New Year's holidays without the appropriate decor lose all their magic. Especially bright transformations of the world around the New Year's Eve are important for children.Christmas toys shirtsChristmas tree of threads on the wall

Among the many ideas for the design of residential premises, you can easily choose those that are suitable for the baby's room. The most interesting thing that can be done with the child.Vinyl Christmas tree on the wallWooden Bear for the New Year

It is important to observe safety precautions and not to use dangerous objects and toxic materials in preparation for the holiday.Wood elkGlowing lights in the room decor

Painting and decorating windows

To decorate the windows in the nursery there are many ways. It is necessary to choose those that correspond to the capabilities of young decorators.Elegant Christmas tree in the nurseryThemed wallpaper in the nursery

For example, not every kid can draw a good thematic pattern on the glass. And cutting out under the supervision of adults and gluing a paper snowflake is a simple task accessible to all.Original New Year's decorChristmas tree by the fireplace

Glass painting can take on one of the parents. To do this, use special paint or toothpaste.The artificial snow put on a contour of glass near a frame effectively looks.Funny baby in a New Year's capClassic Christmas socks

You can simplify the task with the help of home-made or purchased stencils. Lightly moisten the paper image, we fix it on the glass. From above we spray artificial snow from a barrel and we remove preparation.Vinyl deerNew Year's room for a childThemed bedding

An alternative in this case can also serve as toothpaste. If a small amount of it is diluted with water and applied to the toothbrush, then with a light motion you can spray the white composition onto the stencil. The effect will be no worse than from the purchased product.New Year's bank with snowLetter to Santa ClausHanging decor

Shine Christmas tree!

The main tree in the house is usually in the living room. Often, it becomes a reason for the child's unwillingness to spend time in her room. The baby is constantly near the New Year's handsome.Original children's decorBed linen with Santa ClausSanta Claus on bedding

To solve the problem will help a small tree right in the nursery. Jewelry on it should be safe and simple. If the child is still very small, then he will probably remove the decor from the branches and play with him.Children's with a New Year's decorDeer event calendarNew Year's houseEvent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree

For such a case, suitable toys made of felt, wood, plastic and other durable and safe materials.Event calendar in the form of bagsOriginal event calendarBaby with Christmas decorationsBaby at the New Year's window

It is better if this tree is not connected to the mains. You can use the lights on batteries or garlands without light bulbs.Christmas ballsGarlands of light bulbsFelt toysDecorating a room with a child

A fake copy of cardboard and ribbons can be an excellent alternative to a real live Christmas tree. It is only important to observe the main tradition - to put gifts under it.New Year's fireplacePainted Christmas lightsNew Year's trainGlass Christmas balls

Garlands, tinsel and other decorations

The small age of the occupant of the children's room limits the parents in the choice of decor. Glass bulbs connected to a power outlet can be a source of increased danger.Asterisks of threadGlowing starsStar GarlandsOriginal Christmas Toys

If there are no other options, then you need to hang the jewelry in a place inaccessible to the child. And also use a socket that is protected from the baby.Christmas pendantsHomemade toysCones toyBeautiful Christmas toys

Products made of shiny ribbons, rain and paper will be a safe alternative. Assortment of pendants in stores will allow you to create a festive mood in the nursery without the use of electricity and burning candles.Christmas felt pendantsHomemade felt toysVariety of felt toysKnitted charms for the Christmas tree

Such decorations should be evenly distributed under the ceiling, on the doors, windows, headboard and furniture handles.New Year's decor in red and whiteNew Year's photowall-paper on a wall of the nurseryChristmas tree in unusual colorsChristmas toy village

Themed wallpapers and vinyl stickers

With the help of special vinyl stickers you can transfer fairytale heroes from books directly to the children's room.New Year's town of toysSnow-white Christmas nurseryBeautifully decorated nurseryWhite Christmas tree by the fireplace

On the panel can be depicted Christmas tree, boxes of gifts, toys. The silhouettes of Santa Claus, deer and snowman look spectacular.Christmas cookiesGarlands on the wallFelt garland

For applications on the walls are used as monochromatic drawings, so color. The main thing is to choose eco-friendly material designed for use in children's rooms.Felt garlandWindow painting

You can add patterns on the walls with themed bed linen. Bright textiles with Christmas patterns will help to convey the mood of the holiday.Stencil for windowsGlowing snowman

Christmas toys made with children

Homemade toys can be no less beautiful than the purchased ones. It is enough only to purchase safe materials and attract the baby to work.Luxury Christmas tree in the nurseryGarland of balls

Interesting are Christmas toys made of felt. They can be flat and voluminous, stitched and glued, hanging for the Christmas tree and on stands for the decoration of shelves and cabinets.Christmas tree on the wallInteresting toys on the tree

The child should offer a job easier: cut the parts out of felt. If he can be trusted with a needle, then it is worth showing the simplest stitches to the young assistant and letting them make the toy on their own.Children's Christmas wreathGlitter Balls

If you work with glue, the process is simplified even more. It is only necessary to avoid getting the composition on the outside of the craft.Teddy bear on the treeToys on the shelf

Paper toys are also easy to make. In stores with stationery you can buy not only sets of colored paper and cardboard, but also various self-adhesive tapes, figures with adhesive backs, various glitters and rhinestones.Vinyl stickers on glassVinyl stickers on the wall

All this will allow to make truly New Year's toys. They will shine and shimmer. This method will make both pendants for the Christmas tree and colorful garlands for furniture, walls and ceiling.Ski socks decorSweet decor

Event calendar with gifts

The event calendar is a great way to make every new year's day full of surprises.Window decorationChildren's decor with several beds

The essence of this game is to design 31 tasks for the child, for which he will receive small surprises every day. Usually, the calendar looks like boxes, each of which contains a number.Unusual Christmas treeToys made of felt

In the morning, waking up, the baby opens a niche with the task, fulfills it and receives a gift. Anticipation of surprise makes every day full of joyful experiences.Vinyl tree in the snowNew Year's decor in a snow-white nursery

The event calendar can be made of wood or plastic. For these materials to the work will have to attract a master.Girl at the Christmas treeBright Christmas socks

With a certain skill, you can build such a game yourself. For this, a thick cardboard or fabric is useful. Instead of boxes fit bags, stitched independently. The main thing is to have numbers on them, and to put souvenirs or sweets inside.Christmas socks with bright picturesBaby dress up a christmas tree

Such an event calendar will be an excellent element of decoration for a child's room. The more skillfully the product is made, the brighter the image of the room will be. A quality calendar can last for several years.Gifts under the treeBright Christmas tree

Joint preparation with the child for the holidays will ensure the development of creative qualities of the baby. In the process, the little designer himself will tell you what decorations he would like to see in his room.


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