1. Road to altai
  2. Altai climate
  3. Actual average prices for holidays in Altai in 2019
  4. What to do in Altai in the summer of 2019
  5. Recreation and other accommodation methods
  6. Mountain Altai for children
  7. Reviews and advice of experienced tourists about Altai

Rest in Russia is very many-sided. Here you can lie down in the hot sun and right there on the other side of the country freeze to death under the freezing rain. This means that you can choose your place of rest for every taste.

Separately, you need to talk about the Altai Mountains. These are stunning landscapes, healing air and ample opportunities for pastime.

Road to altai

Tourists can easily reach the region by plane, train or bus. The plane flies to Gorno-Altaisk and Barnaul, from where further it is necessary to go by bus. The ground communication between Gorny Altai and Novosibirsk, where planes often fly, is also well established. But the goal from here will have to get much longer. Most often from the airport further travel is provided by the tour operator. But there is always an alternative.

Altai climate

An important factor for tourists is the climate of the place. Even in summer, Gorny Altai will not offer a full-fledged beach season. The sharply continental climate provides a short, relatively warm summer and a long, cold winter. Unfortunately, even in summer, the air temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees with a plus.

The weather in the mountain region is extremely variable. On a warm sunny day, cold rain can fall. Therefore, warm clothes should always be ready, even if it is the middle of summer.

In winter, on the slopes of the Altai, just expanse for skiers and snowboarders. But summer is still the peak of the tourist season. The main contingent of the place is represented by residents of Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo and Tomsk regions, as well as tourists from Krasnoyarsk and Altai Krai. From more distant regions come here rarely.

The beach season in Altai is a very relative concept. If the water in the lakes is still warming by the middle of summer, then in the rivers it is more than 17 degrees, plus you should not wait. Therefore, only extremals and hardening lovers swim here. The tourists spend most of their time on excursions and walks, for which the average summer temperature of the place is the most suitable.

Actual average prices for holidays in 2019 in Altai

Pricing policy in the Altai Mountains is very attractive. Here you can relax much cheaper than in the Crimea and other popular Russian resorts. Choosing a standard tour for 4 days should prepare 16,500 rubles. To rest here for 12 days with full board and excursions, you need to pay 35,000 rubles. Moreover, among the excursions there will be rafting on the river and a mountain ride on horses or bicycles.

An important component of the cost will be the road. From the nearest regions you can get here for about 1800 rubles. If you have to fly on a plane, it will cost as little as 11,000 rubles.

For many years, recreation centers remain the most popular way of accommodation in Altai. On average, living here for two will cost 1200 rubles per day. To save money, you can stay at the campsite. It will be worth about 400 rubles. The private sector will offer a room at a price of 300 to 700 rubles per day.

Choosing a camp site, you can count on local food. It will cost an average of 800 rubles per day. The average check in a cafe will be at least 300 rubles. If there is a kitchen at the recreation center, then the cheapest option would be self-cooking. On the tour you need to plan in their expenses from 900 to 2000 rubles for each. If you have enough knowledge and skills, you can explore the area on your own. It will be generally free.

What to do in Altai in the summer of 2019

Here everything is possible at once. Aesthetic enjoyment of the views is perfectly combined with extreme sports, and a beach holiday with an expansion of horizons. Excursions in this region are diverse and interesting. They allow you to get acquainted with the historical landmarks of the region. For example, a study program designed for 8 days will allow you to see the famous Lake Teletskoye, visit the native village of Vasily Shukshin, Geysernoe Lake, the rocky island of Patmos and much more. As part of the tour, you can go hiking trails, enjoying the peace, as well as ride a boat.

Another tour "Altai survey" is designed for 11 days. It includes visits to all climatic zones of the region. Also in the program are important for Altai natural and archaeological points. The cost of this trip is 35 900 rubles.

The walking tour to the Multinsky lakes is designed for 12 days and it costs 22,000 rubles. Equestrian tour will cost a lot more, because it includes training and communication with these beautiful animals.

Rafting (rafting on a mountain river) is a rather extreme kind. But such a difficult and original tour will be offered to tourists this summer. There are 4 types of route complexity to choose from. Thus, even beginners will be able to somehow complete the entire route.

A safer alternative to rafting will be bike tours. This can be both a separate tour and part of a combined journey.

Among the main attractions of the region:

  • Belukha Mountain;
  • Lake Teletskoye;
  • Patmos Island;
  • Karakol lakes;
  • Lower Katun River;
  • Great Spring Lake;
  • Denisova Cave;

A combined horseback riding tour for 12 days at most of these attractions will cost 31,500 rubles.

Recreation and other accommodation in the Altai in the summer of 2019

In Altai, you can find ways to fit on any pocket. But the most popular are recreation centers. There are more than 130 of them. Most of them are summer options. That is, wooden houses and campgrounds. In the TOP the following bases:

  • “Tursib” - a huge territory, amusement park, swimming pool, water park, two restaurants, rental of sports equipment, fields for football, basketball, volleyball, price from 4200 per day per person;
  • "Globus" - birch grove, Lake Aya, beach rest, playground, gazebos with barbecue, general recreation center, rooms "economy" and "luxury", price from 1200 rubles per day for two;
  • "4 Seasons" - an inexpensive on-site restaurant, excursions, an outdoor pool, price from 1,400 rubles;
  • "Lesovichek" - camping, budget option, capacity up to 200 people, rental of sports equipment, excursions, horseback riding, rafting, from 400 rubles per day.
  • "Maryin Island" - location on the island, spa, medical center, diet food, mineral spring, from 650 rubles per day;
  • “Empire of Tourism” - a youth version, a water-entertainment complex, a bar, a night club, is located on Lake Aya, from 1600 rubles per day for two;
  • “Altai Resort” - a 5-star hotel, children's workshops, a children's entertainment complex, a restaurant, a medical center, spa treatments, from 12,000 rubles a day for two;
  • "Katunskie Terema" - the base economy version, horseback riding, playground, sauna, cafe, from 6000 rubles for two for 7 days;
  • "Altika" - an eco-hotel, spacious rooms, all the amenities in the room, mini-bar, own restaurant, SPA center, active excursions, from 4500 rubles per day for a double room;
  • “Merry Roger's Bay” is the best place for children's recreation, swimming pool, water slides, game mazes, excursions in jeeps and quadracycles, on horseback, rafting, from 2250 rubles per day.

Mountain Altai for children

Those who go to rest with children need to choose specific recreation centers with special entertainment and meals. Entertainment should be moderately extreme, food - diet, and beach-rest. Altai climate is particularly suitable for this.

Those who came here with their families should be aware of several places in Altai, which can significantly decorate and diversify their holidays with children. For example, the entertainment complex "Rublevka" is remarkable for an artificial lake, which is located in the center of the territory. The entire perimeter of the lake is a beach area. The reservoir itself is shallow and warm, which is perfectly combined with children's rest. Also in a circle is all kinds of entertainment equipment.

Turquoise Katun also has its own artificial lake. There is a water park, and from here you can go on any excursion.

Lake Aya is also suitable for families with children due to the fact that the water in it is well heated. There is a well-developed infrastructure around the reservoir that allows you to choose accommodation for your family with all the necessary conditions.

Attractions in the village Chemal gather around him almost all the kids from the region. There are a lot of bastards, swings, roundabouts, rope park and skallodrm.

Chalet “Jolly Roger Bay” is focused on family and even children's recreation. There are a swimming pool, playgrounds and children's rooms, plenty of entertainment and well-organized work of animators.

“Its manor” is another camp site for family holidays. The place is quite quiet and even secluded, which will allow you to spend time with comfort even for families with very young children. On the territory there are three pools.

All this information will allow you to get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the trip.

Reviews and advice of experienced tourists about Altai

Rest in Altai is very specific. It requires a special approach, mood and preparation.Seasoned tourists recommend choosing the right shoes. In no case should it be new. Shoes must first be spread and stretched. In addition to sneakers, rubber boots can be useful here. If there are none, then you need to take a spare pair of sneakers to replace the wet ones.

For swimming in local waters, you need to pick up shoes that fit tightly on your foot and do not slip, since the bottom and the shore here is rocky. There are quite sharp boulders.

Since the sun in the Altai most often burns mercilessly, it is necessary to stock up on sunscreen and headgear. Also, be sure to take the first-aid kit with the maximum set of funds for any occasion.

It is important to take warm clothes with you, even in summer. Changeable weather can bring with it a rather cold rain and a northerly wind. Long warm pants. Jackets and sweaters will be the way.


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