1. Fashion trends
  2. Straight cut jeans
  3. Stylish flare jeans
  4. Boyfriend jeans
  5. Popular high waisted jeans
  6. Unusual ripped jeans
  7. The best combinations of jeans models

In the wardrobe of every girl there is such a universal thing as jeans. It is because of their practicality, they do not lose popularity. And this year, the designers decided to focus on the comfort and practicality of jeans for girls. It burns that in a number of models it will be difficult to meet unusual models and bright prints. Today in the trend restrained styles, allowing you to create a variety of outfits. Next, we present the most fashionable jeans models of 2019 to the attention of fashionistas.

Fashion trends of women's jeans

It’s not at all difficult for girls to choose suitable jeans for themselves, especially if a woman of fashion takes into account the peculiarities of her figure and adheres to the main fashion trends.This year, fashion couturiers are advised to pay attention to the classic blue color. Jeans should be straight cut, look restrained and strict. This option is very appropriate for modest girls who do not like experimenting with images.

Special attention should be paid to jeans in white. They are refined for spring-summer looks. White models are harmoniously combined with many things, which gives them even greater popularity.

No less fashionable shades are: blue, caramel and black. But such jeans are harder to combine.

Stylish jeans with slots are gaining popularity again.

Girls do not cease to please the styles with embroidery, fringe and other decorative elements. This year it is very important that there are not too many additional elements. All the girls are pleased with the news that this year focuses on several cutting options at once. This simplifies the selection of jeans for girls with different types of figure.

Straight cut jeans

The real hit of this year is, of course, trendy classic jeans. They are well suited to any type of figure, are considered versatile and very comfortable, which is important when choosing this type of clothing. With regards to the characteristic features of jeans straight cut, it is worth emphasizing the options with high or medium fit and small worn areas. According to the stylists, the best way to do the bottom small turns. Because of this, they look versatile and perfectly combined with various types of shoes. Very unusual look straight jeans, made in classic style. They make smooth arrows on them to give a severity, while on jeans there should be no additional decor.

Stylish jeans - flared

Everyone has become accustomed to the fact that fashion always comes back from past years, but at the same time stylish details are added to retro things. Also, flared jeans have previously enjoyed great popularity. And here they are back to the top of the fashion Olympus. The only thing that has changed in them is the landing. Now she is tall. These jeans often have a standard blue color. The flare itself can originate from the hip or from the knee. With this detail you can successfully make global adjustments to your figure.

Boyfriend jeans

From this stylish style crazy most fashionistas. They still consistently remain in trend this year. But only the designers decided to make some adjustments to this type of jeans. It is advised to choose a higher fit, which successfully emphasizes the female waist. The most suitable length of legs 7/8 fits both high and low women of fashion. Such a style can be free or narrowed, it depends only on the desire of girls. The color solution of boyfriends is very diverse: the most important thing is to choose blue jeans and all its shades. It is possible the presence of scuffs and decor. The main thing is that for the everyday version of jeans an additional element does not become too much.

Popular high waisted jeans

Stylish and elegant jeans with a high fit most like slender girls. And this is obvious, because such styles fit snugly to the figure and highlight all the bends, making a bright emphasis on a thin waist. Due to this, the figure looks much more attractive. This variant of jeans has a wide range of colors, starting with the classic blue tone, ending with white, green, black and red.

Unusual ripped jeans

The models with cuts and scuffs have returned to the ranks of the most relevant and fashionable jeans styles. Variants with a fairly moderate amount of decor are great for all girls. Too ragged styles are very fond of girls who prefer to create extraordinary and coarse images. Each of the variants of ripped jeans is attractive and sophisticated. Basically, these jeans are made of light material, as they are worn in the warm season. If desired, you can build a small turnouts bottom of the jeans in order to make a more pronounced emphasis.In itself, this is a very catchy and bright style of jeans, so it is best to combine them with plain and simple clothes, such as T-shirts, sweaters or T-shirts.

The best options for a combination of trendy jeans

As already mentioned, jeans - this is a practical and versatile version of female bow. Therefore, they are easily combined with almost any element of the female wardrobe. For example, with a sophisticated combination of a blouse with shoes, a very romantic and slightly strict appearance is created. Here, a lot depends on the style of the blouse. When combining jeans with cardigans, T-shirts, denim jackets or T-shirts, you can create an excellent casual bow. With regards to shoes, you can choose different shoes, ballet flats, sneakers, sneakers and other types of shoes that fashionistas like. In winter, jeans become even more popular than during the warmer seasons. They are combined with sheepskin coats, down jackets, parks or sports jackets.

Regardless of the preferred style, jeans are the basic subject of any girl's wardrobe. On such a stylish and harmonious basis, you can easily create many luxurious and practical images.


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