1. Classic style
  2. Wide style
  3. Low Waist Jeans
  4. Men's Skinny Jeans
  5. Jeans pants
  6. Faded jeans
  7. How to choose the right style of jeans?

Almost all men, even from a young age, have an irreplaceable thing in their wardrobe - jeans. After all, they are an excellent clothing option that serves to create an image for all occasions. Modern stylists each year offer many design ideas for men. There are several styles of sewing jeans: classic, skinny and wide cut, jeans with cuffs, rvanki. Thus, every man can choose for himself the necessary variant of jeans, which will not only be in harmony with the outerwear, but also hide all the flaws of the figure. In this article, we propose to discuss all styles of jeans to make it easier for men to decide on the choice of trousers for their image.

Classic style men's jeans

In modern fashion, classic jeans do not lose their popularity. The main change was the colors of the pants. The usual for all black materials have been replaced by rich blue colors. Therefore, men who have previously preferred black jeans can forget about the boring dark style and try to diversify their classic look with rich color. This version of jeans perfectly matches the style of casual.

Now perfectly ironed shirts perfectly combined with straight blue trousers. As for the color scale of the shirts, then a pastel or light beige tone is ideal. Brown belts, sand or brown moccasins with laces should be used as a supplement to the men's classic look.

Modern designers offer very comfortable jeans styles that are devoid of patterns, various decors and prints. At this time, fashionable steel straight jeans, suitable for any style of clothing. Pants in a classic style look perfect with sports-style T-shirts, as well as shoes, combined with the color gamut of a leather belt. Well, and those men who have a lifelong image of a cowboy should pay attention to blue jeans, in addition to which a burgundy shirt and shoes of brown shade are perfect.

Wide jeans style

This option of trousers is universal, as it is ideal for any man. The most important feature of wide jeans is that this style of clothing is able to shed a man for several years. That is, it makes it possible to look a little younger. Modern designers love this style of jeans due to the fact that here you can use a lot of interesting combination with other clothes. Wide jeans are primarily considered very comfortable, as they do not hold down the body of a man in any movement. This cut of trousers is capable of hiding all the flaws of a man’s figure. Wide-sleeved jeans are ideal for those who have an athletic body build. Particularly fashionable and sporty pants will look, if there are patch pockets as a supplement.

Men's Low Waist Jeans

This version of the pants is not relevant when creating an office style of clothing. Trousers with low waist are ideal for outdoor recreation or a walk through the park. They are perfectly combined with sports-style T-shirts and look quite original if there are doorways in them. Wide or narrowed to the bottom jeans - is the choice of men, in which the most important thing to remember about the purpose of their mission. Jeans, with a low waist, sewn from cotton, ideally combined with a light jacket or jacket, thus creating the look of romance. Also, this type of trousers in addition with a shirt in the style of a classic and glasses will give a masculine look a certain mystery and originality.

Men's skinny jeans

Modern stylists have decided to just cram into fashion a skinny version of jeans for men. Moreover, every year such models become more and more. As a decor of such trousers are used:

  • unedged threads left during sewing;
  • special cuts imitating a torn hole;
  • suspender.

This option of trousers is perfectly combined with any kinds of outerwear. For example, dark blue jeans look great with a T-shirt and hat, and light-colored trousers are just perfect in harmony with white and black shirts. And it is worth remembering the main thing! If a man has a rather dense body build and low growth, then the skinny jeans should be discarded. This can spoil the appearance, highlighting all the flaws. Tight pants are perfect only for tall and slim guys. As for shoes, then you can use the classic version. It all depends on weather conditions.

Jeans - pants for men

Most men prefer to wear classic trousers made of denim in their wardrobe. After all, it is this version of the model that is ideal for a business image.Blue classic jeans with an arrow look great with shoes and a strict shirt. In this dress, you can hold any meetings and attend a business meeting.

Faded jeans for men

Again, at the peak of fashion became jeans with worn elements, blurred spots and tingling modulations. Fringe of threads and cuts enable young people to purchase several versions of jeans, made in different color shades. Basically, this style is used to create an image for walks and meetings with her beloved. Thus, a man tries to show himself as a young tomboy.

How to choose the right style of jeans?

The first is to take into account the figure. Men of short stature should pay tribute to classic green or blue trousers. Well, and representatives of a strong half of humanity with a physique of an athlete should choose a narrower or wider style of trousers in blue colors. Jeans must have a color and style that fits the age category of a man, and must comply with the social status.

Jeans - this is the thing that is not interchangeable in any wardrobe. Denim pants are the perfect assistant to create a fashionable image. After all, they are dressed not only the younger generation, but also people of old age.



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