Ready to experiment with shades? We will talk about 7 beauty trends of spring and summer of 2019, and a decorative line from Yves Rocher will help create an image for the new season.

Perfectly aligned tone of the face with natural radiance - mastic for nude makeup. And it is still relevant in the spring and summer of 2019. To hide traces of fatigue on the face, redness and dark circles under the eyes, the correctors will help, and concealers with light-reflecting particles will give a slight glow to the skin. Do not be afraid to "overload" the skin. A quality tool is completely weightless on the face, does not create the effect of the film and does not roll into lumps even at the end of the day.

Technique "masking"

Corrector "Zero Disadvantages" Foundation "Zero flaws" 14 h. Concealer "Shine and youth"

  1. Proofreaders have a more dense texture, so they are applied first. Choose problem areas: redness, rosacea, rashes, pigmentation, freckles. And a little secret: a beige pencil corrector is a truly universal remedy.In addition to concealing flaws, it can be used as a primer for lips and eyelids.
  2. Next, apply a tonal framework to align the skin color. Use the sponge - this way the product will evenly cover the whole face, and your fingers will remain clean).
  3. Concealer - finishing stage. Apply it on the area of ​​the lower eyelid and the inner corners of the eyes. Blend well.

Thick eyebrows

The trend for thick natural eyebrows was introduced by the makeup artists Bottega Veneta and Gucci back in 2015. Keira Knightley and Natalya Vodyanova became prominent representatives of the mainstream. And the thick eyebrows of Cara Delevingne acquired hardly less world fame than their owner.

The season of 2019 continues the trend: the minimum of tweezers and clear lines - the maximum of naturalness in shapes and shades. A soft pencil with a brush will help to give expressiveness to natural eyebrows.

Mechanical eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil

The direction of the lines when coloring eyebrows should be from bottom to top. Avoid drawing clear lines on the skin - such a brow in daylight will look unnatural, creating the effect of a bad tattoo. Better to let it be light strokes with careful shading.


This season's beauty bomb is crazy shooters. They not only focus on the eyes, but also visually lift the eyelid. Mini lifting in just a couple of minutes. See how well the white and black colors of the contour eyeliner in Gigi Hadid’s makeup are combined well. The light line creates a glow effect, and the split tips of the arrows make the cat-like look magnetic.

The rest of the eye zone (the upper part of the eyelid and eyebrows) is left untouched in order not to visually overload the image. And you can lightly touch the lips with a pink or pearl shine.

Waterproof eyeliner for eye contour (“Golden” shade)

Eye pencil "Intense color" (shade № 5 "Purple Iris") Glitter Care Lip "Virtuosity Shine" (shade number 02)


In this spring makeup you can see all the colors of the rainbow, so you should not restrain yourself when choosing shades of eye shadow. A win-win choice for a romantic look - a shade of sakura color. They are especially suitable for brunettes or girls with dark brown hair.

If this solution seems a little too much, you can muffle the shade by mixing pink with purple or light brown in the center of the eyelid, leaving a gentle haze of dawn around the edges.

The secret of success - the right brush to create a composition of shades on the eyelids. A synthetic pile of medium length with a tight padding will do. This brush is useful for both dry and creamy, liquid and baked shadows.

Eyeshadow - Shining (shade № 55 "Pink Peony") Eye Shadow Pencil (Shade “Scarlet Poppy”) 10 brush 2 in 1 eye makeup

Smoky eyes

It’s hard to find a more passionate smoky eyes fan than Kristen Stewart. A universal evening make-up with velvety deep tones on the eyelids is a choice for both a pretentious banquet in a restaurant, and for a party in a club. The only clarification: in the 2019 Smoky ice is applied with lengthening to the outer corner of the eyelid. The secret of a deep look is a thorough brushing of the lines with a brush.

Pencil for Eye Contour 3 in 1 (shade "Anthracite") Mascara for Eyelashes "Virtuoso Volume"


The trendy decision of the season - neon lips on a clean make-up face. "Electric" colors of lipstick - purple, purple, carrot, scarlet. For such makeup you need a light tone foundation, no contouring and accents on the eyes. All attention to the lips!

By the way, for neon lips a classic shine is not suitable. Need a product with a higher density and covering ability. This one looks brighter and lasts longer.

Lipstick "Virtuoso color" (shade №73) Lipstick-Lip Pencil (Red Verbena Shade)

Another “lip” trend is dark brown, wine tones again on a neutral background. This year is an absolute hit on the red carpet.Rihanna showed canonical make-up in the style of "casual slope", complementing perfectly accented lips with playful arrows on her eyelids.

Lipstick Grand Rouge (shade №151)

Matte-effect lip varnish (shade 103) Primer

To lipstick convey the entire depth of color, and the contour was perfectly clear, use a primer. Apply it with a sponge or brush, and then blot lips with a napkin.


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