1. Combinations with high jeans
  2. What to wear boyfriends?
  3. Skinny bow options
  4. Combination ripped jeans
  5. Jeans with flared jeans

Currently, in the arsenal of any fashionable girl there are jeans. After all, this is a universal and practical clothing that fits for all occasions. This type of clothing is preferred by both quiet modest women and luxurious women of fashion. However, jeans are the most common and current clothes for women and girls of any age. It is important to be able to choose the right types of clothing that will be in harmony with denim trousers. We suggest once and for all deal with this problem. Next, we will demonstrate the popular types of jeans and the most current options for combining with them in the photo.

Top fit with high-waisted jeans

The overpriced style of jeans subtly emphasizes the shape and smoothness of female forms, and is also able to hide small flaws in the waist and buttocks.Jeans with high waists look great on the owners of the figure of the triangle and hourglass. For a perfect look with these jeans, look for loose-cut shirts made from cotton, bike or linen. A combination with a turtleneck, jacket, jacket or cardigan made of fine knit will look very beautiful.

To create a business image, choose the top calm and concise tones.

It is very fashionable to combine jeans with a high waist with a shirt of cream, soft peach or white, sweatshirts or sweaters. With regards to shoes, choose elegant shoes with heels or sandals. If you want to create a trendy casual image, pay attention to ballet flats or shoes with a flat sole. It is also necessary to decorate the outfit with flashy accessories - straps or suspenders. For slender girls, fashion designers offer lace tops to jeans.

What to wear popular boyfriend jeans?

Despite the spacious and free tailoring, boyfriends still look better on thin and slender fashionistas. These jeans are considered representatives of men's fashion. This year, stylish boyfriends are transformed into unsurpassed overalls, which are successfully combined with leather or fur vests, sleeveless jackets or shirts in a small cell. You can emphasize a rough image by adding a shirt, t-shirt or a bomber jacket to the outfit. Choosing shoes, look at sneakers or sneakers on the platform. Casual outfits are best complemented by shoes on a thin heel or a massive square heel. An alternative would be blazers. Boyfriends are fraught with style and comfort, so they are combined with form-fitting tops or slovenly tucked t-shirts.

Bow Variations for Skinny Skinny Jeans

Despite the fact that the popularity of these jeans this year is a little diminished, yet they have a lot of female fans. A variety of skinny jeans colors attracts fashionistas who are tired of the blue tones of denim. These jeans will correct the shape and make it slimmer, and skinny with pockets and stitches will visually reduce the buttocks. Girls who love tight jeans, be sure to purchase a fitting jacket or blazer, tunic, as well as a T-shirt with a square neckline or drape. Keep in mind that too narrow bottom needs to be added with volume things with drapery or folds. To do this, the most appropriate blouses and shirts in the Empire style, or loose T-shirts. Shoe under such tandems elegant boots or boots, shoes at low speed. A bold and hooligan look will be obtained when combining skinny jeans with tops with ruffles or sweaters with decor. The best complement to any image with skinny jeans will be shawls and scarves casually draped over shoulders.

Combination Clothing for Ripped Jeans

New cut struck and fell in love with a lot of girls, ranging from stylish and laid-back, to serious business-woman. A certain impudence and playfulness add neon and acid tones of models to the image.

One of the rules of torn jeans is that they are worn on a naked body.

Do not try to pantyhose or stockings under them, no matter how fashionable they are. It looks vulgar and tasteless. A harmonious and sophisticated image is obtained with the top, decorated with stones or contrasting vegetative, ethnic, and techno prints. A blouse with a feather mesh or pleated look is striking and irresistible. In cool days, you can throw on the top of an elongated tunic or sweater. And in warm weather, complement the image with tops with an asymmetrical cut, T-shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. For shoes, choose flats, loafers, loafers or sneakers. In such images scarves, trousers and scarves are not excluded.

Options for a combination of jeans flared

Stylish flared jeans have returned to fashion podiums. This year, the models practically did not change their usual look, the only innovation is a bright and eye-catching decor. Flared jeans blend easily with any shoe.It looks very sophisticated tandem with sandals on the platform, tractor soles, as well as flatforms or sabot. But the best option is considered to be flared jeans and classic shoes with a sharp nose. This outfit will fit into any dress code. As the top of the bow, choose blouses made of silk, or shirts made in a loose cut. Combinations of these jeans with shirts in original colors, such as indigo and aquamarine, look impressive and unusual. To create a light and casual look, choose a jacket, a stylish top or jacket, and tuck them into flared jeans.

This version of jeans is an indispensable element when creating a trendy and popular boho style.

Jeans are able to help out fashionistas at any time of the year and in any situation. But, in order to create a sophisticated and beautiful outfit, it is very important to choose the right top of the bow, shoes and complementary accessories. Each model of jeans in its own way is beautiful, comfortable and stylish, and their combination with other types of clothing is built on the rules that time creates. Follow all our advice, and then all outfits will be stylish and harmonious. After all, this is the most important thing in the female image.


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