Where is the real magic of the winter holidays, if not in the birthplace of Santa Claus! For New Year and Christmas, thousands of tourists come to Finland, where mysterious Lapland is located. Everyone wants to be part of a winter fairy tale, or at least look at it with one eye. Adults rejoice in the visit to Santa Claus's demesne no less than children. Therefore, the trip will certainly give everyone the brightest memories.

How and where to spend the New Year 2019 in Lapland

In fact, Lapland is divided between four states:

  • Norway;
  • Switzerland;
  • Russia;
  • Finland

The region is located in northern Europe.

The obligatory attributes of Lapland New Year will be fluffy snow and northern lights. The real Santa Claus will meet the children and takes them to his magic home. This will provide your baby a wave of amazing emotions and experiences.

Winter fun will be interesting for adults:

  • dog sledding;
  • skiing;
  • walks on snowmobiles and snowmobiles;
  • reindeer sleigh riding;
  • tasting traditional northern dishes in the open air;
  • walking on virgin snow and much more.

The fabulous village of Santa Claus is called Kayna. Here, in addition to the house, is the workshop of Santa. In it, he, together with his henchmen, makes toys and Christmas gifts for children. The village is inhabited by fabulous dwarves who help the local Santa Claus in everything.

Also here you can visit the school of elves, gingerbread confectionery, ice bar and mail from which you can send a greeting card. Do not miss the opportunity to ride on the famous midnight express.

From here you can go on a trip to the New Year center in Kuopio, which is located on Mount Puyo. Everything around will be decorated with stunning illumination, which looks especially impressive against the background of untouched snow-covered forest. Here for the audience will be played presentation, and fabulous characters will give small souvenirs to each guest. After such an event, children will finally believe in a fairy tale and will live in anticipation of a miracle.

Accommodation and excursions in Lapland

The most popular ways of accommodation here are hotels and small cottages, each of which is equipped with a real fireplace. The room will surely have a small, decorated Christmas tree, near which, with the crackling of logs in the fireplace, it is pleasant to gather with the whole family or a large group of friends. Small hotels offer rooms at a lower price than large hotel chains.

For those who want to spend time in luxury hotels have offers accommodation in high-class hotels. These are suites or apartments. It is also possible to rent luxury houses with several rooms. It should be remembered that it will be accommodation that will be the main item of expenditure on such a trip, therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of a suitable option and its booking. This should be done at least two months before the planned trip.

Most often hotels and hotels include a buffet breakfast in the room rate. For an additional fee you can get three meals a day. Accommodation in cottages and apartments does not include food included in the price. It will need to organize independently.

Tours also need to be paid separately. Do not ignore the opportunity to see Lapland, as there are many interesting places. Unfortunately, excursions are expensive.

Popular excursions include riding a snowmobile. It takes about 2.5 hours. In the process you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature. The instructor will give tourists all the knowledge they need to ride safely and will guide the trip all the time. During breaks, you can drink tea with cookies and take a photo.

An alternative would be a trip to a Northern Lack farm. Here guests will be told about the features of the breed and its habits. Communication with these dogs will give a tremendous charge of emotions to both children and adults. The main event of the tour will be a trip to the forest by dog ​​sledding. Also in this tour you can sit around the fire and eat fried Finnish sausages.

Prices for excursions

  • Excursion to Rovaniemi: snowmobile, reindeer and dog sledding safaris - from 99 euros;
  • Polar Express: route for 3 days of St. Petersburg-Rovaniemi-St. Petersburg - from 199 euros;
  • Lapland tour: 5 days, accommodation in Northern Finland, a trip to the village of Santa Claus - 269 euros;
  • The kingdom of the polar night: 4 days, St. Petersburg-Kempele-Oulu-Kemi-Rovaniemi-the village of Santa Claus-Kajaani-St. Petersburg - from 299 euros;
  • Lapland miracle: 5 days, St. Petersburg-Oulu-Rovaniemi-St. Petersburg - from 320 euros;
  • Night express in Vuokatti and Rovaniemi: 4 days, a holiday in the ski resort - from 342 euros.

Reviews of tourists who visited New Year in Lapland

Almost all reviews on New Year's holiday in Lapland are enthusiastic. Tourists are unanimous that the place is really fabulous and festive.

Among the shortcomings, the guests point out that Finnish employees in the service sector are not willing to work. Quickness is not their strong point.Also, someone believes that souvenir shops, snack bars and kiosks with the usual festive drinks are not enough.

Some tourists were not lucky and instead of snow it rained, which spoiled the impression of the winter holidays. In addition, as one, everyone is recommended to prepare for high costs and take with them more money. There is plenty of entertainment in Lapland, but you have to pay for everything separately.

Tourists recommend visiting the Snowmen World, an ice hotel, an ice bar, and an ice slide. Live sledding rides are measured in kilometers. Usually 1 km on deer takes 15 minutes. The same trip lasts a two-kilometer sledding ride with Huskies.

Lapland is the place to visit at least once. Those impressions that children will receive from the trip are worth it to spend time and money. There are no analogues of such a journey in the world. The exception, perhaps, will be the rest in Veliky Ustyug, but the difference between the trips is palpable.


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