Every woman of fashion has a lot of tools in her makeup bag to create the perfect makeup. Among the variety, a separate place is occupied by the foundation, which in a matter of minutes, as if by magic, changes the appearance, hides fine wrinkles and disguises skin errors.

Which foundation is better

To choose a foundation, focusing solely on its value, is wrong. First of all, you need to pay attention to the main characteristics of the product and the individual characteristics of your skin.

Skin type

The composition of any foundation is focused on the features of the skin - a tendency to fat or, on the contrary, dryness, etc. For example, oil-free products are suitable for oily skin, for dry one you need to look for a cream without alcohol.

Color palette

The color of foundation should be similar to the natural shade. Makeup artists recommend choosing a little bit lighter than natural. Although recently you can find "smart" tonal cream, which independently adapts to the complexion.


The consistency of tint can be divided into light and more dense.The first are perfect for the summer season, the second have a high camouflage effect and are used for evening makeup.

Additional features

Modern tonal resources have an additional range of possibilities. These include matting of the skin, protection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, lifting effect.

Top tones rating

The cosmetic market is one of the most prosperous. All thanks to the desire of the girls always look perfect. We offer you a rating of tonal means of the middle and luxury class, which will be an excellent basis for any makeup.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

The tonal basis of the famous British brand Rimmel, which is known for producing many appearance care products. The composition of the cream is enriched with sapphire pigments, which allows it to adapt to the shade of the skin, covering it with a light and invisible "veil". This is the perfect combination of budget price and quality, which was appreciated by thousands of girls.

Foundation Match Perfection Foundation is the best in its segment. The well-known beauty blogger Olga Blik gave her assessment of the tool.

Vivienne sabo ton elixir CC crème

The French brand Vivienne Sabo is positioning Ton elixir as an SS-cream that combines the effect of skin tinting and gentle care for it. The product contains wheat germ extract, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Well-known makeup artist Vivien Szabo recommended this particular foundation to girls who want to have a fresh, radiant face.

Ballet 2000 Super Sustainable

The budget tool "Ballet" has stood the test of time and is still a success. The cream has a low cost compared to imported counterparts. The product is suitable for all skin types, contains vitamin E, vegetable oils and alcohol. The color palette is presented in natural, peach and beige shade.

The advantages of the cream "Ballet 2000":

  • easy to apply and spread on the skin, leaving a velvety powdery finish
  • has a leveling effect, perfectly hides pigment spots and peeling

Revlon 24 Hr. Colorstay Liquid Makeup Combination / Oily

Since its appearance on the beauty scene, the Revlon 24 Hr tonal tool. Colorstay became a bestseller and continues to hold its position until now. Thousands of fans of the cream called it a liquid photoshop.

The cream is available in two versions - for dry, normal skin and oily, combination. The tool has a viscous airy texture, which makes it almost invisible on the face. The skin becomes matte and smooth. The cream perfectly hides redness, age spots, peeling and other shortcomings.

Big plus Revlon 24 Hr. Colorstay in a wide tint palette - 21 colors. Impressive durability means and economical consumption.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel

According to manufacturers, Healthy Mix Serum is not just a foundation, it is an unforgettable course of vitamin therapy, which will give the skin tone, give it a healthy glow and well-groomed appearance. As part of the tool there are extracts of exotic fruits and berries. This gives the cream a delicious fruity aroma that won the hearts of many girls.

L`oreal Allience Perfect Perfect Radiance

Allience Perfect clever can adapt to skin color and type. It is evenly shaded over the surface of the skin, leaving no noticeable boundaries, perfectly masks minor defects on the face.

Convenient dispenser allows you to economically spend the tool. The cream contains light-reflecting particles, which gives the skin a noticeable slight radiance. Allience Perfect is the best tool for daily use. It is suitable for normal skin, while maintaining natural makeup with a natural color and skin tone.

Max Factor Color Adapt

The perfect choice of girls with oily sensitive skin. This is one of the most popular luxury products. The liquid consistency of the cream is adapted to the individual skin tone, contains no oil, hides, but does not clog the pores.

The tool is presented in 6 shades. The cream looks on the skin naturally, evens and mattes the skin, illuminates it.

Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid

A bright representative of the luxury class - the legendary Diorskin Forever can hardly be called just a foundation. It is an air fluid capable of adjusting to the individual characteristics of the skin. Thanks to seaweed extracts and acacia resin, the cream moisturizes dry skin, and collagen with zinc mattes the unpleasant sheen of oily skin.

The consistency of the cream is sliding, melting. It allows you to create a dense coating without a mask effect. The tool is best applied with a brush Backstage from Dior. This will get rid of redness and irregularities, the consequences of post-acne.

The tool lasts a long time, but the girls will have to try to wash off Diorskin Forever. It is impossible to wash off the cream with a simple skin, therefore it is better to use the professional tool Diorskin Forever based on hydrophilic oil.

Choosing a foundation you decide for yourself what effect you expect from it. The same tool may have several contradictory properties, for example, to level and matte the skin, but it is bad to hide flaking and other flaws.

Rely on the price and the manufacturer in this matter is not worth it - this approach will end in disappointment. Finding the perfect foundation is possible only taking into account the individual characteristics of your skin.


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