Do-it-yourself jewelry box: master classes and creative ideas


In the shop windows you can find a large number of jewelry boxes for the most unusual forms of jewelry. Their decor is striking in its beauty, however, despite this "decoration" the desire to make a casket for jewelry with their own hands at needlewomen does not disappear.

Making crafts with your own hands is not only a tribute to talent, but also a desire to show skill, to create an original thing that no one else has.

Box of reel from scotch

The process of creating such a box is so simple that any girl can handle it.

We will need:

  • reel of scotch
  • thick cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • PVA glue

First of all, it is necessary to prepare a base of cardboard for the bottom and cover of the box. To do this, attach the reel to a sheet of cardboard and circle it with a pencil. The resulting circle needs to be cut around with another circle with a diameter of 3 cm more than the base.

Using a sharp object or metal ruler, bend the edges of the round bases. Glue one base to the reel with PVA glue.It will be the bottom of the box. To hide uneven edges, glue the gluing points with a thin strip of adhesive tape.

For the cover, it is necessary to prepare a strip of thick cardboard and combine it with a bobbin and a cover. The width of the strip should be equal to half the height of the reel. So the mount will be stronger. Glue the parts of the cover with PVA glue, let it dry completely.

To enhance the rigidity of the lid and bottom, you can glue to them another layer of cardboard with a diameter equal to the diameter of the reel.

The casket is ready, it remains only to decorate it. To do this, use the technique of decoupage or simple decoration with acrylic paints, self-adhesive film with prints under the tree or stone.

Baguette box with their own hands

Elegant and elegant look box made of baguette. Baguette - a special material used to create picture frames. On sale you can find material made of wood or plastic.

It is recommended to use a plastic baguette to create caskets. It is softer than wood, easier to cut and looks no worse than natural material.

Before you buy a baguette in art salons, you must determine the amount of material that will be required for the box. You can make a miniature square casket or make an elegant crafts with sides up to 15 cm. Having decided on the parameters, cut two strips of equal length from the main bar. Process the ends of the blanks with a knife to get a 45 degree angle.

Before final gluing of baguette blanks, try them on one another, make sure that there are no gaps. In case of detection of mismatches, process the edges with sandpaper. Glue the sidewall joints with building glue or wood glue.

As the bottom and lid of the casket is used thick cardboard, cut to the size of a little larger than the casket. The bottom is glued to the box glue moment. With the lid will have to tinker. Pieces of a piano loop, pieces of thick fabric connecting the lid and the box are used to fasten it. Whatever the way the lid sticks, the joints must be hidden or carefully handled.

The baguette box does not require decorating, but this does not prevent you from decorating it using decoupage technique, varnishing, wrapping the cover and bottom with velvet fabric or leather.

A box of bamboo napkin: a detailed workshop

Perhaps there is a bamboo box in every home. Moreover, it is rare to find plain versions, most of them are decorated with original patterns. In order to create a volume casket from a dense napkin, you need to sew decorative dense fabric on both sides of its edges.

Your task is to fasten the sides as tightly as possible so that in the process of using the thing they do not become damp. Handle the edges of the napkin with beautiful tight threads that will strengthen the structure and make it neater. Cut out 2 round blanks from the fabric, they will serve as the sides of the box.

Can be reinforced with cardboard or plastic inserts. You can connect fabric and bamboo napkin with Moment glue or threads. Only 3 sides of the fabric blank are joined, the remaining upper part is processed with a beautiful stitch or decorated in another way.

For the fastener, use the original button and eyelet. Ready options for fasteners can be found in hardware stores.

The finished box is covered with acrylic lacquer. So it will be less dirty and longer have a neat appearance.

Jewelry box out of shoe box

Cardboard boxes are an excellent basis for creating caskets, especially since modern girls have no shortage of this material. Shoe boxes, gift wrapping and much more can be the material for a future jewelry box.

We no longer need to create a box from scratch, so most of the time it will take to decorate the box and create connections between the lid and the base.

First of all, clear the box from the film layer. This will provide easy decoration of the box, applying paint or varnish.

Make at the corners of the cover 2 notches and aligns the tucked edge on one longitudinal side. Using PVA glue, glue it to the side of the box. Try to make connections as even as possible, if necessary, reinforce it with scotch tape.

If desired, you can remove the tucked edge from all sides, while leaving ideally smooth edges. The finished casket is decorated with a fabric under which a thin layer of foam rubber is enclosed. The casket decorated with a velvet or a flizelin looks magnificently.

Heart shaped cardboard box

The original shape of the box will appeal to many girls, and you can make such a craft yourself. All you need is a thick cardboard, glue and decoration material.

Cut their cardboard 2 heart shaped stems. Also prepare the sides of the box, the height of which is determined independently, based on the purpose of crafts. Cut the bottom edge of the sides as shown in the photo and glue them with Moment to the base.

You can connect the lid and the box using pieces of thick fabric, which are fixed with glue.

Decorate the box inside with decorative paper and decorate it with lace, decoupage drawings, ready-made fabric or paper flowers, beads on top.

Creating crafts with your own hands and contemplating the results of the work brings great joy to needlewomen. Caskets, created independently, unique items that have absorbed the hard work and creative abilities of its creator. Such gizmos will be a great decoration for your home or can serve as a great gift idea.


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