Charoite is a unique gem whose structure and properties are most similar to jade. It should be noted that in nature it is almost impossible to meet a large stone, usually charoite is presented in the form of chaotic plexuses and small intergrowths consisting of bent fibers. Thanks to this feature, polished stone has an attractive appearance and original form.

The chemical composition includes strontium and aluminum, sodium and barium, as well as silicon. Charoite has a purple or lavender shade, which it provides manganese impurities. You can also find the mineral brown. At the same time, the mineral has a high price, as it is rarely found and is practically never used in jewelry.

As for the mineral deposit, it is considered to be native Russian, since its extraction is carried out in one place - the valley of the Chara River (Yakutia and the Irkutsk Region).It is not difficult to guess that the name of the stone came from the river, where it was discovered, however, there is another version, according to which the name of the mineral came from the word “enchant”. Such an option has the right to life, because a unique and attractive stone really can charm with its beauty.

The geologist Ditmar discovered the mineral for the first time back in 1948 and called it the kuminoton shale. After 20 years, the active mining of stone began, but nowhere else in the world it was discovered, which makes this mineral unique. It is worth noting that scientists still can not explain the nature of the origin of the stone, and one of the versions - charoite was formed as a result of metasomatic replacement of rocks.

Types and colors of the mineral

The stone has a wide color range and a different structure, so there is no strict division into groups. In general, charoite has more than one hundred varieties that can be combined according to the fiber pattern of the mineral. The alternative name is the lilac miracle of Siberia. In general, all the mined minerals can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Extra - stones used in jewelry. Usually they have clear patterns and bright luster without any extra blotches. It is a translucent mineral, so its light can be seen in the internal structure.
  • Grade 1 is an ornamental stone used to create jewelry.
  • Grade 2 is another mineral that belongs to ornamental stones, however, it has a weak luster and a dirty color, since inclusions make up about 15% of the total mass.
  • Grade 3 - facing charoite or charoitit, containing up to 30% of inclusions and used to create plates.

Where do they use charoite

This stone lends itself well to polishing, therefore, it is actively used by jewelers to create expensive products. Usually rings are encrusted with it, and also beads and bracelets are created. Since mining is carried out in limited quantities, charoite enjoys weak popularity, however, it becomes more rare, and, accordingly, its price increases.

The stone has high strength, high decorative qualities and is easy to process. Also the dignity of the stone is that its purple color is suitable for all people, regardless of the color of their skin or eyes. The stone is also used to create statues, vases and other decorative interior items. Sometimes charoite is used to create a mosaic, using stones of all shades.

The healing properties of the mineral

Due to the wide color palette, the stone has a number of healing properties. For example, a lilac stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, brings peace, a sense of coziness and comfort into the life of its owner. In order to feel the peace you just have to look at this amazing purple stone.

If you constantly carry the mineral with you, it serves as a reliable talisman and talisman that protects the human body from stress and surge. Also, the constant wearing of the stone stabilizes the liver and kidneys, heart muscle and pancreas, improves memory and protects against radiation (computer, telephone and other equipment).

At the same time, the mineral is used in the presence of chronic diseases, as it normalizes blood pressure, the work of the genitourinary system. If stones are formed in the kidneys, it is enough to apply charoite to the diseased part of the body so that they break up and leave the body. The stone is also useful for those who have bone diseases or fractures, back problems or its violation.

Traditional medicine is widely used mineral to combat headaches, and the stone improves brain function and heals from tremors. The type of jewelry is chosen based on the problems of the body, the throat is a chain, the head is earrings, etc. If a person has a mental illness, it is recommended to wear a pendant or a bracelet made of charoite that heals a mental disorder. Also, the stone normalizes the work of internal organs, stops the inflammatory processes.However, the stone can also have a negative impact, since there are radioactive impurities in its composition, therefore it is not recommended to wear the mineral all the time.

The magical properties of the stone

As for the mystical abilities of charoite, this sphere has not yet been fully explored, since this stone appeared relatively recently. It is believed that charoite is a stone of spirituality, wisdom and harmony, since even the philosopher's stone from films has the same purple color. The mineral can be used as a charm, protecting the soul and energy of the owner from the evil eye and detractors.

The stone is of particular importance for the nervous system, as it stabilizes its work, makes a person more restrained and restrained, calm and reasonable. The stone also develops intuition, makes its owner more wise and meaningful in society. At the same time, the mineral will bring harmony in love and comfort in the house. Charoite is a stone of intelligent and creative people, as it helps to concentrate on the achievement of goals.

Who suits charoit on the sign of the zodiac

As you know, charoite is under the auspices of Venus, so astrologers claim that it is best combined with the sign of the zodiac Libra. The creative personality of the stone will help to find spiritual harmony, will become a reliable talisman and talisman. Also, the stone is useful to kind and sincere people. Ideal stone for Gemini and Rakov, because it will give joy, comfort and convenience in the house of their masters. As for the rest of the signs, there is no prohibition or contraindication, however, to be carried away by the stone and wearing it constantly is not desirable.


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