A trip abroad during the New Year holidays will bring incomparable impressions. The enthusiastic festive mood will make every day of such a trip bright and full of pleasant experiences. Emotions complement the colorful decorations and the play of lights that city dwellers adorn their streets with.

German cities are no exception. The beauty of the local New Year's scenery is fascinating. Many tourists even come here only to see this splendor created by pedantic Germans.

How to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Germany

Christmas residents of Germany celebrating quietly with family. But the New Year is celebrated on a grand scale. On this day, the Germans take to the streets, gather in large crowds and walk noisily and merrily in squares and major streets of cities. All this is accompanied by salutes and fireworks, as well as compulsory visits to clubs and bars.

Such an approach to the celebration is associated with the ancient belief that the noise drives away evil spirits.The Germans hope that as a result of the whole coming year they will not be bothered by troubles and troubles.

The very celebration of the New Year in Germany is called Sylvester - this is the name of the biblical priest who died in the year 335 on December 31. Prepare for the holiday ahead of time. Already in 2-3 months most of the places in cafes and restaurants are booked. The Germans during this period are already inviting friends and planning parties. Tourists buy tickets for transport and book places in hotels.

Immediately before the celebration, the Germans carefully clean their homes, take out elegant dishes and new bedding. This is due to the tradition of entering the New Year with everything new. On the traditional New Year's table, carp is most often found - its scales symbolize coins. Thus, the Germans wish guests and themselves wealth.

Increasingly, the owners prefer not to cook on the holiday table troublesome dishes. Therefore, fondue, raclette, all sorts of cuts and store pastries are already familiar guests of the New Year banquet. Also the table is decorated with fruit. Among the traditional sweets is a huge sweet gingerbread with raisins. The most important drink of the evening is traditionally champagne. Also, the Germans love the punch and punch.

On New Year's Eve, it is common to watch holiday shows on TV, play games and listen to music. Divination and making wishes have become an interesting custom. Most often gifts in Germany give for Christmas. On New Year's Eve, gifts are not accepted to be exchanged, except for small memorable souvenirs.

Mandatory attribute of the German New Year is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Under her fold baby gifts. Here, the Christmas attributes are very similar to the Russian one: Bengal lights, Christmas balls, luminous garlands, candles, firecrackers, fireworks. Pyrotechnics are not sold to persons under 18 years old. On the night of December 31, everybody goes out to see the bright spectacle. Instead of Santa Claus, the Germans have the main character Nimand. He rides a donkey and gives children gifts.

New Year's tours 2019 to Germany (prices for vouchers)

Among Russian tourists, bus trips to Germany remain the most popular. The most popular tours include visits to castles of Augsburg, Neuschwanstein, Schongau, Fussen. Also required are walks through the ancient streets of Munich and Nürberg. During this period, it all looks especially festive and magical.

The most expensive are ski tours. This is due to the reverent attitude to the German Alps, with which they include experienced skiers. Local ski resorts always provide the highest level of service.

If the decision is made not to travel, but to stay in one of the small German towns, then such a trip will be the most budget of all possible. Such tours usually involve a separately paid banquet with a concert program. The price of the trip itself usually includes:

  • air flight or bus ride;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation and meals;
  • insurance.

Whichever tour is chosen, it must be booked in advance at least two months in advance. Otherwise, the appropriate option is simply not found. If you want to save a little, you can use the shares of early booking and book a trip back in August. This will save about 30% of the standard price.

The average cost of a New Year's trip for two for a week will cost 1000 euros. This is subject to early booking. The closer to the holidays, the more expensive the trip becomes. The price can grow 3 times. It is important to check whether the air ticket enters the voucher.

Overview of Christmas tours in Germany

  • Tour “European classics - palaces and museums, cheese and champagne” - 31,120 rubles;
  • Tour “New Year in Cesky Krumlov + Germany and Austria” - 37,400 rubles;
  • Tour “New Year's Tale of Saxony” - 28,800 rubles;
  • Tour “Three banks of the Rhine. New Year in Strasbourg ”- 35,000 rubles;
  • Tour “New Year's Belgium + Germany” - 38,200 rubles;
  • Tour “Tales of Bavaria and the Czech Republic - Christmas” - 27,600 rubles;
  • Tour “Alpine landscapes + Alsace. New Year in Nuremberg ”- 40,500 rubles;
  • Tour “Wonders of New Year's Munich” - 33500 rubles;
  • Tour “Secrets of Christmas in the mountains Erzgebirge. Germany + Czech Republic ”- 25,700 rubles;
  • Tour “New Year in Krakow + Czech Republic + Germany” - 24,500 rubles.

Reviews of tourists about the New Year holidays in Germany

Reviews of tourists on trips to Germany for the New Year are mostly enthusiastic. Someone complains about high prices, but by European standards everything is quite affordable. Budget travel such difficult to call, but that level of service and approach to the organization of tours is worth all the costs. There are very few people dissatisfied with the winter holidays in Germany. Everyone is amazed at the beauty of the decoration of cities and the variety of entertainment and attractions.

Some tourists warn about the scope of folk festivals, where you should not come with young children. Crowds of people walking mostly consist of drunk young people who amuse themselves with indiscriminate volunteers of pyrotechnics. On the Internet you can find photos of squares and streets, densely strewn with the remains of salutes and firecrackers.

In any case, about this trip you need to make your own impression. You can do this only by visiting Germany on your own.


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