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Holidays in Russia is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, every year such leisure becomes more diverse, affordable and comfortable.

Holidays in Russia on the sea in 2019

In the summer, everyone aspires to the sea. There are many places in Russia where you can bask in the rays of the summer sun and splash in the warm salty waves.


The most popular among Russian resorts since the times of the Soviet Union is Sochi. The city stretches along the Black Sea coast and every year it becomes more beautiful and modern. The humid subtropical climate of the place has a positive effect on the local flora and fauna, and also has a beneficial effect on the body, requiring healing and hardening. In summer, the average air temperature ranges from 24 to 27 degrees plus.

If living in Sochi itself seems expensive, then you can always choose one of the nearby settlements with the exact same nature and climate:

  • Adler;
  • Dagomys;
  • Matsesta and others.

It offers budget recreation, guest houses and motels, as well as luxury hotels, working on an "all inclusive". Such a trip will cost 33,000-155,000 rubles, depending on the list of services and the way of accommodation. In such permits usually include plane tickets, transfers and everything you need for a comfortable stay.


Anapa is in great demand in the summer. The Caucasian mountains and warm coastal water combined with sandy beaches attracts those who love passive beach holidays. Among the local villages, Vityazevo became the most popular. Accommodation is possible for every taste: from camping tents to high-level hotels.

The hot summer of the Mediterranean climate allows the water in the sea to warm up well, making it possible to travel here with young children. The cost of such a journey is 30000-55000 rubles, depending on the method of accommodation.


The combination of sea and mountain climate makes the place air extremely useful. The fact that this part of the coast is blown by the wind makes the heat in the peak season not so exhausting as it happens in other regions.

You can fully enjoy the beautiful views with the help of the cable car, of which there are two. The choice of places to accommodate is extremely wide, which, together with a well-developed infrastructure, makes the rest as comfortable as possible. Staying here during the week will cost about 25,000 rubles per person. The price usually includes airfare, transfer, the entire stay, meals and insurance.


The Sea of ​​Azov is also very attractive for tourists. For example, crowds of tourists come to Yeisk for many years. Many of them have become regular guests here. Accommodation in guest houses, recreation centers and hotels at any level allows representatives of most segments of the population to come here.

Here you can have a good time with the whole family. In summer, the water warms up to 28 degrees. Depending on the choice of the method of accommodation, the price of such a trip also varies:

  • from 1100 to 2300 rubles per day for living in an apartment;
  • from 1800 to 4500 rubles per room at the hotel.

Also, the price changes depending on whether food is included in the price. It needs to be discussed with the landlord in advance. Also separately should calculate the cost of the road. A place in a reserved seat from Moscow will cost 2,600 rubles, in a compartment of 4,000 rubles. From St. Petersburg fare is more expensive.

Stanitsa golubitskaya

Despite the name, this place is quite modern. There are many accommodation options, including hotels, recreation centers, private sector facilities for every taste. In addition, on the coast you can visit all sorts of entertainment facilities. In the village you can find the most budget accommodation option and at the same time get everything you need for comfort. Rent will cost 300-800 rubles per day in a guest house or 1500-2900 rubles per room at a hotel.

Kaspiysk (Dagestan)

The Caspian Sea is one of the places with the most healing climate. Kaspiysk attracts tourists with peace and harmony with nature. In addition to a beach holiday, you can enjoy interesting historical excursions. At its core, this city is not a resort, but it is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of guests.

Accommodation at the hotel will cost from 1500 rubles. For 5500 rubles per day you can get the widest range of services and full board.


This is the central point of rest on the Caspian Sea. Tourists are attracted here by magnificent landscapes, sights and comfortable accommodation. The subtropical climate gives a warm summer and comfortable water temperature. Right in the city there is an old complex of fortifications. Here you can go climbing and other extreme sports. Accommodation at the hotel will cost 1200-3800 rubles per person per day. A more affordable option is cottages and guest houses. The rental price will be 600-1000 rubles. An apartment can be rented for an amount of 700 rubles per person per day.

Holidays in Russia "all inclusive": prices 2019

At the Russian resorts a huge number of accommodation facilities offer accommodation in the "all inclusive" system. According to the same scheme, many tour operators offer ready-made tours with included in the price expensive.

Hotel «FioLeto»

This hotel belongs to the family. It is located in Anapa and offers guests a full range of services, including transfers, Wi-Fi, excursions, swimming pool, lounge and much more.

Hotel "Azaria"

"Azaria" was awarded only three stars. At the same time, the hotel offers a high level of comfort, organized in an all-inclusive system. Here you can get full board, including three meals a day on the system "buffet", intermediate snacks, alcohol from local producers and so on.

Hotel "MoreLeto"

Also in this price segment, the MoreLeto 3 * hotel stands out. This modern hotel offers different types of recreation, catering to those tourists with different taste preferences.

The system "all inclusive" works many hotels:

  • Heliopark Aqua Resort;
  • Crystal Orchestra Sochi Resort;
  • Network "Alean Family Resort";
  • "Beton Brut";
  • Park Hotel "Romanova";
  • "Bridge Resort";
  • Prometheus Club;
  • “1000 and one night” 3 *;
  • Park-Hotel "Sea Dal".

In addition to hotels and hotels, boarding houses, motels and recreation centers operate on the “all inclusive” system. As an example, it is worth mentioning:

  • boarding house “Bagripsh” - located on the territory of Abkhazia, not far from the environmentally clean Cold River, has 2 buildings, three meals a day, additional snack stations, local alcohol;
  • boarding house "Burgas" - located in the village of Kudepsta (Adler), a wide range of services, three meals a day;
  • sanatorium "Small Bay" - located near Anapa, includes 4 buildings, provides treatment, works all year round, has the "Winter Beach" complex, a pool with heated salt water, an ice rink;
  • the resort complex "Gamma" - is located in the village of Olginka, not far from the Agriysky Nature Reserve, 350 meters from the pebble beach, as a part of the hotel complex 5 * 16 floors, 5 buildings 4 *, developed infrastructure, the "ultra all inclusive" system.

Where to relax with children in Russia in the summer of 2019

With children it is better to relax by the sea. This is useful for their immature immunity, and also provides plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Of course, the most desperate admirers of tourism can travel with children to Lake Baikal or to Altai. But in this case, you need to carefully prepare for the trip and take into account that among the entertainment there will mainly be excursions and walks of various kinds.

On the Black Sea coast with children it is recommended to travel in July and August. At this time, the water will already be warm enough, and there is still plenty of time until the end of the season. At this time in the region a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can choose from a huge list of resorts:

  • Sochi;
  • Anapa;
  • Gelendzhik;
  • Numerous resorts of Crimea (Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia);
  • Tuapse;
  • Kabardinka and many others.

The Sea of ​​Azov is also beneficial for families with children. Children are sent here even on the recommendations of pediatricians. For the most part this is due to the predominance of iodine in the air. What has a beneficial effect on the respiratory, nervous and endocrine systems. Here many years remain attractive points:

  • Yeisk;
  • Kuchugurs;
  • Village Golubitskaya.

In any case, when selecting a tour, it is recommended to take into account the opinion of a small tourist. So all family members will be happy with their joint rest.


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