1. Criteria for choosing a toilet bowl
  2. Material selection
  3. Manufacturer selection
  4. Recommendations

When arranging a private house or apartment, each, even the smallest, detail is of paramount importance and determines the level of comfort, the degree of comfort. It may seem to many that a bathroom is a room where you can save money, but this is a big mistake. Plumbing (bathtub, toilet or bidet) determine the ease of use, so you must be extremely responsible when choosing a material. High-quality equipment will not only serve for many years, but will delight throughout the entire service life. When choosing a toilet bowl, people often ask themselves: is porcelain or earthenware better? In this article we will compare the materials, examine their advantages and disadvantages, determining the best option.

Criteria for choosing a toilet bowl

Before you go to the store for the purchase you need to determine the material that is used for production. First of all, you need to determine your requirements for the bathroom by selecting porcelain or earthenware.Often people are guided according to the following criteria:

  • Bowl geometry - it should be convenient for households in its shape and size. When choosing a bowl you need to determine the style of the bathroom, take into account the size of your body.
  • The principle of connection. The toilet should not only be comfortable and attractive, but also practical when installing, which is affected by the location of the drain. For example, a toilet with a vertical outlet cannot be connected to a horizontal drain pipe.
  • Practicality. Many are faced with a problem when, during a drain, water is partially sprayed and flies out of the toilet bowl. In the optimal case, this should not happen, this factor is affected by the toilet bowl, its size and shape.
  • The principle of installation. In this case, the key role is played by the availability of free space in the room. It is best to install floor models, but if such luxury cannot be allowed, because every meter is “worth its weight in gold,” then it is better to install a hanging bowl with a tank mounted into the wall.

Material selection

If all the previous stages have been completed and settled, then only one task remains - the choice of toilet material. At the moment, in the hardware store you can find structures made of different materials, but porcelain and faience are very popular. Which of them to choose, what are their features, advantages and disadvantages? Let's figure it out together.


By production of a toilet bowl from faience the white clay creating dense dense porous structure is used. In order to protect the surface from water absorption, it is covered with a protective glaze, due to which the plumbing service life increases, as well as its durability and appearance improves.


  • Low cost.
  • Resistance to moisture and aggressive chemicals.
  • High overall reliability.
  • Low weight.
  • Compactness.

Cons faience of faience:

  • Moisture resistance and overall strength depend on the quality of the glaze and the integrity of the manufacturer.
  • Plumbing from well-known European manufacturers is several times more expensive than domestic counterparts.

Important! Also, when choosing a material you need to take into account the financial opportunity. With a minimum stock of money, it is best to choose a toilet made of earthenware by domestic manufacturers.


Porcelain is a material that is also produced on the basis of white clay, but quartz and feldspar, which are responsible for the strength of the structure, are also included in the composition. The result is a more durable and reliable clay base, which ultimately has a smooth and dense surface.

Important! This composition allows to reduce the coefficient of water absorption (compared to the earthenware it is 10 times lower).


  • Mechanical strength.
  • Resistance to pollution.
  • Service life - from 50 years and more (faience - not more than 30 years).
  • Easy to care.
  • The absence of unpleasant odors from the sewer.


  • High price.
  • Appearance is the same as that of faience, which is used by unscrupulous suppliers, giving a cheaper product for porcelain sanitary ware.

Manufacturer selection

As you can see, it is very important to find a good, reputable manufacturer. It is best to contact a good plumbing store, where the possibility of acquiring a fake is excluded. When choosing a manufacturer, you need to choose a brand that is popular, and its reliability has won the hearts of consumers. In addition, you can and should ask for certificates confirming the authenticity and quality of products.

At the moment, the best manufacturers of toilet bowls are:

  • Iddis - an attractive price, good technical characteristics and appearance.
  • Sanita is an inexpensive high quality plumber.
  • Jika - a wide range, price and style range.
  • Gustavsberg - expensive and high-quality products.


Many consider other types of materials, so let's talk a little about them:

  • Natural stone is stylish and elegant, but expensive and not practical.
  • Stainless steel is a durable and durable material that is easy to clean, but is expensive and looks like an old Soviet public toilet.
  • Glass is an original solution that requires constant care and special treatment.
  • Polymer concrete is a stylish, sophisticated and tempting offer, both in price and impeccable quality.

An equally important question is the cleaning of the faience or porcelain toilet bowl. Of course, for this you can use special chemicals, but there are also folk remedies that allow to keep the plumbing clean:

  • Lemon acid. Remove rust and lime by pouring a couple of sachets of money into the bowl and waiting a few hours. After a specified period of time, it is enough to rub the surface with a brush and wash off the water.
  • Soda and vinegar. Using these two tools you can remove any contamination. It is enough to fill the problem area with soda and sprinkle it with vinegar. After 40 minutes, you can carry out a thorough cleaning of the toilet with a brush and pleasantly surprised by the result of works.


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