The 2018 year is coming - the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. This faithful pet will help everyone who cares about their children, parents, loved ones. She will help in the construction of their own homes and those who are thinking of buying an apartment or house this year. This is best done in the middle of the year. So what can we expect from this year?

Scorpions, Capricorns, Aquarius will catch good luck. Everything conceived at them is realized, the luck will accompany in everything. But still, the beginning of the year will be difficult. Stretch have to. Fate several times will offer them such extraordinary situations that they will have to show their whole character.

At the end of 2017, Leo and Gemini will understand the perspective on where and how to move. Take this information seriously so you don’t go astray. Listen to your intuition.

Cancers and Virgos may lose their trust in their loved ones due to their passion for building a career and full commitment to work. Do not forget about the homely soulful atmosphere. Do not throw the house at the feet of a career.

New perspectives will open up for Leo and Gemini, not only in terms of career, but also in personal relationships.

Aries will find peace and joy from communicating with relatives and friends, and Taurus and Pisces will be especially lucky in the material sphere.

2018 is conducive to marriage, building relationships and improving family relationships for all, and a friendly, homely Yellow Dog will help.

Fate will constantly throw up signs to Scales and Sagittarius, and if they manage to decipher them correctly, they will receive their first prize at the end of the year.

For a kind and wise yellow earthen Dog, feelings of loyalty and love mean a lot, so for people this year will be full of romance. The one who is lonely will meet his destiny, who is in a couple or in marriage, will appreciate his partner, and the relationship will become close and trusting.


In general, this year is a good one for those who are ready to start something new - change their place of work, enroll in an educational institution, start a project, build a business. Cases will be solved successfully, but only if he manages to master the art of compromise, and will not risk and engage in dubious adventure projects, risking money. This also applies to relationships. If Aries is patient and sensitive - it will be rewarded. Chance of meeting his true love. Travel will bring joy and creative inspiration.

At the beginning of the year, a nostalgic mood will draw into life a long-time familiar person with whom mutual feelings will arise.

If you want to get married, you will have to make an effort even in the ideal existing relationship. Just your soul mate and so happy with everything. Aries will have to act, but this task is completely under their control.


In the year of the Yellow Dog, family will come out on top. We advise you to always remember your loved ones, pay attention to them, spend evenings and weekends together. Strengthen relationships with them, because this is your rear.

In the first months of the year, an interesting offer from the leadership will be made to Taurus. We advise you not to miss this chance, the result will please. Decisiveness and courage, as well as perseverance, which will award the Year of the Yellow Dog, will help to declare themselves primarily at work.

This year, Taurus will simply bathe in a love sea of ​​wonderful relationships and sympathy, attract the attention of colleagues, acquaintances, members of the opposite sex - everyone will want to communicate with them. The gift of the year - the ease of communication and rapprochement with any people.


Revaluation of values ​​will come to the fore. The twins will think about whether it was worth all that they achieved in the gambling year of 2017 such nerves and attention. Purposeful and successful 2018 will provide an opportunity for self-education and self-development. Yellow Dog will give a chance to make fateful decisions - to change the profession, start a new business ... Of course, the ideal option, if your dream becomes work. The motto of the year is to receive information (study, work, communication). The results of the works will be visible in June-July. 2018 will not be a dull moment - fresh and vivid impressions, new interesting acquaintances, entertainments, successful solution of the questions of the next of kin. And it will not strain the Twins, although the time spent on it is considerable.

Advice of stars - get a pet in 2018.


In the year 2018, difficult for the Rakov, they will have to experience failures in their studies or careers, maybe even change their place of residence. But the life of the representatives of this very closed sign has never been easy, although they are wonderful friends and family members who love their children and relatives wholeheartedly. Together with the Yellow Dog, Crayfish will be able to pass all tests with dignity.

The work will take all the time, for anything else it simply will not remain. In order not to burn in the professional field, do not forget to engage in health, and above all, rest. Energy will give communication with dear close people, because they lack the attention of Rakov.

Working load and life will not prevent to meet your soul mate, it is predetermined by the stars. This year, the Yellow Dog will help to establish strong friendships that will develop slowly and slowly. Weddings in 2018, the stars do not promise, most likely in the following. But developing relationships will be strong and reliable.

a lion

Luxurious Lions have always attracted attention with their brightness and beauty, and in the Year of the Yellow Dog will attract even more. The Yellow Dog will strengthen their iron grip, however, the stars advise them to restrain emotions and think over their decisions in detail. The self-confidence that is inherent in them may turn against them - in the first half of the year, the Lions may suffer a loss in an unfortunate and unnecessary case.

The solution of everyday issues will go into the background, the Lions will reflect on sacred tasks and think about high matters. It is even good for them, but still, attention should be paid to pressing problems, to fulfill the wishes of loved ones, and not to satisfy only their curiosity. In the fall, unforeseen difficulties will arise, but by showing restraint and stepping on their own egoism, they will easily overcome them.

Loving, inherent in Lions, will bring a lot of trouble. They will not get away with everything, as before, if they are not determined with the choice of their second half. Otherwise, they will experience constant stress.


The last two years for Dev have been difficult and difficult. Defending their opinions and struggle at work exhausted them. Yellow Dog in 2018 will bring joy in the professional, personal sphere, career. The efforts expended will finally bring the long-awaited results. In the second half of the year, a new stage will begin. Virgos will be active and active, successfully applying their professional knowledge in practice. Life throws a lot of risky situations. If Virgo decides and overcomes these difficulties, she will gain the necessary life experience and deserved authority. In the second half of the year, care must be taken - there may be problems with the authorities and at work.

Workload should not prevent meeting with a person destined for him, who will become a close friend or soulmate. But it is necessary to change something in yourself - this is an inner mood. Just drop the pessimism inherent in Virgos and learn to see the best in life and people. Will help and change the image. The love of peace, life and yourself will immediately draw into the personal life of the chosen one or the chosen one.


This non-conflict and pleasant people in the Year of the Yellow Dog will have to make a decision on controversial issues and take sides with one of the conflicting parties, especially when solving the problems of loved ones. They will be able to take a decent position in these conflicts and constructively settle the controversial situation. The beginning of the year will be a period of doubt and bad mood, but faithful friends will help them out of this state. Jokes and comments will upset in 2018, seem offensive. Just as badly Libra will react to the actions of relatives and friends. You should not resist the natural flow of life, aggressively go against all, spending a lot of energy and nerves. Libra should relax and treat everything with philosophical wisdom, while enjoying life.


At first glance, the cold and insensible Scorpios are actually gentle in nature, they are loving and attractive. The Yellow Dog will help them to draw new relationships and love into their lives, and marriage is possible. Inherent persistence and perseverance in achieving this goal will help in 2018 to achieve new victories, to become even more successful. At the beginning of the year, they will be overwhelmed with laziness - in their thoughts Scorpios will make plans, dream and dream, and the body will resist and not want to do anything. If you do not take your will in hand, by March they will be completely different - lethargic and uncommunicative. Stars advise to communicate with people who are drawn to them, do not push them away and open up new and fresh impressions.This should be the motto for the whole year. All documents must be in order, to the Scorpios from the tax authorities will be of increased interest.

The year for this sign will create many conflict situations. The correct strategy of behavior, especially in amorous affairs, will help preserve the existing relationships, not complicate them, especially since the difficult nature of this watermark complicates life in the first place by him. The advice of the stars - it is necessary to learn to restrain its complex nature and more often to think about the consequences, not giving free rein to the words, in order not to regret about it.


Year of the Yellow Dog, like the previous year of the Rooster, for this sign will be even more successful if you have managed to correctly determine your development priorities. However, at the beginning of the year there will be some difficulties that this fire sign will successfully overcome and in the spring will deal with the solution of domestic problems. Sagittarius will take a leading position and begin to manage situations, but under the condition that the optimistic mood remains. Year will be fun and happy. Joy, optimism, energy will give travel, new acquaintances, interesting impressions. The authority will grow because you openly and easily share your experience, professional knowledge, and impressions with those around you. In the year of the Yellow Dog, Strelets Troops will be able to realize their most incredible and daring projects and dreams. There will be many acquaintances with interesting personalities that will make an unforgettable impression on them, some will grow into friendship. Someone from the new acquaintances will introduce to the magical world of creativity, in which Sagittarius are realized from a new, unexpected for themselves, side.

The feeling of being in love, frenzy and enthusiasm will not leave the whole year. However, it will be the leading active life of Streltsov. Mandatory walks, meetings with close friends, visiting cafes, a variety of activities - and then the Yellow Dog will attract new friends and love.


The instability of the previous year - the ups and downs, led to a loss of results of labor. It seemed to the Capricorns that luck turned away from them forever, although they have no equal in perseverance. In 2018, the Yellow Dog will bring with it optimism, positive, stability and peace of mind. Having dealt with torment, Capricorns will bravely move forward, showing their own stubbornness. The results of their activities will not keep you waiting and will become obvious to everyone, including the authorities. 2018 is the year of wisdom for Capricorns. Do not rush to break off relations, if such a desire arises. Think about it calmly and weigh it. Yellow Dog will show Capricorn and enemies who skillfully hid their true attitude.

All year they will cause genuine interest in the opposite sex, as the stars will reveal all the attractive features and personality traits. This is a very good period for the emergence of romantic relationships and the creation of a reliable, strong family.


The first half of the year of the Yellow Dog is very lucky. However, in March Aquarius will tempt to commit wrong and unjust actions that will cause all sorts of problems. Representatives of this sign will regret this in the second half of the month. Honestly admitting their mistakes and understanding what is happening, they will be able to recover lost ground. Aquarius will keep up with everything, they will have enough time to solve both business and family matters, without restricting themselves to communication. Around the middle of the year, the Aquarius will have a desire to buy something big - either an apartment, or a car ... They will be completely immersed in work, communication with relatives and friends will almost stop. This will cause dissatisfaction and their relationship can deteriorate. In the second half of the year, Aquarius will be forced to make important and complex decisions. Yellow Dog will help to avoid rash acts. In general, the year can be a turning point for them, if you want to drastically change something in destiny.Stars will give such chances, you only need to make the right decision at the right time, when it will require a suitable case. The most important thing this year is to understand your own priorities: what is important and what to give up without regret.

Lonely Aquarius should go on trips and travels to gain new acquaintances and improve worldview. Chance of meeting true love is great.


In financial terms, the year is very good. Supple and soft Fish will gladly spend money on children, loved ones and relatives. It would be good to invest extra money in self-education and improvement of the material side of life. There will be a desire to choose your own independent path. In 2018, you can safely take on any chosen matter and even simultaneously for several projects. Unnecessary will disappear by itself. In the second half of the year, from July, new perspectives will open up for the implementation of plans. It is necessary to be attentive and tactful with family and friends, otherwise conflicts are inevitable. A prerequisite for well-being for Pisces is sports. This will not only reflect in the best way on the appearance and mood, but also positively in all spheres of life.

Personal life in 2018 will be rich. A lot of attention coming from the opposite sex will not always please you, often even annoy. The task for Pisces is to learn to restrain oneself in the manifestation of negative emotions and at the same time to behave naturally, remaining always by oneself and not trying to please everyone. People will like it and they will reach for Pisces. This sign is not recommended to drastically change anything, especially in personal relationships. The consequences will be extremely unpleasant.


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