It is difficult to imagine the world of fashion without women's dresses. Every season we observe new trends that, at times, are so unpredictable that not even every fashionista is ready to experiment and buy a creative thing. But often, condemning the bold design decisions, we somehow try to try on a new image. After all, in the end, this is the last squeak! I wonder what surprises in the design of dresses we have prepared this year?

Original elegance

In the designer selection of elegant dresses this year, ambitious couturiers did not miss the opportunity for a luxurious style, delicately emphasizing a female figure, to add an expressive bright accent.

The color palette of monophonic models is endowed with noble muted shades of green, lilac, blue, gray, pink.

Neat trim without frills very fine highlights the best sides of gorgeous female forms, and high-quality fabrics look expensive and tasteful.

Designer creative

Particular attention is paid to a completely unconventional, stunning, and sometimes, controversial image of girls, whose attire surprises with the eccentric result of design creativity.

Intentional maximalism of designers contradicts the prevailing stereotypes of beauty. Uncommon forms and silhouettes of dresses, original details and stylistic combinations are another reason to speculate about the future of fashion, which goes beyond women's gentleness and simplicity. But this is the point - to show a significant emotional contrast between repetitive from year to year styles and completely unconventional - a new look at things.

Flounces and frills - luxurious undulation

What can make a dress even more magnificent, more interesting and more feminine? Undoubtedly flounces, ruffles, frills. This element is a great addition to both spring-summer and autumn-winter models. Playful trim on the sleeves, collars and skirt of the dress gives a charming tenderness, lightness and a bit of enthusiasm to the image. Wavy frill is appropriate even in office style, delicately dilutes their strict forms.

Trendy urban casual

Casual - a favorite style of women for everyday life. In the wardrobe of every woman of fashion, there is surely a collection of cute dresses of free cut or another interesting format, in which she feels not only comfortable, but also incredibly stylish. After all, fashion has long ago abolished the stereotype “only the heel under the dress,” which cannot but please the beautiful half of humanity.

Modern couturiers have proved that their models are quite organically and even very delightfully combined with sandals, low-speed shoes, ballet flats, slate, and more recently with laconic moccasins or sneakers. And this is yet another proof that a graceful feminine bow can be both practical and homely.


More pomp this season! Luxurious flared sun

Stripe and geometric print in contrast

Geometric prints and stripes from year to year travel on the fashion shows of young designers. And it is not surprising, because such patterns create a clear, expressive contrast with the background color of the dress, which makes the image much more interesting and brighter.

In addition, longitudinal or transverse stripes are a cunning and well-known way to visually correct a figure.

Model “bell”

Knitted dresses

Elegant dresses for evening or festive option

The problem of choosing an evening dress, perhaps, is familiar to every girl who wants to be special on this significant day for her. Often we come across models that are too “smart”, supersaturated with flashy details. And the fact that we enjoy the festive evening is unlikely to fit. After all, you want a refined harmony of style, unique elements, moderate restraint and at the same time expressiveness of your own “me”.

And this year, talented designers tried their best!

Extended model on the figure

The classic style of the elongated fitting dress has changed noticeably this year. Unexpected elements in the form of tempting cuts and cuts, translucent inserts, cute, and sometimes, ironic prints on fairly conservative forms of the dress are very enlivened by the usual model.

Charming “mini”

Mini trapezium

Colorful ethnic style

Lace and carved patterns

And this season we have not left the trend for patterned cuts and lace. Many ladies, wanting to emphasize their seductiveness, sensuality and sexuality, prefer dresses that have at least a little hint of nakedness.

Corrugated Dresses

Dress shirt or dressing gown

Half sports image

Air Beach Outfits

“Vintage” modernity

Nostalgic notes of the 70s, up to the 90s, can be traced in dresses that will also be relevant in the new year. They seem created by designers for the nature of romantic and those who know how to skillfully combine vintage style and modernity.

The vintage trend has long ceased to be old-fashioned and live in the past.Creative creative designers radically change the situation: the actual prints, colors, stylized finish do their work!

Modern design "maxi"

It is impossible to look indifferent to a gorgeous lady in a maxi dress. Such a model in itself makes the image especially mysterious, complete and complete.

Dress to the floor involves a lot of experiments with the design. Fabrics and textures, finishes and shapes, colors and patterns admire with their diversity and ideas of combinations. An abundance of cut options provides young ladies with a wide choice for every taste.

Office fashion - strict silhouette

Unique minimalism: chic with no frills

As you can see, fashion trends for dresses in many respects repeat the motifs of previous seasons. But anyway, the modern design of luxurious women's apparels today still made its bright touch. And in order not to be completely entangled in the abundant abundance of various ideas, the girl must accurately represent her best stylish dress, which will look perfect on the figure and match her character.


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