manicure

Definitely, the first and most important step is to moisturize the skin of the handles. You can do this by using a mask or hand bath. After several such procedures, the skin will become silky and tender. The next inherent rule is manicure itself. It is necessary to get rid of the cuticle, irregularities of the nail plate and burrs. Make a beautiful manicure can be a hardware or cutting method. Preparing the skin around the nails and the nail plate itself, you can safely proceed to the design.

Solid neat nail design

When choosing a monochromatic coating, it should be borne in mind that bright and saturated tones are allowed only with the same shape and length of all nails. These colors emphasize and highlight all imperfections. Light and soft shades, on the contrary, will hide all the flaws and make the nails more tender and attractive.

Neat manicure for short nails

Recently, short marigolds are the main trend in the art of nail art. This length is especially appreciated due to the convenience and the absence of any restrictions in the working area. With comfortable short nails is much easier to cope with household chores. They are less likely to break and do not require careful maintenance. In general, girls are given much less trouble. In order to perform a neat manicure on short nails, you must choose a fairly light design, because a lot of decor, patterns, patterns and other unnecessary details will make the nails tasteless and fancy. A sophisticated solution for a short length of marigold will be ombre, monochrome coating or french. Visually lengthen the fingers with short nails can be using vertical ornaments. Simple geometric motifs also look very elegant, for example, stripes, peas, waves, straight and broken lines. From rhinestones, sculpting, glitter and other types of decor is best to give up. The maximum that can be done is a moderate decor in the form of an accent on one or two nails.

Neat manicure for long nails

Despite the fact that long nails temporarily lost their positions, many girls do not want to change their usual shape. And this is quite expected, because long marigolds can give an image of femininity and severity at the same time. But long nails have one feature, which is considered a plus, but the same time and a minus - they always attract a lot of attention, which means that the manicure should be neat and unsurpassed. For a start, it is necessary that all the nails have the same shape, length, and then you can proceed to the design of the design. Long nails allow the use of all available varieties of design and decor, ranging from simple monochromatic coating to complex compositions with stones, sparkles, modeling, rhinestones or stickers. The main thing to carry out a decor without fanaticism. The best solution would be a combination of two types of decor. Varnish on long marigolds should be applied with special care to avoid irregularities. Any manicure on long nails will look attractive and luxurious, if it is well-groomed and neat.

Neat manicure for various nail shapes

When it comes to beautiful and well-groomed manicure, it is best to choose moderate pastel or nude tones, as well as a concise form of marigolds. Of course, the big shape is played by the care of the marigold itself. And if it's easier to leave, then sometimes it is very difficult to achieve the correct and refined shape of the marigold.When choosing a form for a manicure, give preference to those that are most suitable for fingers. You should not chase the fashionable trend of short length of nails, if the fingers are full and short. Similarly, it is not necessary to perform long pointed nails on long fingers. With this shape, they will look too thin and long. The most popular and common option is a neat square manicure on the nails of medium length. For full and short fingers, long marigolds, made in the shape of a soft oval, are preferable. For small pens of medium fullness, the best option would be square on the average length of the marigold. But girls with aristocratic fingers can safely experiment with the length and shape as desired. Only should be removed too long nails.

A neat manicure is of great importance when creating a stylish image, so you need to pay a lot of attention to it. Then all female images will look attractive, sophisticated and neat. Watch your nails!


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