If we talk about the popularity of a beach holiday in the winter, then Egypt will definitely take the first place. Such a tour is a great opportunity for a relatively small amount to get from a frozen Moscow or another Russian city to a warm climate, plunge into the beautiful sea and lie on the soft sand.

The specifics of the New Year holidays in Egypt

The climate of Egypt attracts tourists with its comfort, dryness and warmth. The exhausting heat in the winter is not worth waiting for, it comes only in summer. Winter months by the standards of Egypt remain the coldest. Locals are not accustomed to cold at +24 degrees and put on jackets and coats. But guests from Russia feel comfortable and even bathe in the sea. Early in the morning and at night the temperature drops significantly, so for this time of day it is also worth grabbing warm clothes.

Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are considered the most favorite tourist resorts. In Sharm El-Sheikh, young people most often travel. Here holidays celebrate noisy and fun.The place is characterized by many hotels of different levels, entertainment centers and leisure activities.

In Hurghada, more measured life. There are more family hotels here. People with children come here more often. Local beaches are more gentle, which creates the best conditions for swimming with kids.

The depths of the Red Sea can give unforgettable impressions of the New Year. Where else can you spend the winter holidays among the magnificent corals and the brightest representatives of the marine fauna! At this time, the water temperature is at + 20 ... + 22 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the beach and swimming, you can entertain yourself with excursions, which will greatly expand the horizons of every tourist. Attractions here are special and very unusual. It is in winter you can see the largest number of tourist points, because at this time there is not that heat, which often scares away from similar trips in the summer.

Celebration of the New Year 2019 in Egypt

In Egypt, the winter holidays are celebrated not as widely as the Europeans do. Nevertheless, in the history of the region there are many own holidays associated with the arrival of the new year.

In Alexandria and Cairo, the New Year is celebrated most vividly with local Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Muslims here celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar and call it "Ras As Sana". In ancient times, the beginning of the new year was marked by the flood of the Nile. This happened at the end of September. Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. But only a few years ago, this holiday became official in Egypt.

It cannot be said that on December 31, everyone totally celebrates New Year. Nevertheless, you can find theme parties in a number of clubs. But even if it is not possible to find an event directly connected with the New Year, there will be a lot of other entertainment. Do not be bored. In addition to theme parties, you can visit discos, casinos and all kinds of night clubs. Many of them will be held concerts, one way or another connected with the holiday.

New Year's tours to Egypt are few. But you can always choose a tour, eventful, and spend time in a different atmosphere. It should be remembered that the most expensive excursions will be at the hotel guides, so you should attend to the development of the excursion program in advance.

The most frequent routes from Hugadah are trips to Cairo and Luxor. You can go to the desert in the Bedouin settlement. Will have to go there by bus or quad bike. Interesting can be a cruise on the Nile, planned for several days. If you come to rest in Sharm el-Sheikh, then the excursion is recommended to go in the direction of Israel and Jordan. Most often from Sharm el-Sheikh tourists go to Mount Sinai. This involves climbing the mountain. You should always have warm clothes and shoes with thick soles. The program usually includes the meeting of dawn and the descent to the monastery of St. Catherine.

New Year's shopping in Egypt is not as rich and diverse as in other countries. Nevertheless, you can entertain yourself with the acquisition of small souvenirs, spices, tea and other pleasant things. Prices for all this are very affordable, even in crowded tourist sites.

New Year in Egypt: Tourist Reviews

The first thing that tourists pay attention to in their reviews is the exorbitant rise in prices for holidays. We can safely expect that the price of accommodation or even for the entire tour will double. In addition, for the New Year's dinner most often have to pay about $ 150. The very same round of the average level instead of the standard $ 500 will result in 1000. If you postpone the trip in mid-January, you can save from $ 200 on one ticket.

Those who can not tolerate the cool at this time of year water in the sea, it is recommended to choose hotels with heated pools. Also, tourists point out that it gets dark early, and after dusk it is necessary to wear warm clothes. At the same time during the day you can easily get sunburned.

Tourists note that, despite the cool attitude of the Egyptians to the New Year, hotels and streets around are dressed up in the best European traditions. Here and garlands, and Christmas trees, and Santa Clauses.Among the reviews of disgruntled tourists were complaints about the poor festive table, which looks more like a dinner that was not eaten the day before. The food ends quickly. Also, some complain about the holiday program and the work of animators. But these criteria for evaluating rest can be subjective. Some even plan in the future to take with them delicacies in order to celebrate the holiday in the room on their own.

Among the useful recommendations advice to choose a hotel in the bays. There are no cold currents and winds. In addition, here you can stock vitamins for the whole year, as there are many fresh vegetables and fruits in Egypt in winter.

Despite some shortcomings, the New Year in Egypt can be one of the most vivid impressions in life. Memories of him will surely be stored for many years. Dressed palm trees and camels against the background of the sea are the perfect decoration for non-standard meeting of winter holidays. To see this, you need to visit this country at least once in the winter.


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