New Year is always a long-awaited and fun holiday. This is the time of summing up, the time of the fulfillment of the most secret desires. New Year's holidays rarely do without cheerful corporate parties and simply family gatherings, which, in addition to the traditional feast, need interesting and active games, skits and performances.

Large companies prefer to invite professional leaders to corporate events, who always have about ten exciting jokes and contests in stock. But what if you need to prepare a program for a small group of invitees? In our review, we offer you TOP-5 interesting jokes that will amuse any company and charge them with positive for the whole evening.

An interesting joke with gifts

This is one of the most interesting and simple jokes that relatives and friends will love.Prikol differs some complexity. Namely, to implement this joke you will need:

  • large cardboard box
  • bright wrapping paper
  • lots of confetti

Prepare the box so that:

  • she had no bottom
  • the box should be located on a piece of furniture whose height exceeds the height of an ordinary person, for example, a closet or a bookcase

Confetti is placed inside the box, after which the “snag” is packed with colorful paper. A colorful bow on top of the box will not be out of place. Everything should look as if it is a real gift that is waiting for its owner.

After all the preparatory work it remains only to wait for the main participant of the drawing. Most likely, his eyes will light up in anticipation of a gift, so curious glances around him will excite him a little. As soon as the bestowed person wants to find out what lies behind the bright wrapper, he will be sprinkled from head to toe with colorful confetti.

A funny game for a big Hypnosis company

“Hypnosis” is a very fun and exciting rally, which will bring a lot of pleasure not only to participants, but also to all those invited. The game involves several volunteers and a presenter (hypnotist). Participants must be placed on the chairs, standing in a row. The hypnotist sits opposite the volunteers with a lit candle. The light is turned off in the room.

After that, each participant is given a flat plate, and the hypnosis session begins. The facilitator guides the participants' actions - asks them to close their eyes, rub the bottom of the plate, then scratch their chin, rub their nose or cheek, alternating these actions with stomping their feet, tilting their heads or shrugging their shoulders.

You can come up with many different actions, the main thing that they were fun. The whole joke is built on the fact that the bottom of the plate is heavily smoked. When the session ends, the light is turned on and the faces of the participants of the joke become visible with soot. It will be fun for everyone: both hypnotized and guests.

Jokes for the New Year 2019 with peppercorn

After all the dishes have been tried and more than one glass of champagne has been drunk, it's time to remember the New Year's raffles for adults and people who know how to have fun.

The joke with flour has been known for quite some time, but every time it enjoys unprecedented success at corporate parties and family celebrations. Participants are put facing each other, while their eyes are blindfolded. A small inflatable balloon is placed between them, which must be blown off towards the opponent. After several attempts, the ball is imperceptibly replaced with a plate of flour.

A joke for a family New Year's celebration 2019

In a family setting, in a circle of close people, jokes can be much more fun than those that are arranged by a professional presenter at corporate events. The fact is that close people gather at home who know each other well and are in many ways similar. As a rule, the participants of the draws are not offended, but have fun with everyone.

The game will require a young man who must choose one of two girls who are located in a prepared room. The girls sit on the edges of an improvised bench of stools, covered with a veil.

The presenter tells the guy that he needs to sit next to the girl he liked best, but do it in such a way as not to offend another girl. He is given 15 seconds to resolve this issue. As a true gentleman, who is in most fun companies, the guy will sit in the middle, showing his position to each of the girls.

The essence of the joke lies in the fact that there is no chair between the girls. The blanket is stretched in such a way that it does not reveal its absence. The result is the illusion of a long bench. As soon as the guy sits down with confidence in the middle of this “bench”, he will crash into the hole.

Fun with clothespins for a fun company

This competition will require 20 clothespins. 2 girls and two guys who break into couples participate in draw. The task is simple - to find all the clothespins, located on the partner.The boys are blindfolded and forced to find all the clothespins on the girl's clothes as soon as possible with the cheerful music. The audience chorus count the clips found. The pair that first coped with the task receives incentive prizes.

A funny joke for a small company “Question-Answer”

For this contest, you do not need special props. For fun, you need to prepare a few pieces of paper, which will be written already prepared answers to the most important question about why a person came to the New Year's celebration. Answers should be fun and interesting, for example:

  • free food here
  • scary to stay home
  • no place to sleep
  • I came to take a favor from the owner of the house, etc.

Papers are placed in a small bag, from which each guest will reach and voice the answer option. There are no winners in this contest, its main task is to amuse the guests and cheer them up.

New Year's celebration has long ceased to be associated with gatherings at the table and traditional toasts. Today, corporate parties and family holidays are surely accompanied by interesting games, jokes and jokes. Arrange exciting contests, give encouraging prizes, congratulate guests with comic rhymes, and your holiday will be surely remembered by everyone invited.


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