How to grow eyebrows at home?


In the past few years, special attention has been paid to eyebrows. And if earlier in the fashion were more subtle, but now all the girls tend to grow their natural shape and thickness. It would seem that just enough to stop picking them out, but not always everything is so simple. So follow our advice and the result will not take long.

Growing eyebrows: basic rules

On the beautiful, wide eyebrows are now dreaming of many girls. Often they can grow just a few months. But this can be achieved only by observing the basic rules.

Tweezers disclaimer

Perhaps the first rule neglected by many girls is the complete rejection of tweezers. You can even throw it away or give it to someone. Remember that the hairs will grow if they are not plucked out for at least a month, and preferably two.

Of course, it can be quite difficult to control when eyebrows start to grow. But believe me, the result is really worth it.

If the edges look very untidy, then we recommend to visit the master, who will select the best shape for you.But be sure to note that you are in the process of growing. Then, during the correction, they will show you what to look for and what hairs to get rid of so as not to spoil the shape.

Proper washing and cleansing

When applying different cosmetics every day, it is very important to take care of proper cleansing of the skin. Of course, be sure to use mycelial water and foam to remove makeup residues. Pay attention to the skin under the eyebrows, because it also needs to be cleaned.

We also recommend that you visit a beautician who will select the means based on the condition of your skin. For example, someone may need peels with acids, while others just need to change the cream. All this will not only lead the skin to a more well-groomed condition, but also help the growth of eyebrows.

If desired, after removing makeup, you can apply oil on your eyebrows with a cotton swab. But at the same time, it is very important to carefully remove the remaining oil in the morning so that the pores do not clog up.

Regular massage

Many are surprised by the fact that for the growth of eyebrows you need to regularly do a massage. It is best to repeat this procedure at least three times a week. Thanks to this, the hairs will be stronger.

To make the procedure as effective as possible, take a toothbrush or eyebrow comb and put on it literally a drop of castor or burdock oil. Massage eyebrows for several minutes with gentle circular motions. Then you can slightly massage them with your fingers so that the hairs are more saturated.

Combing eyebrows

Every day it is necessary to comb not only hair, but also eyebrows. Due to this effect, you can easily provide blood flow to the bulbs, which will stimulate their growth.

By the way, some masters advise even to apply conditioner or balsam on them. Due to this they will become softer.

Proper nutrition

Surely you know that the condition of the hair and skin is a reflection of the state of our health. Therefore, if you notice that your eyebrows or hair have thinned, then this is an occasion to think about the topic of nutrition. Too strict diets or frequent use of sweet, fast food is a taboo for those who care about their health.

In your diet must be meat, fish, cereal, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. Each product has a different group of beneficial vitamins, so ensure your frequent intake.


In the autumn-winter period, many girls suffer from brittle nails, as well as severe hair loss and eyebrows. Often this is due to a lack of vitamins in the body. In this case, you can take some time specially designed vitamins for hair, skin and nails. They contain calcium, which has a major effect on them. But before acquiring them, we still recommend that you pass a set of tests and consult with your doctor.

Eyebrow growth products

The modern market offers many different means for the growth of eyebrows. At the same time, there are not only budget ones, but also very expensive ones that not everyone can afford. It is worth noting that such expenses are not always justified. Since hair growth can be restored even by simple folk remedies.

Castor and burdock oils are most popular. You can also add a little coconut to them to make the hairs a little softer and more docile. You can mix them immediately before applying or buy a special bottle and prepare in advance. After thorough cleansing and washing, apply a mixture of oils on the eyebrows with a cotton swab.

You can also apply other natural oils that have additional properties. For example, peach seed oil is very popular. This is not surprising, because it not only strengthens the hairs and contributes to their growth, but also gives them a darker shade.

Those who do not suffer from lack of time can experiment and make a special decoction for the growth of eyebrows on the basis of chamomile. Apply it with a cotton swab several times a day.Unlike oils, it does not clog pores.

Of course, if you do not want to do home remedies, then you can find quite a few analogues among well-known care brands. These are various serums, carcasses and other agents that accelerate the growth of eyebrows.

Often they contain various minerals, vitamins and even dietary supplements. Therefore, before using, be sure to read the instructions and pay attention to the section with contraindications. After all, if you use the tool in large quantities or just wrong, then this can lead to sad consequences.

Finding the right tool to grow your eyebrows is not at all difficult. But do not forget that a lot depends on your nutrition and morale. So take care of yourself, use the above tips and the result will appear very soon.

And what do you use for the growth of eyebrows?


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