Well-groomed nails and beautiful design have long been considered the hallmark of every girl. But to stay in trend, you need to be aware of all the new products and trends that will be relevant in the upcoming season. We have selected for you the most fresh and fashionable ideas, among which you can find something interesting and suitable for yourself.

The main trends of the autumn-winter season

First of all, it is worth noting that with the arrival of the cold season, the main trend will not change. Naturalness, natural forms and the absence of bright tones still remain in fashion.

First of all, it affects the shape of the nails. Ideally, it should be almond-shaped or oval, since they look more natural. Square lovers of marigold will have to reconsider their preferences. But if the love for this form is too great, then just do not make the corners too sharp.

As for the length, it is best to make the nails short. In any case, remember that unnecessarily long nails look ridiculous.

The most relevant in the new season will be pastel colors. It is absolutely universal, so it can be used in any season.

We also recommend to look at the dark, rich and deep colors. These include brown, blue, purple, plum, marsala and black. They look great as a monochromatic coating, as well as a base for creating a pattern.

It is impossible not to note the special popularity of gray. It looks very noble, and also allows you to combine it with no less interesting shades.

What is important, in the autumn-winter season in the trend will be a variety of textures. That is, you can easily combine in one design matte and glossy surface or metallic luster. In general, do not hesitate to show imagination and create original nail design.

The main trends of manicure in the autumn-winter season

Trend number 1: matte manicure

In the coming year, matte coating will be especially popular. Moreover, if desired, it can be combined with a glossy or supplement with a stylish pattern, rhinestones.

As for the color range, there are no special restrictions, combine any shades you like. For example, light colors are perfect for both everyday life and working days. Dark shades look more festive, so they can be used to create an evening look.

Trend # 2: Marble

One of the most spectacular and unusual options for nail design is, of course, a marble manicure. Unlike many others, this particular picture will be appropriate in any situation. Indeed, if desired, it can be made more or less intense.

As for the method of creation, there are many. One of the most popular is stamping. This method is great even for manicure at home. Excellent results can be obtained using the water method or brushing.

By the way, this particular pattern can be combined with a single-color coating in pastel colors. It looks very nice and cozy.

Trend number 3: rhinestones

Some time ago, the rhinestones were treated very carefully, considering them completely inappropriate in the design of nails. In part, this is true, but it is very important that everything be in moderation. Therefore, we suggest using them in small quantities so that the design does not look overloaded.

With the help of rhinestones, you can focus on one or two fingers. They can also decorate the famous French and moon manicure. It looks very gentle, feminine.

Trend # 4: Powder

If rhinestones do not like you, use powder as a decor. It doesn’t look so bright, but at the same time, it clearly highlights volume drawings on the nails. It is also often used to give a manicure a matte effect.

It is worth noting that such a decor on light nails looks tender, and dark gives a special nobility. That is why powder is often used to create a manicure for evening activities.

Trend number 5: kamifubuki

Behind such an original name are real confetti for nail design. They rapidly gained popularity last year and still remain relevant.

Use them most often for a decor on a monophonic dark covering. It looks festive, so camoufs are one of the best design options for the New Year.

As for the location of confetti, you can choose any option. The most popular is the chaotic scattering, but an orderly design looks no less stylish.

Trend # 8: Stylish Geometry

Geometric design remains relevant for several seasons in a row and this is not surprising. Despite the simplicity of execution, nails with such a pattern always look elegant, impressive. At the same time, this design will be relevant not only in everyday life, but also at work. You must admit that for many this factor is very important.

Trend number 7: rubs

Not every girl will like unusual nail design with the help of rubbing. The fact is that the nails after it have a characteristic metallic luster.But at the same time, depending on the color and composition of the rub-in, the effect may look different.

It is best to choose such a design for a bright event. In everyday life, it may look a bit out of place if you work in an office.

Trend number 8: thematic drawings

Of course, in the autumn and winter, do not forget about the thematic drawings for nails. Red foliage, raindrops, snowflakes and Christmas trees - all this reminds of the cold season. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to portray something like that on your nails. It looks really nice and cozy.

Make a stylish and original nail design is not difficult if you know exactly what you want. But remember that the drawing will look good only on well-groomed and healthy nails. Therefore, sign up for real masters who always take care of your safety during the procedure.

Manicure Autumn-Winter 2017-2018


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