1. Fashion trends
  2. Gradient with rhinestones and glitter
  3. Angle gradient
  4. Gradient summer manicure
  5. Winter gradient
  6. Gradient manicure with patterns
  7. French ombre
  8. Chrome gradient

All the same trend in the implementation of a gradient manicure. Such a manicure is performed with a gradual gradation of tone from one color to another. For many, this design is already considered outdated, but, despite this, it will be on the list of the most trending for several years. This is due to the fact that every year the masters of nail art make any improvements in the design of manicure. Gradient manicure is subtlely combined with evening and everyday bows. This design can be done with metallic lacquer or combined with techniques such as french, moon manicure. The use of décor in the form of rhinestones, pebbles, glitters or patterns is not excluded.

Fashion trends gradient manicure

When performing a gradient manicure, you can successfully play with color solutions, simulating sharp and smooth color transitions. To make the design of marigold more interesting, the nail art masters suggest performing manicures not only in a classical manner, but also using patterns, abstract drawings and floral motifs. When performing a vertical transition, try to use as many colors as possible to make the nails bright and stylish. If you want a moderate design, then it is best to use classic nude shades. This solution can be supplemented with a gentle smile of French manicure.

Gradient manicure using rhinestones and glitter

The amazing and unsurpassed gradient effect can be accomplished with glitter glitter. When searching for a special manicure design for a special occasion, stylists suggest paying attention to the gradient with the addition of glitter or rhinestones. The brightness and additional brilliance of the decor will be an elegant highlight of not only the nail art, but also the overall image. The most important rule of such a manicure is that everything should be moderate. Glitter and rhinestones should not be too much. The decor can be decorated with a few marigolds or complete all. Gradient manicure with glitter is performed using the ombre technique, which stretches the glitter on the nail. The biggest plus of such nail art is that it takes a minimum of time to complete it, and the final result is divine. This manicure is perfect for everyday looks and solemn outlets.

Design of the nails in the form of an angular gradient

New interesting ideas do not make women wait long. More recently, the most popular designs for marigolds have become a gradient manicure from the center of the nail and a smooth corner transition. The main feature of the angular gradient is that the lacquer stretching is performed diagonally, and the design from the center of the nail is done on a white base. On this background, you can make a transition of saturated color from the center of the nail until the end. Both options are a sophisticated solution for stylish nail art. This unusual design is very fond of many girls due to the harmony and elegance of design.

Gradient manicure for summer

When performing a stylish gradient manicure it is impossible not to take into account the time of year. After all, the season is very influenced by a suitable shade for a manicure. For spring and summer there are no restrictions at all. Here you can use the entire bright color palette. Do not be afraid of combining catchy tones. Most importantly, they are successfully combined with common images. Yellow, pink, crimson, lilac, blue, turquoise and other bright summer colors are at the disposal of fashionistas. Such nail art will become a real highlight in an attractive summer bow.

Gradient in the cold season

For cold seasons, it is best to drastically change the color palette of the gradient manicure. Attention should be paid to combinations of violet, green, black, wine or blue hues. Also does not lose relevance and universal beige tones. Gradient manicure will give the girl rigor, charm and grace.

Gradient manicure with patterns

As an additional decor, you can use different elements, but the most appropriate are considered drawings and patterns. Luxurious patterns on a glossy or matte basis will make nails more elegant, elegant and attractive. If desired, you can decorate each nail with drawings. But if you do not want to overload the gradient design, then it is enough to decorate one or two nails. Feel free to perform curls, flowers, twigs, birds and any other drawings. All ideas will look amazing if they successfully complement the bows of the girl.

Gradient manicure in a tandem with a jacket

Restrained French manicure can be varied with a gradient base. To perform such a design can be in different shades.If you want a more restrained and modest effect, follow the monotonous base of a soft pink hue, and the french’s smile itself should be applied in the form of a gentle gradient transition. The gradient with a jacket can be supplemented and diversified with the help of drawings, curls or shiny stones and rhinestones.

Chrome gradient

Trendy chrome, mirror or metal manicure will look different, if it is done in the style of a gradient. With this manicure, you can focus on one or more of the marigolds, covering them with a mirror rub. Such a design will definitely be in the very center of attention, and women's hands will acquire charm, grace and sophistication.

Gradient manicure is a sophisticated and elegant solution for a stylish and fashionable look.

This nail art is perfectly combined with both summer and winter images. With regards to color solutions, here you can fully rely on your personal preferences, because for the gradient there are no obstacles. Before such a design is very difficult to resist, which is why it is so popular and in demand. Feel free to experiment by adding rhinestones, stickers, patterns or elements of negative space and stay in trend.


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