1. How to make a golden french?
  2. Black and gold jacket
  3. White french with gold
  4. Red and gold jacket
  5. Stylish French with gold design

French manicure became fashionable for a long time. It is for this reason that many girls consider it too simple and banal. In fact, annually there are fashionable novelties, with the help of which you can present a classic design in a new way. In 2019 you should pay attention to french in gold color.

How to make a golden french?

First of all, girls are wondering how exactly to make this or that design. In the case of a jacket in gold color, everything is quite simple. But a lot depends on whether you do a manicure yourself or in the salon.

We recommend lovers of home manicure to buy metallic lacquer. Then on the entire surface of the nail plate should be applied neutral tint. It can be pink or beige. After drying, the tips of the nails must be covered with golden lacquer.The result is a stylish, fashionable manicure in just a few minutes.

Those who like a more pronounced, active shine should get glitter or glitter. First, apply the main color on the nails. Then with the help of a brush or dots you can transfer the sparkles to the tips of the nails. Remember that in this case it is important to use a top coat. Since it will prevent flaking of sparkles and securely fix the design.

To simplify the task of creating such a design, you can use special stickers. They already have the form of a jacket. Therefore, the only thing that needs to be done is to transfer them from paper to nail plate and, if necessary, trim. In general, this design looks quite attractive. In addition, the process of registration of nails will take quite a bit of time. And this agree weighty advantage in the conditions of the modern pace of life.

It should be noted such a way to create a gold jacket, like foil. This decor allows to achieve a uniform, spectacular coating on the nails. If you wish, you can experiment with it. That is, to make the coating not only smooth, but torn. It looks incredibly beautiful and generally visually transforms the familiar design.

Black and gold jacket

Perhaps one of the most popular color combinations is the black and gold jacket. And it doesn’t matter how many shades will be used. Quite often, the black color is the base, while the golden hue is used to decorate the smile line. Due to such an obvious contrast, manicure turns out to be saturated, moderately bright. Most often it is chosen for various holidays.

Also, black and gold color can be applied to the smile line. That is, black color acts as a base. A golden lacquer or decor is an accent throughout the design. Such a manicure emphasizes the elegance of the image, so it is done quite often.

White french with gold

No less popular is the combination of white and gold. Manicure with their use is often more modest. It is perfect for gentle and romantic natures.

In addition, this design is particularly popular in the summer season. The fact is that it goes well with many images and is an ideal option for a vacation.

Often this option is chosen by the bride for the wedding. On this day, every girl wants everything to go perfectly. Therefore, all the details of the image are thought out literally to the last detail.

The main thing in this case is white. In turn, the golden color is used only as an accent. This may be a small picture, a sprinkle of spangles or a full cover of a marigold on a ring finger. In each of the options, the manicure turns out to be festive, but at the same time restrained and concise.

Red and gold jacket

A stylish, daring jacket in red and gold color is chosen by far not all girls. The fact is that such a manicure is especially bright and always attracts attention. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right combination of shades in order not to make it vulgar.

This option is often chosen to celebrate the New Year, birthday and other important events. All because he is quite active and looks great as an accent in the image.

Stylish French with gold design

As mentioned above, the amount of gold in the design can be completely different. The thing is, what effect you want to get.

Lovers of not too active designs should look at the lace design. It assumes the presence of thin ornate lines in a small amount. Due to this, the manicure looks fresh and very original. If desired, it can be supplemented with a small amount of rhinestones.

French manicure is often combined with a geometric design. In this case, the main mainly black. Directly drawing can also be performed in this shade. Golden color is often used only as an accent on the nails, where the design is applied.Thanks to this combination, the manicure is discreet, but at the same time bright.

Other options are acceptable, so do not be afraid to try something new. For example, in the style of minimalism, white is more often used. Due to this, the design as a whole is neutral and concise.

As is known, the classic jacket is often combined with a floral print. In this case, it is also relevant. Delicate buds or large flowers will only complement the design and make it even more attractive. And it doesn’t matter at all whether it will be drawn by hand or applied using stickers or slider design.

One of the most tender and romantic is considered a pattern in the form of butterflies. They look incredibly beautiful with a jacket in gold color. Also, increasingly, girls prefer to complement the manicure with a pattern in the form of animals or an animal print. In this case, it is really a harmonious combination.

French manicure in gold color is a great alternative to the classics. Thanks to the various patterns and additional decor, any manicure will look stylish and modern. Be inspired by the ideas in the collection of photos and boldly implement them.


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