The most expensive stone from the quartz family is amethyst. It is believed that one of the main properties of the breed - protection from intoxication. A beautiful legend is connected with this, in which the god of wine and fun Dionysus fell in love with the beautiful nymph Ametis. But the beauty was impregnable. Then the goddess Artemis turned her into a magical beauty of stone and gave him the name Amethyst, which was supposed to mean "not drunk." The stone was supposed to save the Ancient Greeks from intoxication.

Stone features

Stone belongs to silica. It consists of quartz and impurities of iron, manganese, cobalt. Amethyst grows in rocks on an opaque gray substrate. It looks more like a cluster of translucent crystals. The form of crystals is rhombic elongated.

Among the decorative properties of the stone to a greater extent attracts its unusual purple hue. You can find very pale varieties or saturated almost black crystals.The depth of color and shine can best be seen in daylight.

Experts explain the origin of the stone of this color in different ways. Perhaps the purple color depends on the saturation in the composition of the impurities of cobalt, manganese and iron. Other scientists believe that amethyst contains a lot of organic dye pigments. The third theory is the violation of the crystal lattice and the presence of iron ions.

Unfortunately, the sunny color with time makes the gem more pale - the stone just burns out. During the first 25 years of its existence, the stone loses 20% of the color intensity. If the mineral is heated to 200 degrees, it begins to change shades from yellow and green to completely transparent. After cooling, the color is restored.

The hardness of the stone is estimated at 7 units on the Mohs table, and the density is 2.6 grams per cubic centimeter. Amethyst mines are located:

  • In South America;
  • in Africa;
  • in Asia;
  • in Brazil;
  • in Russia (Ural).

Amethyst for the treatment and prevention of disease

Specialists of treatment with the help of minerals are called lithotherapists. They are convinced that amethyst is able to increase the production of certain hormones through the normalization of the endocrine glands and the entire system. You can also count on strengthening the nervous system. With the help of this stone it is possible to fill the blood with oxygen more abundantly. Also, people will experience improvements in the work of the stomach and intestines. It may be recommended to wear jewelry with amethyst cores and people with various skin reactions. Massage movements on the skin with the help of large smooth crystals can improve its quality, smooth out large wrinkles and improve nutrition, which will entail an improvement in the complexion.

To clean the body, you need to drink water infused with amethyst. This drug effectively cleans the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, and also allows you to quickly cope with a cold. Also, the stone is actively struggling with swelling and bruising. In addition, amethyst helps with various diseases of the joints.

Some lithotherapists recommend to acquire amethyst for those who have hearing problems. It will help to cope with insomnia and headaches of various origins. For migraines, it is enough to take large crystals, heat them and attach them to the temples and forehead. Amethyst under the pillow will help you sleep soundly and without nightmares.

The stone on the body in the form of decoration reduces stress and helps in the treatment of paranoid states and schizophrenia. It will suit even those who regularly experience stress.

It is important that the legendary property of amethyst helps to overcome such serious ills as drinking and addiction. For greater effect, the stone should have contact with the patient's skin. It is better to choose silverware with large amethysts. It is believed that the stone is able to absorb alcohol vapors, saving the owner from intoxication. It is also believed that the stones in the cup are able to partially neutralize the poison in the drink.

Mineral magically affects excess weight. He helps people who want to lose weight, get rid of fat reserves. The process is faster and easier.

The magical properties of amethyst

Amethyst is able to demonstrate magical properties. He is the personification of the concepts of spiritual purity and innocence, as well as devotion to ideals. The stone drives away bad thoughts and normalizes sleep. If the owner of the stone has no evil intentions, then amethyst will bring him health, happiness, will save from the evil eye and the influence of conspiracies.

Mineral helps to relax both morally and physically. He protects from conflict situations and evil thoughts. If during a quarrel, the stone was near or worn on the body, then after the conflict it should be washed with warm water.

The specific violet shade allows to impart properties of the "third eye" to amethyst. Its owner will be able to discover new facets of his mind and become more shrewd. From the environment of a person wearing an amethyst on his body, insincere and evil people magically disappear. Also the stone keeps youth and beauty.

For family people, amethyst has ambiguous meaning. If a gift with amethyst was presented by one spouse to another, then love and feelings will reign in the family. But if a stone was presented by a stranger who counts on the reciprocity of one of the spouses to him, then this gift can bring discord to the family and even become the hidden reason for the divorce.

Among the magical properties of the stone:

  • help in the field of love;
  • in revealing talents;
  • in the expansion of creative abilities;
  • absorption of the negative;
  • deliverance from sorrow;
  • in reconciliation with enemies;
  • brings peace and tranquility to the house;
  • develops intellectual abilities;
  • gives courage;
  • gives success in business and career growth.

Value for signs of the zodiac

Mineral belongs to the elements of Air. It is associated with the planets Saturn and Neptune. Amethyst actively helps Aries and Lions. They are easier to find a way out and difficult situations and make the right decisions. The stone effectively soothes the explosive temperament of these signs. For this it is better to choose purple crystals of dark shades.

Pink amethyst is suitable for Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn. They need to carefully monitor the work of the heart and the stone will help them in this. Also amethyst will assist in love affairs.

Rare black amethyst - the Black King - will suit Virgos and Scorpios. He will give them harmony and peace. The stone will also help to subdue the egoism inherent in these signs. Virgos and Scorpios can learn more about their inner world.

Lilac Amethyst is the best choice for Crayfish and Pisces. They will be fortunate in the affairs and development of partnerships. Representatives of these signs will not be so keenly aware of anger and malice, it will be easier to endure envy.

Only Taurus is recommended to avoid contact with amethyst. But for Aquarius, Virgins, Sagittarius, Capricorns and Pisces the stone should be the main in the collection. Especially if in their date of birth there are numbers 3, 12, 21 and 30.


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