Probably, for every person green color is a symbol of calm, nature and harmony. It is this color that has taken a central position in the color spectrum, while it is perceived by many as neutral, but does not cause a negative for anyone. Also, this color is associated with the heart chakra, so it helps to maintain balance in the body, heals mental wounds. At the same time, the green gamma helps to normalize blood pressure and heart rate, removes headaches and symbolizes safety.

In this color palette there are different minerals that are always at the peak of popularity and belong to one of three groups:

  • Precious.
  • Semi-precious.
  • Ornamental.

Properties of green stones

Green is a symbol of development and growth, because it is the color of nature, harmony and tranquility. Minerals in this color scheme have a positive effect on the human body, in particular on blood pressure and the cardiovascular system.If we talk about psychology, the green stones soften the character and remove the depression, reduce the aggression of its owner.

A person who wears an adornment with a green stone, has eloquence, always beautifully and clearly articulates thoughts. Some of the stones of green color to this day are considered a symbol of wisdom, for example, emerald. At the same time, the stones of green color absorb and disperse all the negative, saving a person from laziness, deceit and betrayal.

Chrysoprase - a green semi-precious stone serves as a faithful companion that protects against the evil eye and slander. It is used in the treatment of eye diseases, as well as a charm, which can fade, taking on all the negative people around. Moldavit is another mineral that helps with eye and heart diseases.

If we are talking about ornamental green stones, then malachite and jade deserve special attention, since these minerals have been helping from all ailments since ancient times. Many nations worshiped these gems, used them for massage and water purification. In case of pain it is enough to attach a stone and the pain goes away. They also help to lose insomnia, get rid of bad thoughts and nightmares.

Stones of green color are wonderful charms and talismans, which are accompanied by success and luck.

Ornamental green stones

For cheap green stones include:

  • Aventurine (adventure and happiness) - a stone that is mined in Brazil, Austria and the Urals. In ancient times, this stone was decorated with jewelry, as well as used in the production of signets, pens and various souvenirs.

  • Serpentine - looks like a bright snake skin, is mined in Russia, the United States and India. Usually this stone is used for cladding walls, creating souvenirs and decor. As for jewelers, they can use the material for the production of cheap jewelry, tableware and jewelry boxes.


  • Malachite is a valuable mineral, which is used to decorate cabinet objects of the interior (ashtray, desk lamp or vase).

  • Jade is a high-strength stone, distinguished by its durability and ease of processing. Green jade - the most popular type of this mineral, used for the manufacture of interior items and inexpensive jewelry.

Semi-Precious Green Stones

This category includes:

  • Jadeite (jade - lumbar stone) - a rare stone that can be found in the Urals. The mineral has an attractive appearance and good texture, so it is used to decorate brooches, bracelets and rings. Translucent jadeites are of particular value, and in general, three types of this stone are used to create jewelry: commercial, utility, and imperial.
  • Moldavit - it is believed that the stone appeared due to the fall of meteorites, has a bottle-colored color, so the alternative name is glass stone. Moldavit is the only tektite that is used to create jewelry, as it is easy to process and has an interesting structure. Mineral is mined only in the Czech Republic.

  • Chrysoprase - green gold, known since ancient times. Now the stone is mined in Germany, Brazil and the United States, but the leader is Australia. With the help of this mineral create elegant rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Green gems

In this group there are only three representatives, namely: emerald, tsavorite and demontoid. Let us consider in more detail each of them:

  • Emerald is the most popular and one of the most precious stones on the planet. Emerald is a type of beryl that jewelers appreciate for their high natural purity, which is provided by the presence of chromium in the chemical composition of the mineral. In a natural form, an emerald is unlikely to attract anyone; all greatness, brightness and brilliance is betrayed to it by the correct cut. Emerald is never combined with silver, as it is a sign of bad taste. The color scheme is all shades of green, if there are other shades in the stone, its cost is sharply reduced. Stone is mined in Colombia, Russia, India and Afghanistan.

  • Tsavorit is a stone that was found near the Tsavo River (hence the name).Tsavorite is an expensive jewel-cut stone, which is very popular among wealthy women. Places of mining - Madagascar and East Africa, while the stone is no more than three carats, and when creating jewelry is usually combined with silver. The peculiarity of the tsavorite is that it is not processed and is not created synthetically, which excludes the possibility of a fake.

  • Demantoid is a diamond-like mineral having a grass-green color. The stone enjoyed tremendous popularity among Russian kings, for them it was an indicator of status and wealth. In general, a stone can have different shades of green, and sometimes yellow varieties can be found. The play of light is ensured by the strong refraction that the gem possesses. It is worth noting that this stone is mined in the Urals and it is popular only in Russia. In one year, it turned out to be the most possible to extract a little more than 100 kilograms of mineral, but it was still at the beginning of the last century. Recently, they began to mine stone in Namibia, however, only the stone that was mined in the Urals is considered precious.


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