Due to the large variety of tattoos, anyone can choose the perfect option for themselves. Some choose unusual patterns in a geometric style, while others look closely at the exact images of various animals, birds or people. Of course, each tattoo has its own meaning. But sometimes it is better not to hide it behind the picture, but to convey it in the form of an inscription. This option is most often chosen by girls for themselves, transferring a phrase significant in their life to their body.

“But without darkness we will never see the stars”

“Be brave, go where you feel good”

Rules for choosing a place for applying tattoo inscriptions

Tattooing is another way to emphasize your individuality and attractiveness. That is why this kind of art has remained popular for many years. By the way, sometimes a tattoo is a great solution, thanks to which you can mask the scar from the operation. If this is your case, be sure to consult your doctor before the procedure.

“She flies winged with courage”

“I carry your heart in my”

“She believed in herself, with this faith she lived”

It should be noted that it is very important to choose the right area for applying a tattoo in the form of an inscription. That is why we will consider the features of applying to each of them in more detail.

"You are in my heart"

“I'm still growing”

Shoulders and arms

Perhaps the most popular place for a tattoo in the form of an inscription can be called precisely the shoulders and arms. For example, large inscriptions are often made on the shoulder or with a large number of words. In fact, this area can be placed tattoo of any font and size.

“I have a whole world”

"The joy of life"

"Live. Be in love. Laugh"

“It will pass too.”

As for the wrist, then put on it minimalist options. This allows her to hide, if necessary, under the watch or wide bracelets.

“Live one day”

“Whom do I fear”

“What God united, man will not divide.”

"It's good"

Despite the great popularity of this particular zone, experienced masters still do not recommend tattooing on it. The fact is that the skin will often be affected by sunlight, which means that the pattern may change over time. But you shouldn’t get upset, because you can get him back with the help of a correction.

“Believe your fight”

“Everything that is not done, everything is for the best”



The tattoo on the ankle, the foot and the ankle looks very attractive. Most often, girls choose this zone for small phrases or supplement them with small patterns. This is a really great way to decorate an elegant female leg. But still it is worth noting that for many the procedure can be very painful. This is due to the fact that the skin in this area is rather thin and close to the bone.

“The main thing is loyalty, not appearance”

"Love me more"


"You are my sun"

“Calm. Courage. Wisdom"


One of the most popular areas for tattoo inscriptions in girls is the hip. Its size allows you to put a fairly large text, so some even choose entire poems. In addition, if you correctly place the inscription, you can emphasize the beautiful bend line of the hip.

“But without darkness we would never see the stars”

The undeniable advantage of a tattoo on this zone is the ability to hide it if necessary. And also the fact that the level of painfulness of the procedure is much lower, unlike other places.

“Brave not break”

“She believed in herself ...”

Tattoo on the shoulder and back always look very attractive, regardless of their size. Often, the process of applying a tattoo in these areas is not too painful, which is a powerful argument for many girls.

“I belong to my family”

“She lived, laughed, loved and left 1936-2016”

Tattoo captions: how to choose a language?

For several years, among the foreign languages, the leader is inscriptions in Latin. Despite the fact that this language is not used colloquially and is considered dead, many still choose it. Perhaps because it helps to hide the value of the tattoo from outsiders.

“Love conquers all”

“Remember about life”

But in any case, it is worth choosing only that option which personifies, motivates, reminds of significant events or life goals. Some choose phrases about love, self-development, or the transience of life. You must be sure that after a few years, that this phrase will remain relevant.

“Flies on its own wings”

“Flies on its own wings”

The next most popular language for tattoo inscriptions is English. Most people study it, so be sure that it will not work to hide the meaning. The only way is to choose a place that is almost always under clothing.

“After so many years?”, “Always”

“Everything that is not done, everything is for the best”

“God hurt our hearts to prove to us. He takes the best. ”

“Happiness is real when common”

“Forget the risk and accept the consequences. If this is what you want, then it is worth it! ”

"Follow your heart"

As for the meaning, in this language, girls most often choose phrases that are associated with love, passion, motherhood. Also, you can often see a tattoo that personifies the life values ​​of a person. For example, family, love or the name of a loved one. Very often they are accompanied by the corresponding figures of the minimum size.

“Victory in my veins”

“The Compliance of the Soul with a Burning Heart”

“I love you endlessly”

“It will pass too.”

How to choose a font?

Many still believe that the most important thing is to choose a phrase or word that is suitable for them. Of course, this is of great importance, as the tattoo is applied to the body for life. But in order for it to look really attractive, you need to choose the right font and decide on the size and style. Keep in mind that much depends on the language in which you have chosen the inscription, as well as the placement zone.

“Flies on its own wings”

“Create Yourself”


To cope with this faster, you can ask for help from the master who will do the tattoo for you. Browse the catalog of works, among which there is definitely something worthwhile. In addition, an experienced specialist will tell you how the selected phrase will look better.

“First love yourself”

“Remember who you are”

"Be happy"

“You are limited to the framework that you set for yourself”

The next way is to use sites with the ability to choose a font for the tattoo. By the way, in many stores this service is free, thanks to which you can quickly find the right option.


She will whisper wise words to me: “so be it” (The Beatles “Let it be”)

"Right place. Right time

“I am because you are”

If you have the talent of an artist or are engaged in lettering, you will be able to independently depict what you need. We recommend applying a sketch to the selected area to make sure that this option fits perfectly.

“Darkest of all before dawn”

“I was his angel. Now he is mine ”

“To study”

After you have chosen everything, sign up for a consultation to the master, who will tell his opinion and perhaps advise you something interesting.

"Is always"

“Trust Without Borders”

"I'm over it"

Tattoo lettering photo

Many girls want to get a tattoo. Someone doubts the need for this desire, while others can not find for themselves the perfect phrase or font. That's why we picked up beautiful options, among which you will definitely find something suitable.


“It will pass.”

“Whatever Happens”

“You protect me, I protect you”

“Follow the stars”


"You are my sun"

"Born to be happy"

"Who are you"

"Before and after"

"I love you"

“Our connection is eternal”

“Do not dream of your life, live your dream”

"I'm yours. You are my"

“Be calm”

“The sky is taller than me. The earth is below me. Fire in me. ”

“My part is forever”

The choice of tattoos in the form of inscriptions is striking variety. In addition, unlike realistic drawings, you can always find a unique option that is right for you. It can be just one word, a phrase or even a stanza of one’s own performance.

Do you like tattoos in the form of inscriptions?



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