Tattoo - a modern type of body art, whose history goes far back in time. At the moment, with the help of tattoos, men and women demonstrate their individuality and uniqueness, trying to make their image more attractive and sexy. With regard to the selection of the sketch, the majority prefers plants and animals, inscriptions and amulets, images of famous personalities or characters. However, an equally interesting option is the tattoo cards, the sketches of which can be found in the public domain.

The value of playing cards in the tattoo

If we talk about playing cards, they have opposite values, many believe that the images of modern cards are taken from special fortunetelling Tarot cards. It would seem that cards are a device for innocuous gambling, in which both adults and children are keen. On the other hand, each sign and color conceals a special meaning and a magical meaning, which is not given to everyone.

The value of the tattoo with the image of playing cards in the first place depends on what color and value are chosen for the sketch of the future tattoos. By the way, it sounds implausible, but the division by color gave us Christianity. Maps are the main symbol of blasphemy, because they reflect disrespect for Jesus Christ and his sufferings, death. The reason for this lies in the fact that the cards have a direct connection with the Passion of Christ. A peak is a symbol of a black spear that pierced the ribs of Jesus, a cross — the symbol of the cross on which they crucified it, the head symbolizes a sponge with vinegar, and a tambourine is the nails with which the Savior was attached to the cross.

In this regard, it is important to determine whether such a tattoo will decorate the body or it is better to find a less harmless option. Of course, many critics over the years have tried to refute this interpretation and prove that it is not true, and maps are an absolutely safe object and symbol. However, it is not possible to prove the opposite, therefore in the Christian perception of the map it is an extremely negative symbol reflecting sin in all its manifestations.

Tattoo cards for men

As you know, men with the help of tattoos are trying to demonstrate their strength, leadership qualities and courage. For cards, ethnic, Celtic and traditional style are commonly used. The value of playing cards on the body of a man depends on the suit, as well as the value of the card that was used when creating the sketch. In ancient times, tattoo cards on the body of a man was a symbol of sin and debauchery, blasphemy and amorality, therefore, it caused condemnation and not delight.

Now the attitude to tattoos is more loyal, therefore a representative of the stronger sex, depicting on his body a drawing with playing cards is not considered an outcast or an atheist. Tattoo cards in the modern world are a great way to demonstrate your originality and sense of taste. The peak ace on a man's body is a symbol of authority, power and leadership qualities, as he is the highest card in the deck (if there are 36 cards). A no less attractive option is the joker card (the highest card that beats even aces).

Tattoo cards for girls

Girls also do not want to keep up with fashion and use a tattoo with a picture of playing cards on their body. As you know, girls choose tender sketches with bright colors and smooth lines to display their femininity, beauty and fragility in the picture. However, tattoo cards - this is not the most popular solution among girls. Usually they are chosen by bright and unpredictable girls who put the image of cards on the neck, hands or fingers.

Tattoo cards in prisons

As you know, in prison, many ordinary and completely harmless tattoos have radically different values, and they are mostly negative. As for the cards, they are used on the zone quite often, while their value depends on the suit and value of the card. The cross is a suit for thieves in law, and a peak is a symbol of thieves in authority. Tambourines are catals, gamblers and scammers. But the heart suit is of particular importance and the most negative, because in prison this symbol is applied to the body of people with unconventional orientation or the so-called "omitted".

Tattoos with the image of playing cards are popular not only in male but also female prisons. In principle, the meaning here is not much different, so a tambourine is also a symbol of fraudsters, a cross and a peak - only for thieves, but the heart is a reflection of those convicted of a depraved attitude (pedophilia).

Location and sketches of tattoo cards

Tattoos with the image of playing cards are especially popular among people who love gambling. In order to attract luck and luck, men put the image of cards on their hands, while the sketch consists of several cards, as if thrown into the game. If the tattoo card is not used as a symbol of farta, but simply an ornament, then it can be positioned on any parts of the body. For example, women prefer to place the image on the neck, shoulder blade or abdomen, more rarely on the ribs or arms.As for men, they prefer large figures that are placed on the collarbone, chest, shoulder or back. In general, the choice of location for the tattoo depends on the pain, personal preferences of the customer and the size of the sketch.

Tattoo cards are usually used to demonstrate their power and strength, leadership and authority in society. In this case, the tattoos are performed in an aggressive manner, complementing them with skulls or blood splashes. Also in demand is the image of maps, as if buried in flames. No less popular option - a combination of cards with the symbols of deadly sins or the devil himself. As for girls, they use softer and more delicate additions, for example, berries, flowers, the silhouette of a loved one. If we talk about styles, it is better to give preference to one of the following application techniques:

  • New cheekbones or old cheekbones.
  • Graffiti.
  • Realism.

Popular sketches of tattoos with playing cards:

  • Poker combinations.
  • Ace of spades.
  • Hearted lady - female version.
  • Cards with dices.
  • A combination of cards with a bowling ball (usually choose a black ball with number 8).
  • Cards and chips - poker theme.
  • Joker.



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