Often, owners of straight and sparse hair want to make their hair a bit more luxurious and voluminous. One of the ways to transform your image is to make the corrugation partially or along the entire length of the hair. To embody such an option on your head can be both in the cabin and at home. In the latter case, you will cost less and get a bright and attractive appearance.

Hairstyle with a corrugation: a bit of terminology

Corrugation - it is finely curled strands, which, due to the free structure, give the hair extra volume. Professionals share the corrugation into several types:

  • by lenght
  • according to curl shape
  • over the thickness of the waves

In addition, the corrugation hairstyle can be divided into:

  • small ripple - gives the hair maximum volume
  • medium corrugation - it looks organic and neat, like an "African" hairstyle
  • large corrugation - imitation of natural wavy hair.

Small and medium corrugation fits all.Owners of dark hair is preferable to make a small corrugation. Large corrugation looks great on thick long hair.

To suit the hairstyle with the corrugation: expert advice

"Pleated hair" on the hair gives all the fair sex a certain mystery, romance and refinement. Even naturally curly hair can be made using the technique of a corrugation, if you first straighten it.

Corrugation for short hair is performed in small versions. Especially it is necessary to be careful with the hair, which then needs to be collected in the tail. The additional volume simply will not allow you to securely fix the hair, creating an undesirable effect of "spring".

According to the stylists, even a single crimped strand can transform a daily hairstyle. Small “plisse” is a universal solution, which is permissible in evening and wedding styling.

Pleated hairstyle: options for long, medium and short hair

Owners of long curls can not worry about styling. All that needs to be done is to perform “plisse”, make a straight or asymmetrical device and the perfect everyday hairstyle is ready.

If you want to create more complex options, consider such hairstyles as:

  • tight-tailed hair
  • original "bow" of corrugated strands
  • volumetric braid, thrown to one side and braided in the classical way

Owners of short haircuts are free to make the corrugation by any available means. For example, perform a bob on the head with a colored corrugated fringe or four of a kind with strands curled on both sides.

Haircut with Corrugation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementation

Perform hair with ripple at home can every girl. To do this you will need:

  • iron or electric pliers
  • some hairpins
  • massage brush

With this simple toolkit, in just 15 minutes, you will get a magnificent magnificent head of hair.

  1. Turn on the electric pliers and bring the temperature of the plates to the optimum value.
  2. Gently comb your hair, preparing them for the procedure
  3. Split the strand into several partings with a comb, fix them with hairpins
  4. Apply ribbed electric tongs to your hair for a couple of seconds.

Perform this procedure in its entirety or at your discretion. Fix the resulting corrugated strands with styling.

Hairstyle with flute: which forceps to choose

To create a magnificent and airy plisse you will need special tongs with different coating and interchangeable nozzles. Manufacturers offer models of electric pliers with a ceramic, matellicheskim, titanium coating. The most expensive and less harmful to the hair are considered forceps with a ceramic coating. The ionic coating of the plates reliably protects the hair from heat exposure, has an antistatic effect, does not overdry the hair.

Pay attention to the convenience of forceps, because you have to keep them on the weight, the design should be performed as ergonomically as possible. Look at the options with a rotating cord, the length of which reaches 3 m or more, compact models, with automatic shutdown when a dangerous temperature is reached, with auxiliary functions.

Variants of hairstyles with corrugation: original ideas for every day

Full shirring

Fully crimped hair looks charming and stylish, giving the girl a special playfulness and charm.

To create a hairstyle, add strands at the roots, and walk around the rest of the hair mass with an iron. Secure the result with mousse. As a result, you will receive a whole "cloud" of wavy hair, which can later be laid at its own discretion. The most popular ideas with long corrugated hair are voluminous braids or a bow at the back of the head.

The corrugation on dyed, milded, colorized hair looks especially impressive and stylish. A charming “plisse” on red hair, like those of native Irish women, looks charming, amazing.

Partial corrugation

Stylish and playful looks small strand of hair hanging over his forehead. Especially beautiful this option looks on short hair.

Volume braids on corrugated hair

Various ways of weaving hair are rapidly gaining popularity. Beautifully and magnificently braids look exactly on voluminous curls. If nature cheated you thick and lush hair, then run on the strands pleated. Hair will be many times larger and braids will look much more graceful.

Braids with delicate corrugated hair is the perfect hairstyle for special events, graduation or other events.

How to restore hair after shirring

Exposure to high temperatures on hair can adversely affect their health. Even the ceramic coating does not give a 100% guarantee that the curls will look well-groomed after this procedure.

The procedure for hair care after plisse is quite simple. It is enough to wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner, balsam or mask on them.

If you use the iron regularly, you will have to take care of additional care. Use for hair restoration such tools as:

  • natural medical oils that nourish hair but do not make it heavier
  • care products with a sealing effect that prevents cross-section of hair
  • decoctions and infusions based on folk remedies
  • special shampoos for damaged or dyed hair

Pleated is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, length and thickness of hair. The undoubted advantage of this method is that you can perform it at home. One minus of the hairstyle is one must purchase a special iron, but this purchase is worth the money. As a result, you will receive an indispensable assistant in the creation of fashionable and beautiful hairstyles.


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