What trends in 2019 will be the most relevant? Pastel colors or floral print? What are the fashionable styles of dresses? What do you think about the trend of men's shirts in motley pattern? Check out the fashionable bows 2019.

Women's clothing and shoes from L’Autre Chose - the star selection of many seasons

Timelessness, high quality and feminine style are the hallmarks of fashion 2019, which is fully consistent with the refined Italian brand L’Autre Chose. You will appreciate the design collections of clothes and shoes, which allows you to create an elegant and relevant image. Delicate silk in clothes, genuine leather in bags and shoes will become your indispensable companion in the warm season. Let yourself look decent in every life situation.

Fashionable women's overalls

The design, signed by world famous brands, is distinguished by an extremely thoughtful cut and attention to decoration.This makes the actual stylish overalls in black color, of course, more than one season, elegantly accompanying you in a variety of situations. In models from the collection with thin straps, V-neck and wide legs, you can see the characteristic combination of Italian quality with an elegant French style. Prefer versatile clothing for work and party? Choose the 2019 black jumpsuit from 100% silk.

Asymmetrical dresses with a geometric, floral pattern and ethno

This season welcomes expressive models. The trends of the summer of 2019 encourage to be expressive and bright. Patterned dress is required in this season. If you are bold enough, you can combine several prints in one stylization. See photos from the catwalks and get inspired. A chic silk dress in multicolored colors will definitely appeal to you, emphasizing a wonderful sense of style.

Summer 2019 Trends - juicy costumes

Suits filled the modern women's wardrobe a few seasons ago, but in 2019 sets of juicy fruit flowers will delight. Yellow, fuchsia, plum and possibly emerald green. Which one will you choose for yourself? When you wear a bright suit, you will surely attract outsiders. This costume can be worn on a naked body or on a simple top and blouse.

If you want to look more impressive, you can rely on stylish accessories, for example, velor clutch bags with fringe and zipper, which can be selected in different colors. Air tassels and delicate feathers - this is what designers especially love this season. And no wonder! Accessories, trimmed with fringe or ostrich feathers, add a unique charm and uniqueness along.

7/8 long jeans

This design jeans delighted designers a few seasons ago, and since then does not want to go to the podium. In the summer, fashionistas say goodbye to classic dark blue denim and prefer light blue jeans with high waists, decorative arrows, scuffs or cuts, which give the model a special extravagance.

Silk blouses with a free cut

Beige is a classic, similar to black, white or gray, but until 2019 it was not given much attention. Fashion this year will belong to him. Beige coats, dresses, pants, suits, blouses or skirts in the current season are the kings of the streets. Particular attention should be paid to the free blouses with inscriptions and patterns on a beige background. Such clothes can be combined in brown, black, terracotta, white, that is, plain trousers and skirts. Wonderful office option.

Brilliant yield: metallic shorts

Metallic remains relevant for several seasons in a row. For example, gold women's shorts will be the highlight of this summer. They will make the image more interesting and rich, especially for hot summer parties. Brilliant material will be harmoniously combined with a calm monophonic top, and stiletto sandals will give the style a final glamor effect.

Fashion trends 2019 for men

In recent years, it was easy to see a certain mood of collections for the old days, which was reflected in the proposals of subsequent fashion houses and clothing manufacturers. Consumers liked references to classic elegance and trends a few decades ago.


Recent trends will appeal to lovers of spacious trousers, as well as more fitting styles. The fashion world cannot decide on only one of these decisions, which is, after all, good for every man. Among the wide trousers, which many consider to be the hit of this year, special attention should be paid to fitted models. Depending on personal preferences, trousers may have a free cut of legs that fall on shoes, or be narrow and shortened. To the delight of many men, the narrow fashion of trousers is no longer as tight as a few seasons ago. This year, among the latest proposals will be a model with a cut.You will have a choice of pants in a wide range of colors and designs that are very popular with modern dandies.

Jackets and suits: for lovers of classic and modern

Variety is also a feature of the latest designs of jackets and suits. There is no doubt that retro fashion has long conquered the world. But in the case of costumes, this is especially true. The classic and extremely elegant cut, as if taken from the past, is the embodiment of many men's dreams. Jackets with wide lapels, trousers with two arrows and decorative trim will become very fashionable again. Of course, in a slightly updated edition, adapted to the personal needs of users.

However, this year all borrowing from sportswear will be celebrated in triumph. Oversized jackets and rounded sleeves with a strong accent, as well as the absence of large restrictions on the colors and patterns used. These are the most common features of men's jackets and suits this season.

Shirts that fit our time

Classic shirts this year also undergo metamorphosis and are complemented by many interesting elements that give them originality. Therefore, attractive applications and bold patterns appear on them. Many models of shirts in 2019 are made from a combination of different materials, have large-scale cuts, and are also complemented by interesting elongated sleeves.

Women's and men's fashion every year is filled with new ideas in terms of design and colors. However, the classics and elegance remain relevant always. Choose products from expensive and noble fabrics, proven brands that are famous for their perfect cut and precision details.


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