Modern design art is constantly evolving, opening up new horizons in all spheres for man. At the moment, the image of a man or a woman consists not only of properly chosen clothes and good hairstyle. Now in a trend are different wearable drawings and paintings. This art is known to mankind for hundreds of years, but only in the twenty-first century, the tattoo became a full-fledged part of the human form. Most people do not put a special meaning in the headdresses, using them as a decorative element, but still, you need to know about the hidden meaning of the tattoo.

At the moment, there are many styles and plots for creating tattoos, among which it is quite difficult to choose the optimal one for yourself. When choosing a tattoo you need to know about its value, but still, first of all, you can focus on yourself and your wishes, as well as the recommendations of the master,able to create an original drawing through the use of interesting and unusual techniques of applying the image on the body.

Most Popular Tattoos

At the moment, the list of the most popular tattoos that are in demand in 2018 should include:

  • The cross is a symbol of religion and devotion to it. Despite its importance, this image appeared much earlier than Christianity was formed. Previously, this symbol was used by warriors heading into battle, and this symbol was their amulet, protection and good luck sign. At the moment there are different types of cross, for example, Christian - a symbol of spirituality and faith, Celtic - masculinity and union with nature. The cross of the crucifix means sacrifice, the Latin - the memory of the departed, who were not indifferent to the owner of the tattoo, the iron cross - devotion to the code of honor. A cross with a precious stone in the middle is a search for the meaning of life.
  • Wings are a symbol of mythical and fairy-tale characters, for example, pegasi, fairies or angels. The value of the tattoo depends on the person and the meaning he puts into the tattoo, often this sign is combined with religion.
  • The heart is a sign of love. Often, such a tattoo complement the name of the second half. The heart, which is supplemented with wings, symbolizes the freedom of the spirit, the absence of bad habits and joy. However, such a symbol is often used by those who have lost a loved one, symbolizing this by the fact that they remain with him, even though he became an angel in heaven.
  • Wrist bracelets - amulets or runes, Christian symbols or clover leaves. All these signs bring good luck and protection to their carrier. Also popular are paired tattoos in the form of bracelets that unite hearts.
  • Yin-Yang - a symbol of the unity of opposites (day and night, light and darkness, good and evil, man and woman). Indicates the happiness of a person, which he feels regardless of the difficulties of life, circumstances and trials, while being in search of harmony.
  • Skull. The value depends on the complementary elements, if it is a rose - then the tattoo indicates the memory of the deceased person, if the serpent is wisdom and eternal life. Rose, located in the mouth of the skull - the risk, excitement and danger. If the skull is alone, then it marks the beginning of a new life, an attempt to scare away death from itself.
  • The Celtic sun - life, health and fertility.
  • The joker is a comic character, which is often stuffed with a playing card. The joker is a symbol of impunity and insanity.
  • Stars - wisdom, beauty and ambition.
  • Tribal - good luck and inspiration.

Popular tattoos for men

A tattoo is not a guy's body - it is not just a drawing, but a symbol that demonstrates the potential, temperament and masculinity of its carrier. The image can be of any size, since this is not fundamental in the light of current trends. Most men prefer large tattoos that are applied to their backs or all over their bodies.

At the moment, modern technologies allow using not only permanent, but also temporary tattoos on the body. This is a henna mahendi tattoo (bio-tattoo) - they decorate the male body only for a while (about three weeks) and are applied without serious consequences. Thanks to this, you can experiment, try different options and ideas. By choosing the best option, you can perform a permanent tattoo, emphasizing the strength and masculinity of its carrier.

At the moment, among the most popular options among men are monochrome tattoos, which can be presented in the form of inscriptions or hieroglyphs, images of animals or mythical characters. Of particular interest are animals, most often among which use a lion, a wolf or a tiger. Also popular is the image of the dragon, which may be small or to decorate the entire back.

Before applying a tattoo on the body, it is necessary to consult a specialist to find out how important a particular image is, as many can alarm or frighten people.Popular styles of tattooing: Celtic or ancient Slavs, are also in demand three-dimensional drawings and tattoos in the Gothic style.

Popular tattoos for girls

Among the most popular options for individuals of the female were considered, and will be considered inscriptions, Chinese or Japanese characters. Beautiful sayings, poems, dates or names of people close to the heart are all optimal solutions that are used not only by ordinary people, but also by famous personalities (actresses, singers, models, etc.).

Also, girls often prefer colors that are immortal classics or birds, symbolizing peace, freedom and self-improvement.

Other popular tattoos for girls:

  • A cat is a mystical symbol that denotes cunning, luck, and femininity.
  • Butterfly - a new stage in the life of a girl, her freedom and spiritual rebirth.
  • Dragonfly - a symbol of courage, strength and speed. Often it is a symbol of self-confident, but fragile at heart girls trying to get better. At the same time, you should be aware that this symbol is feared in Europe, since its designation is associated with the devil, hell and witches.


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