This material is rather an essay on the memory of those who died in 2017. Many individuals here, undoubtedly, are worthy not of a single line, but of an entire story.

Dead in January 2017

On January 1, Anthony Atkinson, the famous British scientist and economist who created the Atkinson index (one of the social inequality indices), passed away.

atkinson anthony

On January 3, at 79, the great cosmonaut, Igor Petrovich Wolf, Hero of the USSR, died.

Igor Petrovich Wolf

January 4 did not become the founder of one of the very first vocal-instrumental ensembles of the USSR “Singing Guitars” - Vasilyev Anatoly Nikolaevich. At the time of his death he was 81 years old. Obviously, today not everyone understands and knows the musical history of those times, but surely many people know such personalities as Yury Antonov, Irina Ponarovskaya. And after all, they and not only were members of this ensemble. Vasiliev devoted a part of his life to the development of variety art, but for some reason it is rarely remembered in the press.

On January 6, Indian actor Om Puri died at the age of 66. He remembered us from the film “Disco Dancer”, in which he played the role of David Brown.

Om puri

On January 12, relatives, friends and the audience said goodbye to William Peter Blatty (89 years old) - an American director, writer and screenwriter who created a great bestseller - “Exorcist”.

William Bletty

On January 14, Solovyov Yury Vasilyevich died, not having lived 2 days to 84 years. He was a talented Russian actor, honored artist of the RSFSR.

Yuri Soloviev

On January 16, Eugene Cernan (82 years old), the American legendary astronaut, died; today he is the last of those who stood on the surface of the Moon itself!

Eugene Cernan

January 19 killed the famous actor Miguel Ferrer. Mortal cancer was laryngeal cancer. He starred in such popular films as “Twin Peaks”, “RoboCop”, as well as in the TV series “Marine Police: Los Angeles”. Being in serious condition, Miguel was still an enthusiast and until the last took an active part in the shooting.

Miguel Ferrer

On the same day, the Brazilian singer, the soloist of Kaoma, Loalva Braz, did not become. At the time of her death, she was 63 years old. The events of this day are striking in their cruelty. The criminals entered the house, hit Braz, ruthlessly threatened with a knife and robbed. After that, together with Loalva they left the crime scene. Because of the trouble with the engine, the criminals decided to burn the car along with the singer.

Loalva Braz

On January 25, John Hurt died - a magnificent actor whose idols and loving viewers will always remember and endlessly admire John's skilful play, especially the role of Ollivander. And fans of the film “Doctor Who” will forever remember the military doctor.

John Hurt

On January 27, Emmanuel Riva, one of the age-old Oscar contenders, passed away (for the Love Ribbon, 2013).

Emmanuel Riva

On January 28, Belarusian and Soviet pop singer Alexander Tikhanovich (64 years old), a former member of the ensemble Verasy, died.

January 31 - relatives and idols said goodbye to musician John Wetton, who played in such popular bands as Uriah Heep, Roxy Music, Asia, Wishbone Ash, UK.

John Wetton

Dead in February 2017

February 2, died 93-year-old Max Luscher - a Swiss scientist, a psychologist, who developed the Luscher color test.

Max Luscher-min

Georgy Georgievich Taratorkin died on February 4 - Russian and Soviet actor, People's Artist of the times of the RSFSR.

Taratorkin Georgiy Georgievich

On February 5, the 70-year-old Swedish actor Bjørn Justat Triggve Granat was gone. The series “The Bridge”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” - it was in these tapes that Pomegranate was the most memorable for us.

Pomegranate, Bjorn

February 8, Peter Mansfield died, the owner of the Nobel Prize in the medical field, which he received in 2003 for inventing an MRI. Undoubtedly, this is a genius in his field, thanks to which millions of lives have been saved.

Peter Mansfield

February 12 - another talent left the world - Al Jarro (he was 76 years old), a popular singer and jazz musician of America.

Al jerro

On February 13, Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of the DPRK leader (Kim Jong Il), was killed. The tragedy occurred in Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia), which caused a huge scandal in the world of politics.

Kim Jong Nam

February 19 - Ostashev Alexey Valentinovich, a 55-year-old Russian double bass player and bass player who performed on stage with many popular artists, including in the famous band The Untouchables, died.

Ostashev Alexey Valentinovich

February 20 - Churkin Vitaly Ivanovich - Russian and Soviet diplomat, representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, and since 2006 - to the UN Security Council.
Churkin Vitaly Ivanovich
February 22 - The incredibly talented actor of the Russian and Soviet cinema, People's Artist of the RSFSR, Alexey V. Petrenko, passed away.
Petrenko Alexey Vasilyevich
February 25 - at the age of 36, Neil Fingleton, a wonderful English basketball player and actor, died of a heart attack.

Neil Fingleton

February 27, there was no Russian journalist, producer, creator of the program “Wait for me” Kushnerov Sergey Anatolyevich

Dead in March 2017

March 10 - Robert James Waller (77 years old) - American writer, known to the public through his novel - "Bridges of Madison County".

Robert James Waller

March 13, died Richard Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (82 years old) - Danish prince, a relative of Queen Benedict (husband of her sister).

Richard Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

March 18 - died the greatest rock musician Chuck Berry.

Chuck berry

March 20, David Rockefeller died (101 years old) - the main house in the Rockefellers, the famous billionaire, politician and banker.

David rockefeller David rockefeller died

March 21 Colin Dexter (86 years old) died - an English writer, known as the author of detective stories about Inspector Morse.

Colin dexter

On March 22, Lembit Yukhanovich Ulfsak (69 years old) died - an Estonian and Soviet actor, our beloved Mr. Hey, Paganel, Til Ulenshpigel.

Lembit Yuhanovich Ulfsak

Died in April 2017

On April 1, at the age of 84, Russian and Soviet poet, screenwriter, director Yevgeny Yevtushenko died. The cause of death was cancer of the fourth degree. The body of the legendary poet rests in Peredelkino near the grave of Pasternak.

April 2 - Olekh Sergey Georgievich (51 years old) - Ukrainian artist - showman, actor, participant of two projects: “Mask Show” and “Gentleman Show”. He worked until the last days, without telling that he was ill with cancer.

Olekh Sergey Georgievich

April 8, died of heart failure Grechko Georgy Mikhailovich (85 years old) - cosmonaut, Hero of the USSR, Czechoslovakia.

Grechko Georgiy Mikhailovich

On April 12, at 57, Eddie Murphy's brother Charles Murphy passed away. He was a great American actor and screenwriter, but he could not overcome leukemia (in the photo on the right).

died Charles Murphy on the right

Died in May 2017

May 7, died at 71 years of age, Vladimir Bogin, People's Artist of the Maly Theater, film actor. Among the favorite audience of tapes with his participation, "Fathers and Sons", "Walking on the Road" and others.

On May 12, Yury Borisovich Sherstnev (77 years old) died - an inimitable actor of theater, film and television.

Sherstnev Yuri Borisovich

On May 14, the People's Artist of the RSFSR, the popular Soviet actress, Kartasheva Irina Pavlovna, did not become. She was 95 years old at the time of her death.

Kartasheva Irina

On the same day, Powers Booth, America’s famous actor and Emmy Award winner, died.

Powers Booth

On May 16, Oleg Borisovich Vidov died after a serious illness at 73 years of age. Soviet actor, director, producer will forever remain in the memory of relatives, relatives and fans.

died Vidov Oleg

The plot of the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune". Species as Lieutenant Slavin

Types Oleg

May 18 became aware of the sudden death of the greatest rock musician, composer and guitarist Chris Cornell, who was only 52 years old.

Chris Cornell

On May 22, at the age of 78 years, Vladimir Ivanovich Pereturin died - a famous sports commentator, and earlier a football player (defender). Only one day remained until his 79th birthday.

Pereturin Vladimir Ivanovich

On the same day, at the age of 94, Dina Merrill died - a famous Hollywood actress and socialite.

 Dina Merrill

On May 23, the world was shocked by the news of the demise of the inimitable Roger Moore. The cult actor of Britain, producer and screenwriter, beloved by all James Bond “agent 007” left the world for the 90th year of his life.

Roger moore actor Roger moore

Dead in June 2017

On June 13, the star of the show “The Battles of Psychics” Ilona Novoselova (29 years) died. According to known data, the girl fell from the sixth floor after a quarrel with her boyfriend. Novoselova was one of the most scandalous and unpredictable participants of the seventh season of the show. According to the voting results, Ilona took the second place, then Alexei Pokhabov won the show.

On June 15, Aleksey Batalov (88 years old) died - a famous actor of Soviet cinema, the favorite hero of the films “My Dear Man”, “Rumyantsev's Case”, “Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears”, etc. thighs

June 16 was not a politician Helmut Kohl. The distinguished chancellor of Germany played a significant role in improving relations between Germany and Russia, as well as in unifying Europe.

On June 21, Major General of the KGB and Soviet intelligence officer Yuri Drozdov (91) passed away.

June 29 did not become a former soloist of the famous Russian pop group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. He was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. The heart of the musician could not stand the complications. At the time of his death he was only 47 years old.

Dead in July 2017

The writer Daniel Granin died on July 4, 2 years before they were 100 years old. He was a member of the Great Patriotic War, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the USSR, a Hero of Socialist Labor. Granin's novels became famous throughout the USSR - “The Seekers”, “After the Wedding”, “I am going to a storm”.

July 9, at the age of 87, the artist Ilya Glazunov did not become. From 1987 to the last day of his life, he was the rector of the Russian Academy of Painting, to his credit many paintings in the genre of historical painting.

July 20, at the age of 42, Chester Bennington died - the lead singer of the music band Linkin Park. According to his loved ones, Bennington was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and eventually decided to commit suicide.

July 30 did not become a young musician - producer and composer of the rap group LSP Roma Englishman (29 years old). Nothing is known about the cause of death.

On July 31, Jeanne Moreau (89 years old) died - a well-known French actress of the 60s who played in 142 films - Lovers, Lift to the Scaffold, Maid's Diary, Jules and Jim, Night, etc.

Dead in August 2017

On August 16, Russia was shocked by the news of the death of the famous Russian and Soviet film actress Vera Glagoleva. The actress was not able to overcome cancer and died at the age of 61 years. She became famous for her roles in the films “Don't Shoot the White Swans,” “Marry the Captain,” “Sincerely Yours,” “Torpedo Bombers,” and many others. In addition, Glagoleva recently actively engaged in directing.

August 23, died Dallas McCarver - a young 26-year-old American bodybuilder, a contender for the title of Mr. Olympia. According to local media, McKarveru blocked the breath of a foreign object, more detailed facts are still unknown.

August 25, 45, died world-famous American bodybuilder Rich Piana. In addition to his sports career, Rich was involved in blogging and entrepreneurship. The death of a bodybuilder became known from the mouth of his friend Bradley Martin, who published the tragic news in his Instagram.

On August 14, Pian was found unconscious in her home; he spent the last days of his life in a coma. According to media reports, Rich took a large dose of a special drug (polymethyl methacrylate), the so-called "organic glass".

On August 30, the United States bid farewell to the legendary Louise Hay, a great psychologist and orator, one of the founders of the popular self-help movement, which became known precisely through the website of Louise. Hey died at the age of 91.

Dead in September 2017

September 4 - at the age of 30 died actress Stella Baranovskaya.

Singer Katya Gordon wrote about this in her Instagram. Stella had lymphoblastic leukemia. In recent days, she experienced terrible pain and could not walk. The five-year-old son of the actress is now left without a mother.

On September 14, Rada Zmikhnovskaya, a former member of the Russian band Band Eros, passed away. The official cause of death was hemorrhagic stroke.

On September 23, actor Nikolai Godovikov (67 years old), a favorite by millions of Soviet citizens, died. He played the famous role of Petruha in the film “White Sun of the Desert”. The cause of death was cancer.

September 26, it became known about the death of 37-year-old Natalia Yunnikova, the star of the series “The Return of Mukhtar”. According to her former spouse Anton Fedotov, Natalia suffered a stroke (extensive cerebral hemorrhage). September 22, she lost consciousness. Doctors introduced the actress into an artificial coma. Yunnikova died without regaining consciousness.

On the same day, the legendary figure skater of the USSR Lyudmila Belousova died.

Four-time world and European champion, performing in a pair with Oleg Protopopov, died in Switzerland at the age of 81 after a long illness. Lyudmila Evgenievna’s body was cremated.

On September 27, a young actor Egor Klinaev (18 years old), known for the TV series Fizruk, died in an accident in Moscow. By a terrible coincidence, Klinaev stopped to help drivers in an accident, and at that time he was under the wheels of another car that apparently did not notice the accident that had happened.

On September 30, at 73, Andrei Menshikov, a Soviet and Russian poet, screenwriter, playwright, and one of the first founders of KVN, was gone. In addition, Andrei Viktorovich is the author of hundreds of poems and songs, he worked for a long time on Russian and Soviet television and was the creator of the most popular programs “Come on, girls!”, “Good night, kids”, “Merry guys”, etc.

Dead in October 2017

On October 9, at the age of 82, the outstanding healer, philosopher and writer Allan Chumak died. This was announced by his close friend Dmitry Gordon. Allan in 80-90 was one of the most famous healers of Russia.His television sessions gathered a million viewers in front of the screens.

On October 15, Russian actor Dmitry Maryanov passed away. He died in the suburban town of Lobnya on the way to the hospital. According to the information of REN TV channel, as a result of the medical examination, it became known that the artist's heart stopped due to acute blood loss. The cause of the tragedy was a combination of incompatible drugs.

Dead in November 2017

On November 10, Russia was shocked by the news of the death of Mikhail Zadornov, the most famous and well-known humorist, satirical writer. Before he reached 70, he passed away from a progressive brain tumor that was diagnosed a year ago. In November 2016, Mikhail Nikolayevich was operated on in Germany, but the operation did not bring the desired result, nor did the further chemotherapy. A few days before his death, Zadornov accepted the Orthodox faith, although he had previously been a supporter of paganism.

On November 11, the popular TV host and journalist Boris Notkin did not become. He was psychologically unable to withstand, in fact, the verdict (cancer of the fourth stage) and committed suicide.

November 15, Gustav Ar died - an American rapper, known as Lil Peep. According to known data, a 21-year-old musician died from a drug overdose. Gustav's body was found on the bus during the tour. On this day in the city of Tucson (Arizona) was to be held a concert. Shocked friends immediately took the guy to the hospital, but failed to save the musician.

November 22 in London, died opera singer and People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Hvorostovsky. In June 2015, Dmitry was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As soon as the artist learned about the disease, he immediately canceled all performances and underwent chemotherapy. After the treatment, the actor returned to the Metropolitan Opera in New York on August 25, 2015. In December 2016, the disease began to progress. Dmitry died at the age of 56. Most recently (October 16, 2017) he turned 55 years old.

Dead in December 2017

December 9, died People's Artist of the USSR, theater and film actor Leonid Bronevoy (88 years).

He played dozens of roles in the films “Formula of Love”, “Pokrovskie Vorota”, “That Munchausen”, but the real popularity came to the artist after the role of Heinrich Muller in the film “Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

December 10, Charles Green died - the most popular Internet person in the USA, who led his YouTube channels “TheAngryGrandpaShow”, “Grandpa’s Corner” under the pseudonym of Angry Grandfather (AGP). Poor Charles was seriously ill and died due to complications caused by cirrhosis of the liver.

On December 18, a young South Korean musician, vocalist of the SHINee group, Kim Jonghin (27 years), passed away. Unfortunately, the guy was not able to cope with a deep depression and lost the score.

Dear readers, we welcome your feedback and warm words about personalities that are known to you from this list.


  1. The last, restless, sunset, last, untouched, summer. The dead are humble, in the tombs ... there is not enough light.

  2. thanks for the information, now I will know who is still with us and who is no longer the eternal memory of them many knew from previous years, sometimes I look and I am surprised – I can’t believe that there are no more

  3. “... According to his loved ones, Bennington was addicted to drugs and alcohol, eventually he decided to commit suicide.” Non-journalists, under-bloggers! Took information in some yellow press and published on obum. Though would not shame. Desecrated the name of such a person!

    • “... Until the age of 16, he tried all possible types of alcohol and drugs. At 17, he moved to his mother, who was so shocked by his appearance of an emaciated drug addict, that he forbade him to leave the house. He continued to "break up", he continued to drink. Soon, as he himself admits, he turned into an “absolutely chronic alcoholic”. In subsequent years, alcoholism will still remind of itself. ”@Wikipedia
      We did not want to hurt anyone's feelings, but simply highlighted the information.

      • And since when has Wikipedia become a reliable source of information? Do you know that anyone can enter and correct information there? There, half of the other actors are not correctly indicated. Come and read what his friends and members of the group write in their accounts in the insta

    • Yeah, check the data before writing slander. On the contrary, close ones were perplexed about the reason of suicide And stressed that there were no problems with drugs! Correct the article!

      • Chester was a mentally unbalanced person. Of course, earlier the use of drugs and alcohol made themselves felt. In one of the interviews on the radio, a couple of days before his death, he confessed to his problems, he said that he was afraid to be alone with himself, as if asking for help, but unfortunately no one heard

  4. June 13, 2017 - 29-year-old Ilona Novoselova, finalist of the 7th season of the “Battle of Psychics”, died.
    September 14, 2017 - 38-year-old Rada Zmihnovskaya, ex-member of the Band’Eros group, died.
    September 4, 2017 - 30-year-old actress Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer.

  5. November 29, 2017 died honest. decent. hardworking man Sigoshin Yuri Mikhailovich. Light his memory and eternal rest. God rest his kingdom. He was 68 years old. Terrible oncology, cancer ...

  6. Chester committed suicide on the birthday of his friend Chris Cornell. I think this is an important fact. Cornell’s death could also have caused Bennington’s suicide.

  7. Due to the fact that a drug addict was bent from an overdose, the author did not notice that on November 23 Nikolai Godovikov, the All-Union Petruha, was absent.
    Not good…

  8. In 2017, they left for Mir Navi:
    actor Vladimir Tolokonnikov - played Poligrafovich Sharikov Polygraph in the movie “Heart of a Dog” (1988)
    explorer of the Earth, surrounding Mira, time, UFO - Vadim Chernobrov
    Language Researcher - Vyacheslav Ivanov
    Language Researcher - Andrey Zaliznyak
    All living - Good.

  9. You are just a yellow press. The great Chester Bennington did not die from alcoholism and drugs. Do not know, do not declare. Of course, I didn’t hold a candle, but the fact that Bennington is an alcoholic and a drug addict writes only a fucking yellow press that is the way you are.


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