As we know, fashion is very unstable and trends change one after another. This happens literally with everything: clothes, shoes, accessories, and even hairstyles. Manicure is also no exception. The actual shape and length of the nails, colors and design change. But at the same time, there are options that somehow turn out to be among the most popular from season to season. These include the manicure in red, which is associated with brightness, sexuality and independence.

The benefits of red manicure

It would seem that what features may have a simple red coating? Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of them, because thanks to different application techniques, a variety of shades and textures, you can create different styles and designs.

Another feature that is characteristic of a red manicure is that, contrary to general opinion, it is suitable for girls with any color type and hair color. It is important to choose the right shade that will complement your beauty and make the image more attractive.If you want to attract the attention of others, then pick up the same color lipstick.

If you work in an office, but still want to make a red manicure, we recommend combining it with white in the form of a French or moon manicure. A good option would also be a geometric design that perfectly emphasizes the image of a business woman.

Actual ideas

By itself, the color red is quite bright, so if you do not know what to choose, then your option is a one-color coating.

As you can see, due to a different structure of lacquer, manicure looks very different. It is not suitable for office work, but would be an ideal option for special occasions or a romantic date.

Pearlescent varnish will also be relevant in 2017. With it, you can make stunningly beautiful design.

To add a highlight to the design, it is not at all necessary to come up with a variety of drawings, just add a few rhinestones. Changing their location, as well as the shape of rhinestones and their color, you can create a different manicure every time.

For bright and temperamental ladies, a combination of black and red is best. This combination will be appropriate both at a business meeting, and at a gala event or evening walk. There is an incredibly large variety of designs that can be made in this color scheme. So be sure to try it and you will definitely like it.

To design was beautiful, it is not necessary to make it the same on all legs. The photo is an excellent example of a combination of colors and patterns in the lunar manicure.

Bulk red roses on a black background look luxurious! This design perfectly complements the elegant evening dress in the floor and is suitable for celebrations.

Many girls strive for symmetry in everything, and especially in manicure. Of course, this has its advantages, but this option with a single contrasting nail looks no less stylish.

Another equally popular color combination is red and white. And if the previous version could be called impudent, then it looks calmer and more romantic. This classic combination is most often chosen to create a lunar or French manicure.

Velvet decor and red rhinestones on a white background look very expensive and attractive. Such a manicure certainly can not be called everyday, but for important and festive events, it just fits.

A drawing that is made by hand by a master will always look insanely beautiful. After all, you can see every line on it, the smooth transition of colors and texture. Sometimes this design is like a work of art.

Laconic, stylish manicure - this is what you need for work or everyday life.

Volumetric pattern on the nails will always attract the attention of others due to its interesting and unusual appearance.

It would seem that a rather simple and unpretentious nail design, but at the expense of small hearts, it looks very sweet and romantic.

If you are doing a manicure yourself, then to create a beautiful design, you can use the slider design. It is quite simple to do it, but it still takes a little practice. Before applying, you need to soak it in water and apply it evenly on the nail. After that, it is recommended to cover with a transparent varnish or a special top. As a result, you will get beautiful, stylish drawings that will complement the red manicure and make it even more interesting.

As you already know, red color goes well with white and black. Therefore, we propose to consider several design options that include these three colors.

Saturated red color is very well combined with a golden hue. Manicure, made in this color scheme looks luxurious, rich. Most often, the gold color is used to create different ornaments on a red background. Also, they can allocate one nail that looks very original.

Gold color is great for creating beautiful patterns with a stemping.That it allows you to make smooth, with clear boundaries of drawings.

Not all girls like different animal colors. Someone considers them too vulgar, while others say that they are not in fashion. But in any case, they look very beautiful in combination with a red tint of varnish. Therefore, if you like these prints, then boldly combine any of them with a red manicure.

We should also mention the ombre manicure - it is a smooth transition of colors from one to another. For such a design, the red color fits perfectly, since it can be combined with many shades and resulting in a stunningly beautiful and stylish design.

Red color can rightly be considered one of the base. It is he who perfectly complements not only the clothes, but may also be the main manicure. With it, each girl can create various interesting and unusual design options. And how often do you do a manicure in red?


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