1. Budget gift options
    2. Original Gift Ideas
    3. Technological gifts
    4. Cooking Ideas
    5. Gifts for the athlete
    6. Gift Ideas for the Traveler
    7. Present for relaxation
    8. Unusual gifts

Birthday best friend - it is always a special event. And of course, I want to find a good gift for such an important person who will not gather dust on a shelf in the closet. To simplify the task, we picked up a lot of original ideas for every taste and budget.

Low cost girlfriend birthday gift options

Schoolgirls and students often cannot afford expensive, high-quality gifts. Do not be upset, because there are many original, memorable options that can be realized even with a small budget.

The simplest gift that will appeal to every girl is a certificate to a cosmetics store.The birthday girl will choose all the most necessary and will be glad for sure.

Perhaps one of the most popular options is board games. This is not at all boring, but rather exciting and suitable not only for a few people, but also for a large company. In addition, there are many different types of games. Among the most popular are Twister, Dzhenga, Activiti, Monopoly, Mafia and Imaginarium.

For those who love various stationery, get a stylish notebook for large plans, a diary or even a sketchbook. Such items will brighten up student everyday life and will always please the eye.

Depending on your preferences, you can donate a jewelry or jewelry box, a favorite toy, or tickets to a play, movie, concert.

Original gift ideas for a better friend.

Choosing a gift for the best friend, we recommend to consider her hobbies. Make a list of a variety of options. This approach will greatly simplify the selection of the perfect gift. In addition, you will have a few ideas for other upcoming holidays.

Technological gifts

Of course, many girls prefer tech gifts to keep up with the times. Depending on your budget, choose any option you like. For example, a player, high-quality headphones, a portable speaker, an e-book, an electronic watch or various accessories for a tablet or laptop. Also for girls, gifts in the form of a hair dryer, ironing, curling iron and an electric toothbrush are always relevant.


Cooking Ideas

If your girlfriend is fond of cooking, then try to find out exactly what she is missing. For example, unusual molds for cupcakes or sweets will definitely please the real hostess. You can also choose a stylish set of dishes or glasses, a set of towels or even a tablecloth.

In case a friend prefers more practical gifts, choose an electronic scale, a mixer, a blender or a timer. Depending on preferences, you can present a good grill or even a slow cooker.

A lover of delicious coffee or tea can present a set of elite varieties of any of these drinks. It can also be a French press, a beautiful Turk, a coffee grinder, or a laconic cup. It is better to add a gift with your favorite sweets: marzipan, high-quality chocolate, sweets or even a jar of good honey.

Gifts for the athlete

A real athlete or a girl who is keen on losing weight can also find gifts that are suitable for their occupation. Dumbbells, weights, jump rope, expander or fitness gum - what you need for home workouts. If you know in which room a girlfriend is engaged, then you can purchase a monthly subscription for her.

Also relevant will be smart scales, fitness bracelets, electronic kitchen scales, nutrition and exercise programs. But if you are planning to purchase one of these options, be sure to specify how necessary they are for a friend.

Gift Ideas for the Real Traveler

Every girl who can not live without traveling, will be pleased with the original thematic gift. This may be a foil map of the world where you can mark visited cities and countries. A metal or collapsible water bottle, as well as a thermos, will simply be indispensable on a trip.

For long-haul flights, you can donate a silk sleep mask that will not leave marks on your face and will help you sleep well even on an airplane. Also relevant will be a folding pillow for sleeping or a small blanket. If you are looking for a small gift, then choose a stylish cover for a passport, a tag on a suitcase, a selfie stick for a photo, an organizer for linen and clothes.

If you wish, you can make a whole box of small, but necessary for the travel items. Believe me, a friend will definitely appreciate such a creative approach and will always remember you on trips.

Present for relaxation

If a friend is often under stress, then take care of her and prepare a gift for relaxation. This may be a certificate for visiting a massage, aroma sauna or a herbal bath.It can also be an aromatic lamp with various oils that will help to achieve a relaxing effect.

If desired, you can order or purchase a pillow with a scent that contributes to good sleep in specialized stores. Many girls prefer to use anti-stress lamp or a night lamp. Such items help to create a special atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in the bedroom.

Unusual gifts

In case your best friend already has everything you need, we recommend you look at unusual gifts. They cheer up and will definitely be remembered for a long time.

For example, the apparatus for making cotton candy is the perfect gift for a real sweet tooth. He looks very nice and definitely come in handy at the celebration. With the help of such a machine in just a few minutes you can cook delicious cotton, as in childhood.

Perhaps the most memorable gifts are impressions. Lovers of extreme rest feel free to give a certificate for parachuting. It can also be a visit to the ice rink, trampoline center, water park, horseback riding, photo session, diving, go-karting, or even a quad bike ride. A great idea would be a certificate for courses of defense, sommelier, visage, massage, photos and others. But in this case it is better to clarify whether your friend wants to learn any of these skills.

In the process of choosing a gift, remember that it is you who know your girlfriend better than others. Think about what she enjoys or wants to do. Analyze its interests, show imagination, and the decision will come.


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