Knowledge of English opens the door to new professions. For travelers, a foreign language of international communication is generally indispensable. That is why attention should be paid to learning the language, mastering grammar and vocabulary.

For faster and more convenient mastering of the material, there are a lot of sites that offer their materials absolutely free. Below is a selection of Internet resources with methods available for everyone to learn a language at any level.

Top free sites for learning English

Learning English (

The resource is perfect for in-depth study of the material. Mastering the themes takes place on the basis of immersion into American reality. Here you can find countless audio recordings and videos that tell about the reality of ordinary American residents.

High-quality language practice is based on a clear and correct pronunciation. The reader can be compared with a professional speaker. On the site there is a gradation with the division into levels of preparedness.Each visitor can choose their own and eventually move to a higher level. Gradually, the most useful skills are gained: understanding and speaking.

BistroEnglish (

Fans of learning languages ​​online claim that this site is one of the best in its niche. Here you can get both paid and free services. For money, you can master the video course, and for free - part of the most necessary video sessions. Videos from are gaining millions of views on YouTube for free access, which speaks of their efficiency and high quality.

The site is designed for beginners and the average level of students. In the resource library you can find:

  • lessons from scratch;
  • classes for continuing;
  • video lessons on famous films, songs, cartoons;
  • rollers for tourists.

BBC News website (

Another easy-to-use resource that is suitable for improving existing skills. Here you can watch the news in the original language. This method is very effective for those who train comprehension and accumulate vocabulary. The site uses modern living language from speakers.

Preply (http: // www.

The training resource is designed for users with very different levels of training. The portal offers the study of many languages, including English. Here you can use the services of tutors from different parts of the world. Those who speak a language at a sufficiently high level can retrain as a teacher on the same site. This is an opportunity to earn extra money.

Merriam Webster (

This resource is currently the best electronic Internet dictionary. It is convenient to use. Unfamiliar words can be typed from the keyboard or voiced into the microphone. The program will offer a translation and a detailed description of the term. If you wish, you can find out how to pronounce the new word correctly. It is enough to enter it into a special form on the site.

The site interface is presented only in English. Therefore, it is necessary to have at least a little knowledge or a masterly use of an online translator. In this case, Merriam Webster will become an indispensable assistant on the way to mastering the English language.

Duolingo (

This program is recommended by advanced English teachers for independent learning from scratch. The process of mastering the material has a game form. There is a tree of achievements. To get to the new level, you need to score a certain number of points. The Duolingo application supports iOS and Android platforms.

LearnEnglish (

Through this site you can learn the language by various methods:

  • audio and video tutorials;
  • games;
  • chat rooms;
  • texts and stuff.

The site interface is made only in English.

Situational English (

Most of the lessons are presented as situational sketches. More than 150 lessons provide an opportunity to receive new knowledge in the form of words, expressions, well-established turns. The advantage for beginners is that the interface of the site is made in Russian.

Real-english (

This is another convenient and intuitive site for learning the basics of English. Here you can choose any of the training options: articles, lessons, videos. The interface can be switched from English to Russian.

Eslpod (

Resource specificity is working with podcasts in iTunes. All are available for free. If desired, it is possible to use prints of the podcasts themselves, as well as convenient dictionaries.

Learn American English Online (

The resource offers a convenient classification of materials by level. For comfortable use, each level is highlighted in its own color. A teacher named Paul will help you learn grammar in your video tutorials. Explanations are quite accessible and clear. Each user will be able to learn from the lectures something useful for themselves.

Learnathome (

In the collection is the first Russian resource.Work with it is specific: for each day, an occupation of 30 minutes is formed. To start learning it is recommended to take a test to identify your own level of preparedness. If you do not do this, the program will automatically install itself on the simplest level. But, repetition does not put even the most advanced student. (

О is another Russian resource. He bases his studies on watching movies, TV shows and cartoons in the original language. Understanding what is happening on the screen can be simplified by turning on the online translator.

Film-english (

This portal also uses movies for training. But short clips with specific content and design were specially created for him. The author of the methodology - Kieran Donahue - received a prestigious award in the field of education in the UK.

Sites that help to learn English, a lot. Each of them has its own specifics, which attracts just such methods to the portals. Any student can easily choose a more suitable resource for him or use several at once. The main thing is to spend time spent at the screen with maximum benefit.


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