Another place where the Christmas joy and festive mood beats over the edge - this is the Czech Republic. This is most vividly represented in Prague. The city is simply saturated with magic and the point is not at all in the abundance of illumination. The sincerity of the locals will melt any heart, and it is simply impossible to find analogues to the local mulled wine. In the air smells of cinnamon, cinnamon and spices. All this creates a special mood and makes the celebration unforgettable.

Traditional meeting of the New Year and Christmas in the Czech Republic

The most popular attribute of the New Year in Prague are the sprigs of mistletoe, which residents hang over the entrance to their homes. Twigs can not buy for yourself. They need to either give or take as a gift.

In addition to this in the Czech Republic there are many other equally important traditions. Winter holidays begin with the Day of St. Nicholas - December 6. It is believed that on this day Nicholas himself walks the streets of the city along with the Good Angel and the little devil and finds out whether the children behaved well the whole year. Those who were obedient will receive sweet treats as a gift.

A week after the first holiday comes St. Lucius Day. On this day, the girls put on white clothes, powder their faces with white powder and decorate them with huge noses of wood. Girls scare people on the streets, for which they should treat them with sweets.

A separate important tradition in the country is holding a Christmas fair. The largest is organized in Prague. Here it passes on the Old Town Square. At the fair, you can buy sweets, festive decorations, Bohemian glass products, smoked meats and beer. During the fair, costumed theatrical performances take place on the square. Here you can listen to folk songs, see how blacksmith craftsmen and other masters work.


The streets of the city are decorated with fir trees in festive decorations and compositions, which depict the birth of Christ. Such things can be seen in any cathedral, as well as in some houses of the locals, who especially faithfully honor traditions. The most important composition in the country becomes the huge Nativity Scene on the main square of Prague. Its size is so grand that you can use real sheep for the composition.

The main Christmas dish is cooked carp. His scales symbolize wealth and prosperity. Barrels of live fish, which can be bought for a festive banquet, are placed in cities and squares in the streets. Also, to attract wealth, the Czechs put lentils and cereals on the table. So that happiness does not run away or fly away, there is no rabbit and a bird on the table.

In reward for the fact that the inhabitants of the Czech Republic so reverently relate to their traditions, it is snowing from the sky. It is especially important for local residents that the snow will go to Generous evening and on New Year's Eve.

The offensive of the new year is usually celebrated on the main square of the city under the chiming clock. People drink champagne and wine, after which everyone makes their cherished desire. In Prague, it is customary to make wishes on the Charles Bridge.

For the past 17 years, on January 1, the Czechs have been celebrating the Day of Czech Statehood. This day is celebrated separation of the Czech Republic from Slovakia. But still, the locals consider the main holiday of this day - the beginning of the New Year. The night of December 31 to January 1 is called Sylvester.

In squares, streets and cereal establishments, various entertainment shows and shows are sure to be organized. New Year's Eve is accompanied by fireworks.

Czechs are not accustomed to celebrate all night, as is customary in the CIS countries. Already in the morning they go home and go to sleep. Every year, it is becoming increasingly popular to meet the New Year in the mountains among both locals and tourists. Companies from several families rent a big house and celebrate the winter holidays together. Right here in local restaurants you can order a New Year banquet and enjoy the festive program.

New Year tours and tourist reviews

Prices for holidays in Prague during the New Year holidays are quite affordable. Tour from December 30, 2018 with a duration of 42,000 rubles. From the same date, but for 8 days the journey will cost 43,000 rubles. If you choose a tour from January 2, 2019 for 6 days, the tour will cost approximately 43,500, and from January 3 for 5 days - 42,700 rubles.

As always, tourists recommend purchasing vouchers at least 2 months before departure. Local hotels even in 3 stars are distinguished by comfort and high level of service. Most tourists claim that food at hotels is decent. If you want more, you should look for a small restaurant. Usually they are located near the hotel. To find one, just ask at the hotel reception.

A convenient factor is that transport in Prague always adheres to a strict timetable. It is impossible to get lost in the subway - everything is clearly marked on special maps.Be careful when exchanging money. Often in the exchange points a sign hangs with a certain rate, and during the exchange it turns out that it is valid only when exchanging large sums, which no one warns in advance. It is better to use exchangers at airports. In addition, most stores accept euros.You can pay in euros and change in kroons. Here most often the course will be profitable. Also similar innocent-looking tricks are found in other places. To deceive a tourist in the Czech Republic is not considered shameful. Pocket theft also thrives in crowded places. Especially valuable items and documents are best left in the hotel safe.

An interesting fact: if you can’t speak to the staff in a shop or other place, then there is no chance to explain in English. Unpleasant nuances of the trip will be expensive mobile communications. Excursions with guides will also be expensive. It is easier and cheaper to use the guide and inspect everything yourself.

In general, the New Year holidays in the Czech Republic will be a very entertaining adventure. In memory for a long time will remain the smells that hover over the Christmas markets, as well as views of local attractions.


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