1. Straight jeans
  2. Jeans in rapper style
  3. Hip hop models
  4. Wide flare
  5. Ripped jeans
  6. American women
  7. Jeans with high waist
  8. Lowered jeans
  9. Choose length
  10. Trendy colors and shades
  11. What can I wear with wide jeans?
  12. Shoes with wide jeans

Jeans for more than one year remain the most popular and sought-after piece of women's wardrobe. Today, any lady will be able to choose the optimal model suitable for her figure. This season wide jeans in various shades and models are in fashion. A distinctive feature of wide women's jeans - this is a leg that fits nicely on the leg, but does not fit it. In our article we will talk about the most fashionable trends of wide women's jeans trousers.

Straight wide women's jeans

Straight wide women's jeans are a popular model, whose leg width is equally wide at the bottom and top of the pants. These jeans can be both with high and with a low waistline.Remarkably, a little carelessly, but at the same time elegantly wide straight jeans look tucked up to the level of the ankle.

Wide women's rapper jeans

Wide female rapper jeans are a model with an emphasis on wide leg with a very low and low waistline. And for convenience when walking the legs are gathered at the bottom with a rubber band or cuffs. A beautiful belt decorated with rivets for example will help emphasize the beauty and individuality of rapper wide jeans. Pants are decorated with the effect of vomiting, scuffing, lots of rivets, zippers, laces and ties. These jeans are those who prefer street and free style.

Wide hip-hop women's jeans

Wide women's hip-hop jeans are a wide-leg trouser model, tapered to the hem. This model of jeans is perfect for ladies with wide hips, because it makes her figure charming and irresistible. A checkered shirt, T-shirt or waistcoat will help enhance the effect. Hip-hop jeans are very popular with young women.

Women's wide flared jeans

Wide women's flared jeans - a model of women's jeans, which for more than one year occupy a leading position in women's wardrobe. Jeans have several options for flared: at the bottom of the leg, from the hip or from the knee. These jeans are a versatile option for creating a fashionable and stylish female image.

Ripped wide women jeans

Ragged decor today is found in different styles and models. These women's jeans are also called hippies and boyfriends. To create a beautiful and stylish bow, add ripped jeans with a lace top or a short jacket.

American wide female jeans

Americans are a model of jeans, which will give ease of movement and comfort. This model of jeans has its own specific features. For example, the fabric for American women is chosen tight and very strong. The presence of slits along the length of the leg and the doorways is obligatory.

Wide women's jeans with a high waist

Wide women's jeans with a high waist - a great way to emphasize the beauty of the figure. Especially great these pants look with a tucked white or red shirt. To create a festive bow, jeans with a wide belt corset are perfect. Such a belt, decorated with lacing or rivets, creates a truly compelling image. Wide heels with high-waisted fit shoes with heels or wedges, and to create a casual bow for convenience, pick up soft wedge shoes.

Wide Women's Jeans With Low Waistline

Low-rise wide jeans are recommended for ladies with an ideal proportion of body shape, since the fit of these trousers goes below the hips. If you are not the owner of the perfect figure, choose pants with an average fit. This season, modern designers advise wide jeans with a low waistline, decorated with embroidery.

The choice of wide jeans with high or low waist depends on the type of female figure.

Choose wide jeans in length

These pants will give the image a special chic, the main thing is to know how to make tackles correctly and beautifully. Tighten the pant leg twice by about three centimeters, and then gently pull them towards you. This method of creating cuffs is used for almost all models of wide jeans, except flared. Short wide jeans are perfect for ladies with a slim perfect figure. If you shorten the length of wide models of jeans, then visually add volume to the female thighs. But elongated models of wide jeans should be chosen two centimeters longer, then these pants will look gorgeous with shoes with heels or wedges.

Trendy colors and shades of wide women's jeans

Modern fashion dictates its own rules and today, in addition to the classic shades of wide women's jeans, jeans of bright or, on the contrary, soothing pastel colors look stylish and attractive. Classic shades include dark denim, indigo and light blue. These shades will always remain in trend.But, as mentioned above, fashion does not stand still, which is why today non-standard color options for wide jeans are very popular. Here it is necessary to highlight such colors as ash gray, yellow and dark green. But the color of ivory or white are signs of refinement and femininity. If you need to visually make a slimmer figure, choose wide jeans on cuffs of black color.

What can I wear with wide jeans?

To create a beautiful and attractive image with wide jeans it is necessary to observe several conditions. To emphasize the beauty of the figure and to focus on jeans, choose the top, fitting the figure. A narrow dress shirt is a great fit for wide flared jeans. Such a bow is well suited as a daily or office option. Another tip when creating an image: the emphasis should be on jeans, so choose the top simple, and accessories and other things should act only as a supplement. Simple t-shirts and classic shirts will do an amazing job. A wide jeans with elastic without zippers and zippers perfectly complement a simple T-shirt or T-shirt.

Shoes with wide jeans

Stylists advise wide jeans to select simple versions of shoes. For example, moccasins, sports slippers, sandals or ballet flats. For cool weather, shoes with lacing are perfect. A beautiful platform shoes in combination with wide long jeans will visually lengthen the legs and overall growth.

Today, a variety of models and colors of wide jeans allows every woman to create an irresistible and unique image. Wide jeans - part of women's clothing, which must be in the wardrobe of each.


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