Rock crystal is a mineral that happens to be both natural and artificial. In this case, both species have different properties and characteristics. Rhinestone is a large-crystal variety of quartz, which surprises with its absolute transparency. The crystals of this stone are so pure and perfect that in ancient times the rock was perceived with ice that it turned into stone with time.

By the way, crystal has an unusual, but extremely interesting property - if you touch it, you feel a slight coolness, on the basis of which, the opinion of the icy origin of the mineral followed. Another reason why people thought so was often the crystals of this stone are found in the mountains, deep in the midst of snow and ice.

The first who compared crystals of rock crystal and ice in scientific interests is Robert Boyle (a scientist originally from England), who found that they have different characteristics (weight, density, etc.), as a result of which he realized that these are completely different substances.Rock crystal is also unique in that it is very fragile, while it has high hardness - 7 units on the Mohs scale.

The crystals of rock crystal are formed in the cracks of the ore veins, creating the so-called crystal cellars. If there is empty space, then the stone continues to grow until it completely fills the free area. Thus, a stone can measure from a few centimeters to several meters.

It is noteworthy that nature itself gives this stone a cut, creating a hexagonal prism with pointed ends of rhombohedral shape. The height of a single crystal is usually several times its width. A unique type of stone is a bipyramidal crystal, which does not have a prismatic component, and therefore its alternative name is a crystal diamond. Usually these stones are loved by jewelers who actively use them in creating expensive products, and the main advantage of such a mineral is that it does not require additional processing or cutting.

Where to mine and how to use rhinestone

The largest deposits of pure mineral are mined in the territory of Southern Yakutia. Also, rock crystal can be found in the Alps (French and Swiss), in the Urals, in the mountains of the Crimea and the Carpathians. However, rock crystal is not a rare stone, so it is mined in other parts of the world - Madagascar, China and Brazil.

The quality of a rock crystal is determined by its brilliance after the grinding and polishing work, as well as its degree of transparency. With the help of the mineral they create lenses that are actively used in jewelry. Some craftsmen make cups, bowls and other dishes from this stone. Of particular value are small crystals that, after grinding, are used to inlay jewelry.

Rock crystal is an inexpensive mineral that belongs to ornamental stones, and the cost of one carat is about 5-7 dollars. However, the cost of the finished jewelry with this stone is much higher, since it takes into account the complexity of the handmade work and the material that is used to create the product. For example, a large crystal ball having a regular geometric shape is of particular value.

How to identify a fake?

Often, under the guise of a mineral trying to sell ordinary glass, so you need to be extremely careful when buying products from crystal. The main difference between glass and rock crystal - when in contact with a human body, crystal practically does not change its temperature, unlike glass.

Another method is that you can hold a knife blade on a mineral, if it is glass, then scratches will remain on it, but for crystal this test will pass without a trace. However, there is an artificial crystal that has similar physical properties. In this case, only a jeweler can distinguish a fake from natural rock crystal.

The healing properties of rock crystal

Since ancient times, Tibetan residents have used the mineral to heal bruises and wounds, because the coolness from the stone alleviates pain and accelerates cell regeneration, and the sun's rays passing through the prism disinfect the open wound. In ancient Greece, rhinestone was used as a dishware of gods, kings and folk heroes. It is known that they all used drinks only from crystal goblets, as they neutralized the poison that could be inside.

In the modern world, rhinestone is used as antipyretic, the reason for this is trivially simple - the mineral always remains cold. As for modern medicine, doctors in China still use small crystal balls for massage. Also, small crystals are used to stimulate biologically active points.

The magical properties of rock crystal

If we talk about the mystical power of crystal, then the easiest way to think about the crystal balls that love magicians and witches. Since ancient times it was believed that this mineral gives its owner the gift of clairvoyance, showing him past and future, answering difficult questions and hidden riddles.It was important to leave the ball in a dark room, the ingress of sunlight was not allowed.

In the Middle Ages, crystal was actively used by alchemists. They believed that rock crystal was able to receive cosmic signals and open the gates to the astral world or the “third eye” of man. Also, the stone helps from insomnia, deprives a person of fears and anxieties. A silver ring with crystal is a charm from winter and frostbite. There are also varieties of stone that have unique magical properties, for example, stones “Cupid's arrow or“ hair of Venus ”gave happiness and love to its owner, but the green shade mineral healed from all diseases.

Who is suitable rhinestone zodiac sign

Since the mineral has several types, each of them has a different effect on humans. On this basis, each species is suitable only for some signs of the zodiac. If astrologers are to be believed, then smoky crystal is suitable for people belonging to the elements of water or air, but it is contraindicated for Virgos and Capricorns and can only be used if you need to get rid of drug or alcohol addiction. As for Streltsov and Aries, crystal is strictly prohibited to these signs. A special type of stone - black rhinestone, which allows you to find a connection with the other world. It is believed that the black mineral can be worn only by Scorpios.


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