1. What to do in Pitsunda and how to stay
  2. Holiday in Pitsunda 2019: all-inclusive rates
  3. Rest without intermediaries (private sector)
  4. Food prices
  5. Guest reviews

The picturesque resort on the Black Sea coast is located just 25 kilometers from the well-known resort of Gagra. If young people come to Gagra most often, families with small children tend to calm and peaceful Pitsunda. Boxwood groves, healthy air, warm and clean sea, comfortable living conditions - this is all that is needed for a wonderful pastime.

What to do in Pitsunda and how to stay

Most of the places for accommodation in Pitsunda are motels and resorts. The largest of them are:

  • Amzara;
  • Riviera;
  • Lighthouse;
  • Bzyb;
  • The Golden Fleece;
  • Colchis;
  • Apsny.

One of the most beautiful pensions of the place is Musser, located in the Musser Reserve.You can also stay in one of the modern hotels, for example, "Dolphin" or "Irene." Here the level of service is higher, striving for global European standards.At the same time, the main focus of accommodation in Pitsunda remains medical rest. In this direction, a unique composition of the air, a warm humid climate, the sea, the pines is working. All this helps in the fight against allergies, nervous, catarrhal and cardiovascular diseases.

Excursions to Lake Riza, in Sukhumi and Gagra will dilute the beach holiday. Gegsky Falls, Simono-Kananitsky Monastery, New Athos - all this will help to dissolve in the atmosphere of the place. If the topic of excursions seems to be exhausted, then you can have fun in local restaurants, cafes and night discos. Everywhere has its own show programs, as well as children's and diet menu.

Rest in Pitsunda 2019: prices on the system "all inclusive"

Extremely popular all-inclusive holiday today is also available in Pitsunda. The list of services in hotels and hotels of this type is very wide, while you can choose an option for any pocket. The tourists are offered the following places for accommodation, offering "all inclusive":

  • Parus hotel: 200 meters from the sea, 3 meals a day, swimming pool, children free of charge;
  • Pension "Musser": 50 meters to the sea, price from 1190 rubles per person per day, 3 meals a day on the "Buffet Table" system, swimming pool, Wi-Fi;
  • Pshada Hotel: 100 meters from the sea, price from 800 rubles, breakfast, 3 meals a day, 2 meals a day;
  • Pension “Irene”: 200 meters from the sea, price from 1300 rubles, 3 meals a day “Buffet”, infrastructure is designed for families with children;
  • boarding house "Litfond": 50 meters to the sea, price from 1450 rubles, 3 meals a day, parking;
  • boarding house "Ldzaa": 50 meters to the sea, from 1200 rubles per day per person, 3 meals a day "Buffet";
  • pension "Riviera": 500 meters from the sea, from 1,700 rubles, 3 meals a day Buffet, swimming pool;
  • Pension "Resort Pitsunda": 70 meters from the sea, from 1000 rubles, 3 meals a day Buffet, swimming pool, new buildings, Wi-Fi;
  • Apsara Hotel: 30 meters from the sea, from 1,500 rubles, 3 meals a day;
  • Pension "Pine Grove": 50 meters from the sea, from 1,450 rubles, 3 meals a day Buffet, swimming pool.

Most of the options proposed above is located on the first coastline. Accessibility of the beach is an important factor when choosing a place to rest.

Rest in Pitsunda 2019 without intermediaries (private sector)

No less popular accommodation remains the private sector with its romance and summer kitchens. Also undoubted advantage remain low prices.

Recreation center ”Rapytsa” Pitsunda (Ldzaa) awaits its guests on Rybzavodskaya street. Accommodation here will cost from 750 to 2800 rubles per day. Only 15 meters to the sea. On the territory there is a cafe, within walking distance to the market, shops.

A house for 2 families with all amenities will cost from 750 to 2300 rubles per day depending on the season. Each room has a separate entrance.

No less interesting option will be the guest house "Family Center" with 4 and 5-bed rooms. Each room has a shower, toilet, Wi-Fi. It offers tourists a summer kitchen.

Individual houses right on the beach will cost guests in the amount of 750 to 2400 rubles per day. In each house can accommodate up to 4 people. All amenities inside.

A house in a tangerine garden is a special mood of rest. Living in this costs from 300 to 3000 rubles per day. For guests a bathroom, kitchen-dining room with air conditioning, an additional bathroom in the street.

A studio apartment 50 meters from the sea will cost 300-2500 rubles, depending on the season. At the same time you can count on a magnificent view, satellite TV, air conditioning and other amenities. Pharmacy, market and shop within walking distance. Apartments for couples with children will cost from 2500 rubles per day.

Food and Food Prices

If the ticket was not included food, you can easily find a suitable option in any of the many local cafes. The average check will be about 350 rubles per person. If the choice fell on a local restaurant, then you need to be ready to pay from 600 rubles. The cult Abkhazian dish is apatsha and suluguni. Also, be sure to try hahachu, hachur, khachapuri.In Pitsunda very tasty meat is prepared using an interesting set of spices. Sauces are made on the base of tomatoes and cherry plums.

Among the alcohol definitely in the top local chacha. No less popular are fragrant Abkhaz wines. For dessert it is worth trying janjuhu from nuts. If you need to cook yourself, then in a local store you can buy bread for 40 rubles, pork for 500 rubles per kilogram, peaches for 140 rubles and much more. For a ready-made barbecue you will have to pay about 260 rubles per 100 grams. In the market products are always cheaper and fresher.

Guest reviews about living in Pitsunda

Online, you can often find conflicting reviews on the rest in this place. Someone considers the city boring and too quiet, others see in such a mood a place of peace and tranquility. Many emphasize that clean water, fresh coniferous air and gorgeous nature compensate for the deficiencies of the infrastructure.

Local service is far from ideal. A little more attentive staff of new modern hotels. Someone does not like the removal from the main highways. In their opinion, this complicates the independent sightseeing. Also tourists are upset by a small amount of local transport. Also, guests note the inflated prices for excursions.

Unpretentious tourists will find in Pitsunda everything they need. They will be able to heal and have a good rest from the city rush for little money.


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