1. Basic shoe selection rules
  2. Footwear under the skin
  3. Skinny jeans and a selection of shoes
  4. Flared shoes
  5. Boyfriends and shoe options
  6. Shoes under classic jeans
  7. Capri pants and matching shoes
  8. Shoes for bananas
  9. Bloomers: the right selection of shoes
  10. Shoes under ripped jeans

Jeans are the perfect element of any wardrobe. This thing is considered versatile and comfortable to wear. The most important thing is to choose the right outerwear and shoes for them. Thereby transform your look. Some women are inclined to agree that jeans fit together with any type of shoe. But this is not at all the case. There are special rules that state that each style of trousers must fit a certain type of footwear.

Basic shoe selection rules

Modern stylists have developed a lot of styles of women's jeans: flared, skinny, classic, wide trousers and many others.This gives any fashionista a unique opportunity to hide her flaws in the figure, as well as emphasize the elegance of the waist and hips. The most important thing is the right approach to the choice of the style of jeans and shoes, which should ideally correspond to the chosen female style. When choosing shoes that should be combined with jeans, it is worth remembering a few basic rules:

  1. First, jeans can not be combined with varnish shoes.
  2. Secondly, simple sneakers are ideal for trousers of any style.
  3. And most importantly - jeans and shoes should be in harmony in color.

Skinny shoes in jeans

This style of trousers looks perfect on slim girls with elegant waists and long legs. Chubby ladies should better avoid purchasing such models, since this option is considered rather fitting and can highlight all the flaws. You can combine skinny with sneakers, high-heeled sandals, boots, which reach the knee height. Pretty tall girls can wear lightweight slip-ons or ballet flats in addition to skinny jeans. But high heel for tall beauties categorically contraindicated. Since the image will be spoiled and take an awkward look.

Slim fit jeans and shoe selection

Skinny pants can visually lengthen legs and give them slimness, especially if they are combined with shoes that have a high heel. From narrow trousers should be abandoned to girls who have wide hips, because it will ruin the whole image. Tapered jeans are often ankle-length. After all, longer pants can gather in a rather ugly harmonica that will spoil the elegance of beautiful legs. In a duet with skinny models sneakers and sneakers look perfect. This option is preferred by lovers of sports style. These jeans prefer to wear modern youth. Particularly harmonious look tight jeans with sneakers or shoes, reaching the height of the ankle. More confident ladies in the cold season prefer to complement the jeans of the narrowed style with the help of cowboy boots.

Shoes under jeans "Flare"

Flare came to our fashion back in the year 70, when the hippie style reigned. At that time it was fashionable and stylish to combine the flared with shoes on a flat platform. And now this fashion does not leave us. At this time, flared jeans modern stylists are completed with shoes or ballet shoes on a solid sole. Pants with torn edges should be worn in addition to sneakers or sneakers. Solid sneakers are perfect for this style of jeans. Although the thick heel on high sandals - not the exception and the rules of fashion.

Boyfriend pants and matching shoes

Men's jeans style is able to cover up all the shortcomings of the female figure. Boyfriends give the image of the girl some frivolous boyish style. At the present time it is very fashionable to decorate such a style of trousers with cuts and torn patches. In combination with boyfriends snickers and sneakers look perfect. Also, boats or ankle boots with a high heel are harmoniously in harmony with this type of trousers. But it is worth remembering that boyfriends should never be combined with shoes with varnish, crocodile skin or models of shoes made under the reptile.

How to choose shoes for straight classic jeans?

Classic trouser style is an ideal find in women's wardrobe. This is because these jeans can be combined with any kind of shoes. Classic gins - pretty universal style d, which is suitable for any occasion. Classic jeans are perfectly in harmony with loafers, moccasins, suede or leather shoes. In cold weather, these can be either ankle boots or high-heeled shoes. But this applies only to slender girls. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who have a rather curvaceous shape, should pay tribute to the average height of the heel. For example, open-toed shoes or ballet flats.Stylists offer several options for jeans straight cut with torn edges, in combination to which you can use shoes with wide heels and straps.

Capri jeans and matching shoes

Jeans with a rather shortened leg, not suitable for all girls. This is due to the fact that this style of pants visually shortens the growth. Therefore, "Capri" is recommended to wear in addition to high heels. There is a main rule: in the area of ​​the ankle there should be no straps or any other elements of the shoe decoration.

Shoes under the banana jeans

This is quite an original jeans performance, created for the younger generation. The curved style line looks quite original with sneakers, high-top sneakers, and lightweight sandals. This style of trousers perfectly harmonizes with heels as well. The image will become even more interesting if sandals with a high stud have a lot of rivets and straps. Fashionable women who prefer a more hooligan style should pay tribute to men's-style shoes.

Jeans in the style "trousers"

This version of the pants is considered oriental These pants are perfectly combined with sandals with an open heel and a high heel. In the cold season, especially original bloomers look with ankle heels.

Shoes under torn jeans

Sneakers, moccasins, sandals - this is the perfect solution to complement torn jeans. Wardrobe in the form of torn trousers and flip-flops is perfect for relaxing on vacation. It is quite convenient and practical. Especially since this style has no boundaries in fashion.


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