Going on a journey, the majority of our citizens pay attention to only one criterion - price. This is true, because everyone would like to relax in Bali or the Maldives, but the harsh realities make you take a more realistic decision. Of course, the most popular destinations for tourism in Russia are Egypt and Turkey. However, many tourists around the world want to relax not only cheap, but also safely.

A risk map developed by researchers at a British insurance company has identified the safest countries. To do this, take into account the number of crimes (terrorist attacks, murder, theft), the level of medical care and transport accessibility. Also taken into account the risk of epidemics, wars and natural disasters.

There is a category of people who are convinced that flying and traveling are dangerous. At the same time, they forget that they themselves do not live in the safest countries. Choosing to rest one of the countries proposed below, you can be calm and confident in your journey.

10. New Zealand

The island oasis, in which you so much want to get and stay in it forever - this is New Zealand. First of all, this country is extremely expensive for tourism, as it is not easy to get here, and the flight itself costs a lot. New Zealand is considered a developed country and is far from any neighboring country, which explains the high cost of some goods and services. At the same time, the rest here will be not only pleasant and fascinating, but also safe, as the security index in New Zealand is 7.42.

9. Denmark

The picturesque Scandinavian country with its own currency and high level of development is perfect for family holidays, because everyone here lives in peace and tranquility. Crimes, natural disasters and diseases are extremely rare here, so the terrible news about this country will not be found. The security index is 7.41.

8. Singapore

Small, but at the same time highly developed country in Asia, which serves as a city and a state at the same time - Singapore. The city-state is famous for attractions and places for entertainment, but you need to be prepared for the fact that there will have to leave more than one hundred dollars. Here a high standard of living, good salaries and an amazing atmosphere, but most importantly - it is absolutely safe here. Crimes are committed extremely rarely, making the security index of Singapore is 7.34.

7. Qatar

The state in the Middle East, bordering Saudi Arabia, is famous for its wonderful climate, sandy beaches and high prices. The rest here is pleasant and will remain a bright memory for life. Due to the high development of crime has decreased, and natural disasters and terrorist attacks do not bother Qatar. Due to this, the country has become one of the safest in the world, with the security index - 7.28.

6. Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian state with a highly developed economy. It is comfortable and pleasant to live here, and the rest, though expensive, is completely justified. Going to Norway, you can visit a number of attractions and enjoy gourmet cuisine in local restaurants, without worrying about your vacation. At the moment it is one of the safest countries in the world, the security index is 7.27.

5. Austria

A safer European country, where there is no place for wars and terrorist attacks - Austria. If it were not for rare cases of racism, Austria would easily become one of the safest countries in the world. Now there is about 1 violent death per 100 thousand people per year. Law-abiding, high standard of living and education - all this makes the country safe for both living and tourism. Security Index - 7.08.

4. Portugal

Another safe country for life and recreation in Europe is Portugal, the state that is the most western for continental Europe and located in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. There are hundreds of golden sandy beaches, warm water and beautiful hotels, thanks to which the rest here is not only safe, but also very pleasant. Security Index - 7.07.

3. Finland

Finland was the first in the top three safest countries on the planet - a country in Northern Europe with a population of 5.5 million. The prices here are average, the climate is not the most pleasant, but ice, unique views and mountains - all this makes tourists come here every year, enjoying the frosty silence and the beauty of nature. Security Index - 7.04.

2. Switzerland

The most expensive country in Europe, both for tourism and for life - Switzerland. Going here you need to remember that absolutely everything is expensive here, but the beauty of the Alps and luxury hotels is worth it. The banking sector is well developed here, which attracts wealthy people from all over the world. Switzerland is an international banking center, so the locals do not feel the price level, but the tourist will not be easy here. At the same time, Switzerland is one of the safest countries on our planet, and such a point on a journey is very important.

The low crime rate is ensured by the local law enforcement system, the accuracy of which can be compared with Swiss watches. The high level of education and non-aligned status (neutrality) - this gives Switzerland the opportunity to be away from all global conflicts and wars, so that it ranks second among the safest countries. Security Index - 7.01.

1. Iceland

Amazing country of ice, where there is something to see - this is Iceland. In recent years, the country has become popular and the cost of spending the night in hotels fell slightly. In the UN, Iceland was called the best country to live in, for it was she who became the safest country of our planet. The nature and the surrounding silence will leave a pleasant impression on your guest, and a high level of security, the absence of natural disasters and violent deaths will make the rest as comfortable and peaceful as possible. The statistics will be indicative, according to which last year there was one violent death recorded, while the population is about 350 thousand people. Security Index - 6.16.

As for Russia, it ranks 108th in the ranking, and Ukraine (116) and Russia are the only European countries that are inferior in their security to the United States (65th).


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