Seals and bumps on the human body - this is a problem that anyone can face. They are able to appear anywhere on the body - hands (hands, phalanges of the fingers), legs (knees, feet), face, back, and so on. In some cases, they can not be detected immediately, because they hide under the hair and in the folds of the skin. What is the nature of their appearance and are they safe? As practice shows, these are often harmless seals that need treatment. Such skin seals often cause discomfort, can cause pain and are blue or white, appear reddened and are accompanied by fever.

However, we can not exclude the option of a malignant tumor, and therefore, with the appearance of cones and seals, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only a high-quality specialist will determine the source of the problem and the cause of its occurrence, will prescribe a medicine. In addition, only a doctor is able to understand the type of tumor, because if it turned out to be malignant, then it is impossible to lose not a second.In this article we look at the main causes of the seals and white balls that are formed under the skin on the hands.

Causes of hypodermic globules on hands


If a small and slow-moving ball was found on the wrist side and has a dense structure, then it is quite possible that this is a hygroma. This problem does not cause discomfort or pain, can not cause harm to human health. At the same time, it does not look aesthetically pleasing, but when it appears in the palm of the hand it can interfere with full-fledged work.

Important! Hygroma is the accumulation of fluid between the tendon fibers, which can disappear in the event of an accidental mechanical shock. It’s better not to hit the arm with a hand specifically, because you can be mistaken with a diagnosis, only a doctor can confirm the presence of a hygroma.


In this case, the seal looks like a small dense ball of a reddish color. It consists of connective tissue of fibrous structure, therefore it is harmless to human health and the only negative influence from it is not an aesthetic appearance.


In this situation, the seal resembles a fleshy ball, which is in a static position and does not move when you press on the hand. In fact, it is a pathologically grown soft tissue located in the deeper layers of human skin.

Important! This ball is a problem and requires treatment, because if you ignore the problem, it can trigger the development of cancer cells in the human body.

Wen or Lipoma

If a small ball appeared on the fingers, then it is quite possible that this is a lipoma (a safe and benign tumor formed from fat cells). The skin over this ball has a familiar color and is easy to fold, but the formation itself has clear boundaries.

Important! Wen can gradually grow, causing it to cause pain. You can remove it with the help of surgeons.


Also on the skin of the hands may appear a ball, which is easily confused with the wen - atheroma. Atheroma is a cyst (a blocked sebaceous gland). Externally, the seal resembles a small round ball with noticeable outlines, which is sebum, accumulated in the capsule of the sebaceous gland. Such seals start to inflame over time and can fester, so they need to be removed in time with the help of a surgical procedure.

Knots on the joints

If a person has arthritis or arthritis, the appearance of nodules on the joints is quite expected. Externally, these are small, fixed, and hard knots that can be cured by following the instructions of the doctor.

Condylomas, papillomas and warts

These skin seals may have a different shape (round, oblong) and size, color (yellow, solid or brown) and surface (flaky or smooth). They can be caused by hormonal disruption, mechanical damage, or a viral infection that has entered the body.

Papillomas and warts can be located anywhere on the body for no reason and are often completely safe. If a wart is found on a hand or fingers, then there is nothing to be afraid of, because it is harmless, and there are enough of both special means and popular methods to eliminate it.

Ulcers and inflammations

If a lot of seals appear on the skin, they can be caused by an infection that has entered the body:

  • Staphylococcus - this bacterium can cause suppuration. Initially, the skin will turn red, after which various seals will appear on it. The disease is often accompanied by high fever and requires immediate treatment.
  • Erysipelas - the rapid spread of seals and cones throughout the body.
  • Cellulitis - purulent inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue.
  • Carbuncles and boils - seals that occur when damage to the sebaceous glands or hair follicles.

Important! Only the surgeon is able to deal with these problems, so if such seals are found, you should immediately go to the hospital.

Balls on the legs

Usually women suffer from this problem, the result of the appearance of balls can be:

  • Inconvenient or tight shoes that interfere with blood circulation and damage joints.
  • Varicose veins
  • Inflammation of adipose tissue and blood vessels, resulting in erythema nodosum.


A tumor that forms near the navel, on the inner surface of the thigh or in the groin is a hernia. On palpation, it resembles a soft and very painful ball. The reason for the formation of a hernia is the ejection of the internal organs out through the weak points of the abdominal wall when the intrauterine pressure is hanging.

Malignant tumors

Such diseases are rare, but they are very dangerous and need immediate treatment. At first they look like a small nodule that begins to grow and develop. Symptoms of a malignant tumor are as follows:

  • Seal inactive under mechanical stress.
  • Bleeding and cohesiveness with skin.
  • Dynamic development and tumor growth.
  • The increase in the nearest lymph nodes.
  • Lack of clear boundaries of education.


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