1. Actual hair shades for fall 2019
  2. Fashionable hair coloring techniques
  3. Coloring autumn 2019: a selection of ideas on the photo

Every girl knows that a stylish image begins with a hairstyle. This is not about complex designs on the head, but about properly chosen haircut and coloring. Fashion trends are constantly changing, so keep track of all is almost impossible. But still it is worthwhile to periodically study them and, if necessary, correct the selected shade of hair. What are the trends of staining will be relevant in the autumn season 2019? This is what we propose today to talk about.

Actual hair shades for fall 2019

Of course, natural hair color will always be relevant. But sooner or later every girl has a desire to experiment a little with coloring. In this case, it is important to take into account your peculiarities in order to choose a truly suitable option. Best of all in this matter will help an experienced colorist.After all, a professional will select the optimal solution and achieve a clean, beautiful color.

The lovers of the light shade of hair will absolutely definitely like the new trend - cream blonde. Unlike the classic version, it is warm, moderately bright and looks incredibly beautiful. By the way, this option is perfect not only for the autumn season, but in general for 2019.

Another type of blond that is relevant in the fall season - pink or strawberry. This is a soft, muted shade. It looks fresh, gentle and gives the image a touch of romance. Of course, such hair coloring requires more thorough care. Only under this condition, the color will retain its richness and will not be washed off in a few weeks. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully consider this before recording for staining.

In autumn, shades of brown become more relevant than ever. All of them are incredibly beautiful, warm. With such coloring hair looks natural, which is very important this year. To achieve this effect will help an experienced master who knows exactly what shades should be combined based on your natural hair color.

For those who are in search of their ideal color for the autumn season, we recommend to look at the copper shade. Saturated, bright, but at the same time, deep red hair color will never be ignored. It is amazing, alluring, so regardless of the image will be the main focus.

Trendy hair dyeing techniques for fall 2019

Surely every girl has heard of such coloring techniques as ombra and sombre. Every year they are becoming increasingly popular. The fact is that these techniques allow you to achieve the most natural, natural effect on the hair. But keep in mind that such an attractive gradient looks best on wavy strands.

Note that the ombre staining technique implies a sharp or smooth transition of shades. Often it starts from the middle of the length, but other options remain valid. It is possible to use this coloring not only for dark, but also for light and fair hair. Each of the options looks interesting in its own way.

In turn, the coloring of the sombre does not have clear edges in the transition of shades. Also often mixed tones within the same color. As a result, the hair looks natural. Stylists say that such coloring better than the rest is appropriate if you do not plan dramatic changes. But at the same time you want to refresh your hair a little and give it expression.

Technique, which became known for a long time, again popular. This is about brondirovanie hair. This is one of the best options for owners of dark blond color. If you do not plan to change the shade much in the future, but want to experiment, choose this option. Brondirovanie allows you to make natural hair color a little warmer without a strong coloring. The result is the most natural effect.

A relatively new staining technique called strobe is aimed at correcting the facial features. That is, the emphasis may be on eye color or facial contours. This effect is achieved by mixing different shades of paint, based on individual characteristics. Basically it is applied to the strands of the face and significantly less at the tips of the strands. Due to this, it turns out to highlight the play of light and shadow. Stunningly beautiful effect looks best on curly hair.

In translation, “Cold Brew” means a special way of brewing coffee. This drink inspired stylists to create an amazing, deep shade for hair coloring. To do this, blend subtle shades of amber with gold, which are applied exclusively to dark hair. Thanks to this, the strands look incredibly beautiful, and glare is especially noticeable in the sun.

It is impossible not to note the technique called "belaylayts." It involves a combination of two types of staining: balance and highlighting.Particular attention is paid to the tips, which are painted using this technique. This approach gives them a shimmer that looks incredibly beautiful on light brown hair. But keep in mind that only an experienced master will be able to achieve this effect, since the technique itself is considered too complicated for beginners.

In case you treat those who love contrast staining, then feel free to choose balayazh. Unlike other techniques, it allows you to achieve the effect of natural burning in the sun. At the same time, staining can be done not only from the roots, but also from a certain level or even at the tips. As for the shade, the masters most often recommend choosing a color that is several tones lighter than your natural.

Coloring autumn 2019: a selection of ideas on the photo

In the autumn season, quite a few shades for hair coloring will be in fashion. This is great news for modern fashionistas. After all, you can continue to experiment not only with the style of clothing, but also with the hair. This is a great way to see yourself in a new, unusual way.


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