A small town in the Altai Territory is one name with a salt lake. The Great Spring Lake extends over more than 10 km and is 8 km wide. Healing water, brine and mud from the bottom can make the rest healing. Even a simple stay near the lake emitting a pair of bromine allows you to relax and strengthen the nervous system. Surprisingly, in addition to treatment, the place also attracts club parties and all sorts of entertainment.

In 2004, the Prichal complex, which is now known, was built in the city, which marked the development of the city as a resort. Since then, hotels, motels, recreation centers and infrastructure have been actively built here.Regular buses from Kemerovo, Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Tomsk arrive at the local bus station.

Rest in Yarovom (Altai Territory): housing prices 2018

One of the important factors of a comfortable stay at the resort is the place of residence. The city of Yarovoye offers a lot of different options for every taste and budget.

Rest in the private sector: apartments and houses

Apartments and houses of the private sector will offer guests the most budget accommodation options. In any corner of the Spring you can find a suitable place at any distance from the lake. As examples, it is worth noting a few suggestions.

  • "Cozy houses"

This economy accommodation option is located at ul. Vereshchagin, 33, Summer, Altai Territory. Here you can choose between guest rooms in a common building or one of the detached houses. It offers guests wireless Wi-Fi. During the day you will have to pay 400 rubles.

  • Cottage on Partizanskaya 45

At this address a comfortable house for rent. It is located in a quiet place and not far from the lake. On foot to the shore just 20 minutes to go. Accommodation will cost from 400 rubles per person per day.

  • Rooms on the street. Mira 2a

At this address 8 rooms for 4 people each. The building is new and is located near the bus station. To the lake just 10 minutes walk. During the day you will have to pay 1000 rubles.

  • Apartment on the street. Quarter A, 31

Here one-room apartment is rented, which is located not far from the "Berth 42". The apartment has glazed loggia, plastic windows are installed. During the day you will have to pay 1000 rubles.

There are plenty of options for prices ranging from 250 to 4500 rubles per day. The price varies depending on the season, distance from the lake and a set of amenities. The price of accommodation is better to find out directly from the owners of the apartments, so as not to face an unpleasant surprise right at the time of settlement.

Sanatoriums in Yarovoy

Sanatoriums are a great way to spend time in the resort town and get additional services in the form of prevention and treatment of diseases.

  • KGBUZ "Regional medical rehabilitation center Lake Yarovoy"

Sanatorium dispensary KGBUZ "Lake Spring" is famous for more than fifty years of experience. Treatment methods are based on the power of nature: silt-sulfide mud and brine from the lake has tremendous healing properties.

Guests will live in one of three buildings or one of the summer houses. Numbers vary in categories: economy, standard, summer houses, with facilities in the room, as well as the number of places in each of the rooms.

The price includes three meals for adults and four meals for children. The table is mostly dietary. Prices vary depending on the season and the number chosen, as well as a package of medical procedures.

  • Complex health center "Altaykhimprom"

The sanatorium is located just 100 meters from the salt lake, which gave the name of the town. The healing properties of the contents of the lake and the air around it are successfully used to heal visitors to the sanatorium. It offers several categories of rooms with everything you need inside.

For children five meals a day is supposed, and for adults - four meals a day. Products are exceptionally clean and eco-friendly. Also, guests can use a guarded parking lot, gym, beauty salon, cafe, water park.

Recreation facilities

Recreation facilities can also become a budget accommodation option. They are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living.

  • "Strelinka"

At this recreation center there are several houses in different configurations. The simplest of them cost 750-950 rubles per person per day. Houses with a fireplace and rooms in buildings will cost up to 1,750 rubles.

The base receives guests all year round. Here you can use a cafe, sauna, billiards, sports ground, catamarans, motor ship. Breakfast is included in the room rate. For extra bed breakfast will cost 150 rubles. Dinner and lunch are charged separately for 250 rubles. The menu is traditionally European.

  • "Manor"

This recreation center offers 2 accommodation options of 1200 and 1600 rubles per person per day.

  • "Tigris"

Offers accommodation in their rooms for the price of 2000 rubles.

It is recommended to choose those places that offer the best set of services. This will not be disappointed in the future.

Waterpark is the brightest place of entertainment in Yarovoy

Those who want to diversify their holidays can visit the local water park "Lava". From June to August, he works from 9.30 to 22.00.Children's ticket here costs 400 rubles, and an adult - 600 for 2 hours; 600 rubles and 1000 rubles for 3 hours, respectively; for 5 hours 800 and 1300 rubles; for 12 hours 1000 and 1500 rubles.

The park has 11 slides of different configurations. The water park itself stretched over 25,000 square meters. There are several pools of different depths and sizes, some even heated. Guests will enjoy the so-called "lazy river" and a wave pool. In addition, you can use the saunas, cedar bath, massage services, umbrellas, sun beds, as well as eat in local cafes.

Reviews about the rest in Yarovoy

According to reviews, the lake in Yarovoy reminds tourists to rest on the sea. On the basis of the territory, the place can compete with the Black Sea resorts. Tourists celebrate the infrastructure, clean water and overall pleasant atmosphere.

Among the negative reviews - dissatisfaction with a small number of outlets and products in them. But for those who come to enjoy nature, this factor does not really matter.


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