Loft style - literally from English, the last word means "attic, top floor, attic". Indeed, this trend was created at a time when industrial buildings were used for residential and commercial premises. Today, loft repair successfully implemented in apartments, country and private homes. It is recognizable by the harmonious combination of factory and modern furnishings; it has a lot of free space and original decorative ideas.

Loft design - how to organize it

With this direction you can create both a neat and brutally careless interior. Loft style combines materials and furniture of various types, which harmoniously and stylishly look in the overall composition. What rules are used in it:

  1. The division of living space into two levels, the creation of a half-floor floor.
  2. The use of "industrial" facing materials: brick, concrete, metal, glass.
  3. The use of artificially aged or antique furniture in the interior (dressers with a patina, high bar stools, massive leather armchairs, etc.).
  4. The use of trend lighting in the lighting.
  5. Common shades loft apartments are cold tones (black, gray, white, metallic).
  6. Simplicity of furnishing - shelving instead of cabinets, open shelves and hangers, massive sofas and beds. For the manufacture of the bed can be used pallets.

Important stuff

Loft style in the interior different open and free layout. There are no walls in it - all space is zoned with the help of furniture or lighting equipment. If other designs have successfully used souvenirs, statues, decorative ornaments, this is not the case in the loft. It allows only unusual and original art objects.

In order to make a “raisin”, designers use: on the walls - paintings, posters or stickers; on the windows - maximum blinds (no curtains, curtains, curtains); on the floor - lint-free carpets (more often, without them). If in modern interiors, the owners hide engineering communications behind the lining or under the lining, then in the loft they are left specially open. Industry, techno, minimalism - the main concept of this style.


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