1. Evening hairstyles for cars
  2. Retro styling
  3. Evening hairstyle ship
  4. Brigitte Bardot Style
  5. Light evening hairstyles
  6. Hollywood waves
  7. Fast evening hairstyles
  8. Tail on the side
  9. Exquisite beam
  10. Avant-garde styling

At the sight of a charming girl, first of all, attention falls on her appearance, and especially on her hair. That's why girls pay so much attention to their styling. Undoubtedly, the most common length of hair in recent times is the average length, because it is universal. Hair can be laid in a beautiful hairstyle or just dissolve. At such a length there are a large variety of cute and elegant hairstyles. For special celebrations it is necessary to choose a suitable styling that will successfully emphasize the style of the girl. Evening hairstyles must necessarily attract their appearance, be neat, feminine and worthy.

Evening hairstyles for a bob haircut

Recently, hairstyle bob is incredibly gaining popularity among the female population. Therefore, stylists are new and very elegant hairstyles, suitable for this haircut. Despite the fact that the haircut itself is very elegant, for a festive celebration it is still necessary to perform an evening hairstyle. The most fashionable hairstyle trends in 2019 for a bob haircut are as follows:

  • Curly hair from nature looks very gentle and attractive. It is enough just to lay the curls slightly and fix with varnish or foam and the fashionable hairstyle is ready.
  • This year is very fashionable weaving braids. Despite the fact that the hair is not long, braids will look very elegant and amazing. Fashionistas come up with a variety of hairstyles with the use of braids, which perfectly complement the evening images.
  • Does not go out of fashion and bouffant or lifting hair. This version of the evening styling will help to give extra volume to the haircut. This styling is most suitable for rare hair. Strands can be combed in front, in case there are no bangs. If there is a bang, then the bouffant is performed from the roots in the middle of the hair, or all the hair is sent back, performing excellent styling.

Retro styling for medium hair

Retro hairstyle is classic. This styling can be easily performed independently, for this you need to use foam, hair spray, comb and certain skills. Such styling will be appropriate for any evening look. This year is very fashionable smooth, luxurious waves and voluminous bouffant. On medium hair, this hairstyle looks quite modest, flirty and feminine. In particular, it is recommended to use this style for girls with a thin hair structure, because it will help to get additional hair volume and fluffiness. At will, the hairstyle can be varied with hairpins or bright ribbons.

Evening hairstyle craft for medium hair

This version of the evening hairstyle is quite simple to perform, so it can easily be done independently at home. To do this, you will need invisible hairpins, hairpins, hair ties, hair curlers or curlers, as well as hairspray. This hairstyle looks very good with a luxurious dress in the floor. Hairstyle ship runs on the back of the head and completely captures all the hair.

Evening hairstyle in the style of Brigitte Bardot

This hairstyle is quite simple to perform, but at the same time it looks very dignified and irresistible. She also adds charm and modesty to the image. After completing this hairstyle for medium hair for an evening out, any girl will be in the spotlight. Laying in the style of Brigitte Bardot will look good with a cute cocktail dress, with a magnificent outfit on the floor, and with a business suit. If desired, the hair can be decorated with a hairpin or rim. The styling is well suited for absolutely any hair structure, and will look charming and elegant.

Light evening hairstyles for medium hair length

Every girl for her evening look wants to make a beautiful, but at the same time light hairstyle. For medium hair there are a large number of such hairstyles. And all of them, of course, appropriate for evening images.

Evening styling Hollywood waves on medium hair

If it is very difficult to decide on an evening hairstyle, then a sophisticated Hollywood curls will be a delightful option. This style can give the image charm, modesty and lightness. When performing styling curved curls can be done from the roots themselves or from the middle of the hair. The remaining hair can be left flowing. So the hairstyle will get a more solemn look. If loose hair is braided in a bun, then the hairstyle will be more strict, but unusual.

Fast evening hairstyles for medium hair length

If you do not have time to visit a hairdresser when gathering for an important event, then quick and original hairstyles are an excellent option. With their help, you can save time, and at the same time look irresistible and dignified.

Evening haircut option for medium hair "Tail on the side"

This hairstyle is very fast and easy, but it looks quite solemn. Run tail on its side can be completely on any hair structure. On the curly hair hairstyle will look even more luxurious. If the hair is smooth, then at will it can be added to the volume with the help of curling. Decorated hairstyle should be decorated with a ribbon or barrette.

Evening hairstyle bun on medium hair

Some believe that the bundle is not appropriate for medium hair length, and it is in vain. It is not necessary to perform the hair on the top of the head. It will look no worse, sitting on the back of his head. This hairstyle is very simple and quick to perform. The bundle fits perfectly into the evening look. When performing the hair, you can leave a free curl and screw it with curling to give the hair style playfulness and ease.

Evening hairstyles in the style of avant-garde on medium hair

Hairstyles in avant-garde style - this is primarily a masterpiece. This hairstyle is very rare to meet on the street. It is not suitable for daily use. It is most often used for solemn evening exits. The most important trends in avant-garde hairstyles this year:

  • Unusual - the more unusual hair looks, the better. In the Iroquois fashion, the use of frames and other elements when performing hairstyles in this style.
  • Coloring in bright colors - if you want to give your hair a challenging and extravagant appearance, then paint them with a tonic, paint or special crayons in a bright tone. You can apply several desired colors.
  • Tousled - this year in the fashion of careless and sloppy hairstyles, which at first glance look like a shock.

There are many varieties of evening hairstyles for medium hair length, so feel free to experiment with evening looks and stay in the spotlight.


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